Off-duty reserve deputy with Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department saves untold lives from knife attack

2014 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Mark Vaughan

Fairfax, Virginia - The National Rifle Association is proud to announce the selection of Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Vaughan as its 2014 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

On September 24, 2014, an employee of a commercial food distributor in Moore, Oklahoma, was suspended for the violation of work rules and harassment of employees. After initially leaving the office, he returned with an 8-inch long serrated knife and crashed his vehicle into a car parked in front of the business. He then entered the main office and attacked Colleen Hufford, the first employee he came upon, and murdered her by decapitation.

Hearing screams from the attack, Mark Vaughan, CEO of the business and an off-duty Reserve Deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, took action. Quickly evaluating the tactical needs of the incident, he retrieved his Patrol Rifle and sought out the suspect.

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From the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation - Youth Deer Gun Season Kicks Off Friday

Mom points out a potential target to her daughter from their stand during Youth Deer Gun Season. Youth hunters 17 and younger will have the first shot to harvest a deer with a firearm during this season from Oct. 17-19, 2014 Oct. 17 is the day many young hunters are awaiting. That Friday will be opening day for this year's three-day youth deer gun season for hunters 17 and younger.

"This year's youth deer gun season has the potential to be a great one," said Erik Bartholomew, big-game biologist with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation. The fact that this season happens earlier in the year than other seasons is often a benefit for youth hunters.

"The youth deer gun season is set up so that kids can have a good time in the field. Deer are still in their summer feeding routines and are easy to pattern. And temperatures in October tend to be mild, and that makes for a more comfortable hunt," he said. 

"Since the deer aren't moving as much as they would be during the rut, the kids should have a good chance to set up on a known area and get an opportunity to harvest a deer."

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NRA News runs into Grizzly Adams, raising awareness for Angel Flight, at Tulsa Arms Show

Colt .22 rifle on auction for Angel Flight

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Even a stalwart defender of the Second Amendment like Cam Edwards deserves a break every now and then. So while the voice of Cam & Co. is on vacation this week, NRA News is re-airing last week's shows to help keep you up-to-date with the fight for our right to bear arms.

This also means you get another chance to ogle the beautiful guns from last week's Curator's Corner, featuring a run-in with Mr. Grizzly Adams himself, Dan Haggerty, at the Tulsa Arms Show.

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Dan Haggerty raising fund for Angel Flight with donated firearms

Grizzly Adams brought a Henry Rifle on to Curator's Corner

Tulsa, Oklahoma - When you're walking around a gun show, odds are the biggest surprise is going to come in something smooth and steel. But at the Tulsa Arms Show, the boys from NRA News happened upon another surprise - Grizzly Adams.

For those of you under the age of 30, Grizzly Adams was a television show in the late 70s. Traveling along with his sidekick Ben - a full adult grizzly bear - Adams battled the bad guys, protected the weak, and luxuriated in the great outdoors. Played by Dan Haggerty, the short run show developed a cult like following long since it left the airwaves.

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Curator's Corner highlights early predecessors to some popular modern day firearms

Curator's Corner segment on Sportsman Channel's Cam & Company

Fairfax, Virginia - Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show in Oklahoma is the gun show in the United States. Visitors are sure to see some of the most rare and valuable firearms ever made wandering the - literally - miles of tables. And few people have the knack for finding the strangest and most unique firearms like NRA Museums Director Jim Supica.

Supica, who has been coming to the show for decades, still loves wandering the show's floor and you never know what he'll show up with for an episode of Curator's Corner for Cam & Company on Sportsman Channel. This week, Jim brought his friend Jack Valenti, who laid out two rare 9mm prototypes for the camera.

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9mms from 1910, 1940 and today that make you wonder why they were ever made

Dreyse Pistol from the 1910 era

Tulsa, Oklahoma - Only exceptional firearms find their way onto Curator’s Corner. Firearms that revolutionized the industry, blazed a path to glory or rode shotgun (no pun intended) on the way to history. That’s how most Curator’s Corners would be described. Most. Not todays.

Today’s episode focuses on the rare. The unseen and, in some cases, unknown.

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NRA News highlights the rifle that brought together ideas and people that revolutionized the industry

Right side action of the 1st Model Jennings 1852 rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - Think of a company that employed a young Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison. What could they accomplish? Or would their brilliance drive each other mad and lead to the disillusion of the operation? Now put them back in the 1840s. What would they have done then? Probably create the 1st Model Jennings rifle.

"The Connecticut Valley, where the gun manufacturers were located was the Silicon Valley of the day," said NRA Museums Director Jim Supica. "That was where the highest technology in the world was going on."

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35th Anniversary Edition of Blue Book features top Colt revolver on the cover

Colt Single Action Army, factory engraved, from 1908

Tulsa, Oklahoma - As NRA Museums Director Jim Supica continued his tour of Wanenmacher's Tulsa Arms Show this spring, he made a point of recruiting the stellar standouts for Curator's Corner segment of NRANews on the Sportsman Channel. So yes, Supica may have cherry picked a few of the more delectable pieces. And nothing looked tastier than Blue Book's Colt Single Action Army revolver.

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More than a $1,000,000 in Colts on display at the Tulsa Arms Show

Close up of the Thumb Print Walker-Colt on Curator's Corner

Tulsa, Oklahoma - When NRA Museums Director Jim Supica ventured out onto the walkways of the Tulsa Arms Show, he was searching for a few special pieces. Something to catch the eye, tell a story, share a piece of seldom seen American craftsmanship with the folks (watching the Sportsman Channel) at home. Well he accomplished just that and more.

"What you’ve got here is the holy grail of Americana firearms collecting and Colt collecting in particular," said Supica. "Two very historic models. The Patterson models which launched Colt and the Colt Walker revolvers."

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