A sibling rivalry at the NRA Whittington Center starts Kyle's Top Ten list for 2012

Bill and Dave Wallinger at the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championships in Raton, New Mexico

2012 has been quite the year for NRAblog and selecting just 10 stories for my 'Best Of' list was no easy task. Some hard decisions were made on what to include, but from the moment I began conjuring up this list I knew I had to include the Wallinger brothers.

Story #10: The Wallingers at NRA BPTR Championships ...

Friends of NRA hosts Matt and Jessie at the NRA Whittington Center for season three on Outdoor Channel

Fairfax, Virginia - The third season of Friends of NRA is one month away. Matt and Jessie will be back on Outdoor Channel January 6 for all new episodes exploring the NRA's impact both nationally and internationally.

Join the former Major League Baseball player and champion shooter as they team up to explore what makes the Friends of NRA an outstanding, grassroots fundraising organization.

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F-Class shooter at the National Championships in Camp Perry, Ohio

Raton, New Mexico - Fresh on the heels of the America Cup Match this summer during the Long Range High Power Championships in Camp Perry, we're getting the proverbial band back together for another run. But this time we're going F-Class.

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Friends of NRA host takes two divisions and retains Steel Master title in Florida

Friends of NRA host Jessie Duff at the 2012 Steel Challenge World Championships Fairfax, Virginia - Earlier this month, Friends of NRA television host and professional shooter Jessie Duff captured the Ladies’ Limited and Open division titles for the 2012 Steel Challenge World Championships at the Universal Shooting Academy in Frostproof, Florida.

No stranger to the winner's circle, Jessie's history at the Challenge includes four Ladies' Open and Limited titles along with three Ladies' .22 Open titles. No small feat as the Steel Challenge calls on some of the fastest shooters in the world. Luckily for Jesse, she happens to be one of them.

Of the many divisions available, Jessie entered the Limited, Open and .22 Open whose aggregate determines the Steel Master. After her impressive performance this year, Jessie is now a four-time, consecutive, winner of the Steel Master title. At the level Jessie is currently shooting, you can bet on her adding quite a few more of those to her resume in the future.

Like in the MidwayUSA/NRA Bianchi Cup, the Open division is home to the most fiercest of competition. Unlike the Bianchi Cup, however, the shooter's score is also matched against the time it takes them to run the course. Jessie's winning time in Ladies' Open was 99.90 seconds, good enough for 17th overall.

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High Woman, High Senior, the overall champion and more

From left to right: Dave Gullo, Director of NRA Competitive Shooting Dennis Willing, John Venhous and Match Director Jonathan Leighton

Raton, New Mexico - Creedmoor is NRA's oldest discipline. Going all the way back to the founding of the National Rifle Association, the name comes from land purchased back in Long Island, New York back in the 1870s — the Creed Farm.

The Long Range Black Powder match between the United States and Ireland at the brand new Creedmoor range drew a significant amount of attention to the shooting sports and eventually drew its name from the NRA's range.

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Get a closer look at the beautiful rifle awarded to this year's NRA Creedmoor champion

NRA Black Powder Target Rifle's Creedmoor champion received a beautiful rifle crafted from sponsor-donated parts

Raton, New Mexico - You may have noticed NRA Competitive Shooting's new Director, Dennis Willing, holding up a fine rifle as he posed with this year's Creedmoor champion Dave Gullo. Unlike NRA Black Powder Target Rifle's Position Championship trophy, which is a beautiful Sheutzen rifle, this gun was awarded to Gullo for taking first place.

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From High Marksman to High Master, the NRA Black Powder Target Rifle's awards

NRA Black Powder Target Rifle's Prone Champion Jack Odor (left) and Position Champion Chip Mate (right)

Raton, New Mexico - NRA's Black Powder Target Rifle Championships are made up of three different matches, a Prone Championship, Position Championship and the Creedmoor Championship.

Both the Prone and Position championships are shot from ranges of 200, 300 and 600 yards while Creedmoor is shot from 800, 900 and 1,000. Together, Prone and Position are the mid-range portion and Creedmoor alone is the long range match.

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$40,000 worth of gear given out to NRA competitors in New Mexico

The NRA Black Powder Target Rifle Championship featured a prize table worth $40,000

Raton, New Mexico - NRA's Black Powder Target Rifle Championships had a lot of great sponsors and it really showed in the prize table.

But the way black powder does its prizes is a little different. Only the winning team of the Creedmoor Match, the High Shooter and High Spotter, receive a prizes in addition to their awards - a beautiful rifle and Leupold scope respectively.

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Picking the brain of the top NRA Black Powder Target Rifle shooter

2012 NRA Creedmoor Championship winner Dave Gullo at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico - Dave Gullo loves to shoot, he told me so. Specifically he prefers long ranges and high calibers, but his love affair with firearms began as Boy Scout with something a little smaller.

"I was eleven years old and back then things were a lot less regulated with the scout leaders," Gullo told me. "We were out in the desert and we started shooting .22s and I said 'Well, this is pretty fun.'"

Just like that he was hooked - a common beginning for many lifelong shooters. A few years later Gullo's brother gave him his very own .22 and he has been shooting ever since.

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