NRA's Program Materials Center may be known as the hub of all NRA training manuals, student packets, and other education, training, and safety literature, but did you know that it's also another place to find great gifts? Check out some of our favorites below:

Dick Kramer print of National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry

Competitive shooters will enjoy a variety of items, especially the newly released Camp Perry Pistol print from reknowned artist Dick Kramer. Perfect for the home, office, or your local range clubhouse, this piece of art features the landmarks and shooters of the National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry. From ten-time National Champion Brian Zins to the stone guard tower at the entrance to these historic ranges, the detail and craftsmanship of this print will fill your loved one with the competitive spirit of the National Matches.

2010 marked the 50th anniversary of NRA's Law Enforcement Division, and special commemorative items are available for the special officer in your life. The 50th anniversary commemorative badge makes a great gift thanks to the presentation of the accompanying display box. The matching lapel pin, decals, and patch are perfect as stocking stuffers or as gifts for the guys and gals on your squad.

As an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer, my favorite picks are the Under Armour polo shirts available for our trainers. I love the fabric of the shirts that keeps you cool and comfortable on hot days at the range and the modern logos and stylish designs make this the perfect shirt for teaching or business casual environments. If you're a member of a training team or have a group of NRA trainers at your range, consider giving these shirts to other trainers as a thank you for another year of hard work and quality training. Available for NRA Certified Pistol Instructors, Training Counselors, and Range Safety Officers, this is must-have apparel for trainers.

There are hundreds of other items available from the NRA Program Materials Center, so check out all that it has to offer! Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-800-336-7402.

NRA’s Education and Training Division recently set up a new special offer on the NRA Program Materials Center: a “combo pack” of the popular Basics of Personal Protection in the Home and Personal Protection Outside the Home DVDs.

The DVDs are available separately for $19.95 each – but thanks to the SPECIAL OFFER: NRA's Basics of Personal Protection in the Home and NRA's Personal Protection Outside the Home DVD Combo Packcombo pack offer, they’re yours for $33.90 – a savings of $6.00.

The combo pack has been very popular since it was introduced last week. “Sales have exceeded our expectations,” said Janet Boyer, manager for NRA General Operations inventory management. “In the first 24 hours, we were selling approximately ten combo packs per hour!”

Topics on the Basics of Personal Protection in the Home DVD include:

  • Making you and your home safer
  • Awareness levels
  • Responding to a possible break-in
  • Avoiding a confrontation
  • Establishing and equipping a “Safe Room”
  • If you must shoot
  • The aftermath of a defensive shooting

Topics on the Personal Protection Outside the Home DVD include:

  • How to safely use your defensive firearm
  • How to conceal your defensive firearm
  • How to safely present your defensive firearm from a hip holster or purse
  • Tips on how to develop the skills to present your defensive firearm
  • Two scenarios that demonstrate how to survive a life-or-death situation

If this deal sounds like something you (or someone you know) needs, order it online at the NRA Program Materials Center or call 800-336-7402 and request item number ES 30018.

Dick Kramer print of National Pistol Championships at Camp Perry Art legend Dick Kramer joins forces with NRA Competitive Shooting to bring you this one-of-a-kind piece, featuring shooters & landmarks from the National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry. Rich in detail, this print captures all the magic of the National Matches in a simple, captivating display for your office, den, or club lobby. The images in the piece are featured with Kramer’s signature attention to detail and hand-drawn craftsmanship.

A memorable gift, the piece comes in two sizes – 18"x24" & 12"x19". Secure and sturdy packaging ensures that the print arrives in excellent condition. This item is a must-have for anyone who wants to experience the majesty and triumph of the NRA National Matches at Camp Perry. The print is now available for purchase from the NRA Program Materials Center online or via phone at 1-800-336-7402.

Buy 4 copies of the Basics of Pistol Shooting and get a fifth copy free NRAblog recently showed you the trailer for the Basics of Pistol Shooting DVD, a training film that covers both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers. Through the NRA Program Materials Center, a special deal is now available for NRA Certified Instructors – buy four DVDs and get the fifth FREE!

This offer is available only to NRA Certified Instructors and is perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Keep one copy to use during your training courses and give others as gifts to family, friends, or members of your training team. You can even hold a drawing by entering your students to win a free copy or offer them for resale in your classroom.

Purchase your 5-pack of DVDs online or call 1-800-366-7402. The item number for this special order is ES30645; please have your Instructor ID number ready for both online and telephone orders.

NRA Members' Wild Game Cookbook

NRA's Hunter Services Department has posted a new recipe of the month from the NRA Members' Wild Game Cookbook.

This month's feature is a Venison Calzone, submitted by Marie Rizzio of Traverse City, Michigan. This dish puts a wild game twist on an Italian favorite with the use of ground venison. You can make the recipe your own by adding your favorite vegetables, seasonings, and cheese to the filling. Feel free to substitute other ground meats or even sausage for the venison.

To order your copy of the NRA Members' Wild Game Cookbook, visit NRA's Program Materials Center to order online, or call 1-800-366-7402. With over 390 pages of delicious recipes, it makes a great addition to any hunter's kitchen.

John Parker of the NRA Competitive Shooting division shared one of the following brochures with NRAblog.

NRA Competitive Shooting Beginning Competitor's Guide includes tips on being a good competitor, a few important technicalities which may not be in the discipline's rule book, a price guide for rule books, scorecards, and shooting aids, and an equipment checklist.

Each brochure costs $1.50. To order yours, visit the NRA Program Materials Center.

NRA's Personal Protection Outside the Home DVD The NRA and MetaMedia Training International have won a CINE Golden Eagle Award for their Personal Protection Outside The Home DVD in the Business – Safety, Training, and Employee Development category. The training-oriented DVD is based on NRA’s Basic Personal Protection Outside The Home Course, developed by NRA’s Education & Training Division and taught to the public by NRA Certified Instructors.

“We focus on educating the public about responsible handling and ownership of firearms. Our nationally-recognized firearms training programs, coupled with MetaMedia’s skill and experience in producing high-quality training videos, make the Personal Protection Outside the Home DVD one of the best instructional firearms films available to the public,” said Bill Poole, Director of NRA’s Education & Training Division.

Produced for the NRA by MetaMedia, Personal Protection Outside The Home focuses on methods of concealed carry and covers the basics of firearm safety. The film tells the stories of two characters that choose to carry a concealed firearm.


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