NRA Curator's closing out Straight Shooters' Monday on the Sportsman Channel

Alexandria, Virginia - This afternoon marks the beginning of Straight Shooters Week on NRANews. Found between five and six in the afternoon on the Sportsman Channel, Straight Shooter week will focus on the superstars of the NRA and the shooting sports.

Today's agenda features a handful of heavyweights.

First on the agenda is Lt. Colonel Oliver "Ollie" North. An NRA Board Member and true American patriot, Colonel North is headed to NRANews studios to share his experience as host of NRA Life of Duty. With adventures as far south as Columbia and as far east as Afghanistan, NRA Life of Duty highlights those who spend their lives protecting others.

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See NFL players, military heroes and Olympic Gold Medalist on NRANews

It's Straight Shooters Week on the Sportsman Channel's NRANews

When the Sportsman Channel welcomed NRANews to their airwaves, they probably dreamt of a lineup like this. For this week, NRANews host Cam Edwards welcomes a star studded selection of guest including Ted Nugent, five-time Olympic medal winner Kim Rhode to our very own Wayne LaPierre.

Here's the announcement from Sportsman Channel:

The Sportsman Channel’s ground-breaking news-talk television series — NRANEWS Cam & Co. — is taking the show to new heights with its special “Straight Shooters Week” starting February 25. Beginning Monday, host Cam Edwards will sit down with some of the most powerful, outspoken and talented individuals in the industry for an entire week of no-holds-barred intelligent and insightful discussions.

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One-hour weekday show brings intelligent gun talk from NRA and Sportsman Channel

NRA News' Cam & Company on Sportsman Channel

Las Vegas, Nevada - Tomorrow is a big first for the outdoor TV industry. NRA and Sportsman Channel have partnered up to turn the NRA's popular talk-radio show Cam & Company into a live daily talk show weekdays from 5-6 p.m. EST. Featuring popular host Cam Edwards, tomorrow's premiere coincides with and will air from the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cam Edwards, an engaging radio personality, insightful interviewer, sportsman and shooting enthusiast, brings a completely unique perspective and intelligence that does not exist anywhere else on news-talk TV. The new one-hour show will explore the stories, people and places behind the headlines and issues that affect the lifestyle of more than 80 million Americans who love to hunt, shoot, and fish.

With national passions running high on the issue of firearms ownership and rights in America, the series launch at SHOT Show, the largest and most comprehensive trade show for the professional shooting sports, hunting and law enforcement industries, is especially timely.

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Camera Crew captures staff and shooting legend Wigger in Virginia

NRA Pistol Manager meets with NRANews in Fairfax, Virginia headquarters

Fairfax, Virginia - Do you ever watch NRANews?

Maybe you only listen to them on SiriusXM Satellite Radio?

The only real difference between the two are the bumpers. So what's that?

Bumpers are the commercials that play between interviews. If you listen to the show on SiriusXM then you hear regular radio commercials. But if you watch Cam & Company on then you get the bumpers. Personally, I'm a bumpers guy. That's because the bumpers feature my people.

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Lars Dalseide interviewed by NRANews at the 2012 SHOT ShowLas Vegas, Nevada - A number of media outlets are cruising around SHOT Show 2012 here in Las Vegas to get scoops on the latest and greatest items hitting the market this year.

One such outlet is our very own NRANews. Represented by NRANews producer (and sometimes correspondent) Cameron Gray, NRANews is always on there to catch the latest in firearm related news.

After covering all the shiny new objects at the show over the first two days, NRANews started pointing their camera at who's on the floor.

The biggest event of the year, SHOT is a who's who for the industry. It wouldn't be uncommon to see a company President or one of your favorite TV personalities (there's rumor floating around that Steven Tyler from AeroSmith/American Idol walked through earlier) as you make your way through the floor.

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The Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City, Kentucky was flooded with people this past weekend for the very first Pro-Am, a 3-gun competition that allowed for new and amatuer level shooters to compete alongside seasoned pro shooters, like Julie Golob. Know for her skills with a pistol, the former NRA Bianchi Cup Ladies Champion is a professional shooter sponsored by top names in the industry including Smith & Wesson and Benelli. In an interview with NRA News, Golob talks about what draws shooters to 3-gun events and why some many new shooters are getting involved in the sport.

Leech and Wimbledon Cup at the Long Range High Power awards ceremony at camp perry.

If you watched or listened to last night's episode of Curator's Corner on (or Sirius/XM Patriot Satellite Radio) then you saw the final segment of the Camp Perry Trophy Room. That is the home of cups, plaques and statues commemorating the achievements of championship shooters at Perry throughout the years. Last night, NRANews took a look at High Power and Long Range High Power trophies. And starting Saturday, we're going to do some of the same.

Above you see the Wimbledon and Leech Cups bookending the Awards Ceremony at Camp Perry. And over the next ten days, we're going to be there to see who holding the right stuff to contend for these trophies.

High Power starts on the 7th & Long Range High Power starts on the 13th. So sit back ladies and gentlemen ... the big guns are coming out.

National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schreir holding a 1889 Colt Double Action Navy Revolver like Teddy Roosevelt had while NRANews producer John Popp takes a closer look on NRAblog. As it happens from time to time with live studio broadcast, things got a little busy last week during the Curator's Corner hour of NRANews. That means those of you listening last Thursday night didn't get to hear all of NRA National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Phil Schreier's tale about how Teddy Roosevelt wound up with an 1889 USS Navy A 1889 Colt Double Action Navy Revolver on NRAblog. Revolver on his hip while serving as a Colonel in the U.S. Army during the Spanish American War in 1898.

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NRA Managers for Pistol, Women on Target and more speak with NRANews

Who out there watches Do you listen to the show on Sirius/XM satellite radio too? Have you noticed anything different? It's the bumpers.

"Most people think bumpers are the same as commercials, but their not," explains NRANews Executive Producer John Popp. "Bumpers are the segments that air between the programs and the commercials. For us at NRANews, that's when we air a quick update from folks around the NRA."

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