3-Gun and 3-GAS (Guns from Air Soft) practice run at NRA Headquarters

American Hunter's John Draper starts the NRA 3-gun course with a .22 rifle

Fairfax, Virginia - Let's say you're thinking about 3-gun. You've watched the competitions, read the articles, seen the YouTube clips ... you're a fan. But that's not enough. Eventually, you're going to want to move from the fan to the competitor zone. But how?

The NRA will have an answer to that soon.

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World Champion shooter shows difference between rifle, shotguns and pistols

Fairfax, Virginia - As a champion shooter, Jessie Duff knows her way around a wide array of firearms. And as co-host of the Outdoor Channel's Friends of NRA television show, she knows how to get her point across to the public. These two talents were put to the test last Friday night as a guest of Sean Hannity on Fox News.

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Serving up Thanksgiving specials at the NRA Cafe

Debbie Crews from the NRA Range hands over thanksgiving goodies at the NRA Cafe Fairfax, Virginia - Like most of you out there, we have a few Thanksgiving traditions here at the National Rifle Association. Though there's the standard closure of business on Thursday (except for the National Firearms Museum) and Friday (the Museum and Headquarters Range will be open), there's also the staff favorite lunch service — here's why.

For the people you see serving turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, yams and other Thanksgiving goodies are not the regular NRA Cafe staff. No, that would be a crew from the NRA Headquarters Range. So what happened to the regular cast of Cafe staff?

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Working by flash and candle light during Hurricane Sandy

Living by candlelight and flashlight during Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012 in Fairfax County, Virginia Fairfax, Virginia - Day three of Hurricane Sandy's assault upon the United States has reached as far north as Maine, as far south as Florida and as far west as Michigan. More than seven million homes are reported to be without power as the destructive powers of this 'Frankenstorm' has even caused the closure of New York City's cherished Broadway theater district.

Here at home, in the Northern Virginia region, hundreds of thousands of homes currently rest in darkness … sans the lucky few taxing their generators to the nth degree. High winds and pounding rain over the past 48 hours have left most of us without. In fact, the only reason you're reading this now is because I've been conserving my laptop for all but the essentials.

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New Jersey's Ammoland.com seen by 1000’s of NRA, Ammunition, Shooting and Firearms enthusiast

Fredy sits while webmaster Brian holds the Garand rifle serial #1 Fairfax, Virginia - Remember, earlier today, when I said that I was prepping for a meeting with a well respected firearms website? Promised to tell you about it later. It's later. And the website I was referring to is Ammoland.com.

Created by New Jersey native Fredy Riehl, Ammoland.com is a press service for just about everything in the shooting sports. From politics to collecting to hunting, gear and auctions, odds are they have something to feed your firearm appetite.

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Girls Guide to Guns taking shots on the NRA Headquarters Range

Natalie Foster posing by the NRA Seal

Fairfax, Virginia - While writing this, I'm prepping for a meeting with a well respected firearms website ... I'll tell you who later today. Maybe tomorrow. I bring this up because it reminds me of last month's visit by Natalie Foster of Girls Guide to Guns. As she say, "If one day Vogue and Guns & Ammo Magazine fell madly in love, got married and had babies, we (Girls Guide to Guns) would be their favorite child."

We spent the better part of a day taking Natalie to and fro for a variety of meetings here at headquarters. NRA Women, NRA News (who happened to be onsite) and the NRAStore to name but a few. As one might imagine, there's a lot that can be accomplished when spending a day at the NRA.

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After Discovery Channel stops, NRA staff has a chance at Gertrude

NRA Headquarters range staff with Military Channel Wil Willis, host of Triggers

Fairfax, Virginia - We're getting ever close to the Season 2 premier of Triggers: Weapons that changed the World. Broadcast on the Military Channel, Triggers puts classic firearms such as the M1 Garand, 1911 pistol and the AK-47 through a variety of tests and trials by host Wil Willis.

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Bass Pro Shops donates NRA Museum NASCAR panel from Sprint Cup Series races at Daytona

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races at Dayton panel from Bass Pro Shops' NRA Museum stock car

Fairfax, Virginia - We've got a new NASCAR souvenir here at NRA Headquarters courtesy of Bass Pro Shops. How'd we do that? Here's how.

The Bass Pro Shops NASCAR Sprint Cup race team went with a special paint scheme during a few races this summer. A paint scheme that focused on the National Firearms Museum. Basically, it was an attempt to highlight the new NRA Sporting Arms Museum scheduled to launch this fall at the Bass Pro Shops flagship store in Springfield, Missouri.

Driven by Jamie McMurray in the in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races and by Austin Dillon in the NASCAR Nationwide Series, the paint schemes were on display this summer at races in Daytona and Atlanta.

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Girls Guide to Guns founder Natalie Foster's first visit to the NRA

Natalie Foster from Girls Guide to Guns at the NRA National Firearms Museum offices with Charter Arms serial number 1

Fairfax, Virginia - We first met Natalie Foster at the 2009 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Big smile, happy laugh, full of excitement and anticipation over her new venture, Girls Guide to Guns. To quote from their website, "If one day Vogue and Guns & Ammo Magazine fell madly in love, got married and had babies, we would be their favorite child." So yes, she has quite the unique outlook on the shooting sports.

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