Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson

NRA's National School Shield Emergency Response Program

Former Congressman Asa Hutchinson will head up the NRA National School Shield Emergency Response Program One of the first responsibilities I learned at Homeland Security was the importance of protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure, and there is nothing more critical to our nation’s well being than our children’s safety. They are this country’s future and her most precious resource.

We all understand that our children should be safe in school, but it is also essential that the parents have confidence in that safety. As a result of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut, that confidence has been shattered. Assurance of school safety must be restored with a sense of urgency.

That is why I am grateful that the NRA has asked me to lead a team of security experts to assist our schools, parents and communities. I took this assignment on one condition: That my team of experts will be independent and will be guided solely by what are the best security solutions for the safety of our children while at school.

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Wayne LaPierre

NRA's National School Shield Emergency Response Program

Wayne LaPierre announces the NRA's National School Shield Emergency Response Program The National Rifle Association's 4 million mothers, fathers, sons and daughters join the nation in horror, outrage, grief and earnest prayer for the families of Newtown, Connecticut … who suffered such incomprehensible loss as a result of this unspeakable crime. Out of respect for those grieving families, and until the facts are known, the NRA has refrained from comment. While some have tried to exploit tragedy for political gain, we have remained respectfully silent.

Now, we must speak … for the safety of our nation's children. Because for all the noise and anger directed at us over the past week, no one — nobody — has addressed the most important, pressing and immediate question we face: How do we protect our children right now, starting today, in a way that we know works?

The only way to answer that question is to face up to the truth. Politicians pass laws for Gun-Free School Zones. They issue press releases bragging about them. They post signs advertising them. And in so doing, they tell every insane killer in America that schools are their safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk. How have our nation's priorities gotten so far out of order? Think about it. We care about our money, so we protect our banks with armed guards. American airports, office buildings, power plants, courthouses — even sports stadiums — are all protected by armed security.

We care about the President, so we protect him with armed Secret Service agents. Members of Congress work in offices surrounded by armed Capitol Police officers.

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A gripping, tightly crafted, action-packed thriller from the man President Ronald Reagan called “an American hero”

Heroes Proved by LtCol Oliver North

Lt. Colonel Oliver North, a combat-decorated Marine, counter-terrorism expert and best selling author, is back with another action packed thriller. Filled with global intrigue, military action and an unrelenting sense of suspense, this one promises to put Col. North back on the New York Times bestseller list.

It's called Heroes Proved. Set twenty years in the future (2032), the story begins as the city of Houston is targeted by suicide bombers. To make matters worse, America's foremost physicist (Dr. Martin Cohen) has been kidnapped. With America's Armed forces cut to the bone, they turn to Peter Newman. A decorated U.S. Marine war hero, and Cohen's roommate during their days at the Naval Academy, Newman receives orders to save the day.

From the publisher's press release:

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Hollywood star and NRA Board Member R. Lee Ermey arrives at Police Championships

NRA Range Officer Mike Lane explains course #1 to Gunny R. Lee Ermey during the New Mexico Tactical Police Competition

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Fresh of the plane, Gunny R. Lee Ermey made his way out to Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park to catch the last stage of NRA's Tactical Police Competition. Prior to the final shooter running the course, NRA Range Officer (RO) Mike Lane walked the Gunny through the stage.

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NASCAR's NRA American Warrior 300 racing this weekend at the Atlanta Motor Speedway

NRA American Warrior 300 Labor Day weekend in Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia - You're a NASCAR fan, aren't you? And if you're reading this, odds are that you're a supporter of the NRA too. Well, if you live in Atlanta, Georgia (or if you're within driving distance), then here's a way that we're saying THANKS for both.

On Saturday, September 1, you can find a spot there on the Atlanta Motor Speedway FOR FREE. All you have to do is go to and enter the code NRAUSA1. That will get you one free ticket to the race. One free ticket to see the likes of Danica Patrick, Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and Kasey Kahne battle out for 250 laps on the 1.54 mile track.

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Looking for something to do over Labor Day weekend? How about heading to Atlanta for the the NRA American Warrior 300? Right there at the at the Atlanta Motor Speedway, NRA has partnered with Speedway Motorsports, Inc. to help celebrate and honor America’s bravest and most respected fighting men and women. How are they doing that? By giving away 25,000 tickets to the Nationwide Series race.

Here's more:


There are several things that R. Lee Ermey is serious about: a good steak, a finely-tuned firearm, and exercising your right to vote. To emphasis the latter, he put a little of that Gunny magic into the above video in an effort to "Trigger the Vote."

NRA Bianchi Cup achieves 15% growth in 2011

2011 NRA Bianchi Cup Logo The National Action Pistol Championship, known to most as the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup, is the most prestigious and richest shooting tournament in the world. But this year, the Bianchi Cup has one more accolade to add: the NRA President’s Trophy.

The President’s Trophy is a coveted award given each year to the NRA National Championship with the highest percentage of growth. The 2011 NRA Bianchi Cup earned this distinction after experiencing an incredible 15% increase in competitors.

At last month's NRA Board of Directors Meeting, the President’s Trophy was presented to Dwight Van Horn, the Chairman of the NRA Action Pistol Committee. A second award was also presented to the NRA Bianchi Cup match staff for their hard work and dedication.


Lars' #1 Story from 2011 - Tom Selleck's visit to the National Firearms Museum

I've "met" Tom Selleck at a number of events over the years. The first time was at a Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada during my days producing NRANews. Next at an NRA Annual Meeting, then a SHOT Show and most recently during his visit this summer to the National Firearms Museum. But this time ... this time was different.

For this time I was actually able to talk to the man. Not that he's unapproachable, just that I have a rule when it comes to approaching celebrities when I'm working for the NRA. Basically, if they're already dealing with a crowd then I leave them alone. Needless to say, Selleck is always dealing with a crowd. But this time it was different. A special visit to the Robert E. Petersen Gallery followed by a casual meeting with staff meant the rule no longer applied.

After a walk through the Gallery (Bob Petersen was a personal friend of Selleck's), we retired to a private location here at the NRA and talked. Well, I really sat and listened more than anything else, but the rest of them talked. Bottled up inside were questions about Magnum, p.i., the Jessie Stone series and his work with the NRA. More

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