Iain Harrison, season one winner of History Channel's Top Shot, heads the pack in Missouri

Iain Harrison of History Channel's Top Shot at the Bianchi Cup

Columbia, Missouri - As Thursday's sun set on the Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club, Iain Harrison, winner of the History Channel's first season of Top Shot, held the lead.

Unfortunately for Iain, it will not last long. Harrison completed all four Bianchi Cup events yesterday and is done for the tournament. His score of 1755-96x is final. The same can not be said about the group of the world's top pistol shooters positioned behind him in the standings. But Harrison is also firing in the Metallic category, where competitors are limited to their metallic sights. The top shooters behind him are all in the Open category where optics and other peripherals are allowed resulting in much higher scores.

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The Safariland Barricade Event is second of the Bianchi Cup's core matches

Brooke Sevigny at the 2013 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup

Columbia, Missouri - The Barricade Event is the second of the Bianchi Cup's four core matches. The main feature of the event is the titular barricade. Six feel high and two feet wide, the barricades are placed at varying distances in the range and shooters must demonstrate both agility and balance to achieve a top score.

Competitors must begin each round standing in a 2'x3' firing area with their pistol holstered and hands on the barricade. Each shooter has two targets downrange, one to the left and right sides of their lane's barricades. When a signal sounds, targets turn to face downrange and competitors take six shots at the target corresponding to the side they're firing from. Once the targets turn back, the shooter switches sides to repeat the shots on the other target.

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Five time Bianchi Cup winner Bruce Piatt leads the charge for this year's silver cup trophy

Bruce Piatt at the 2013 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup

Columbia, Missouri - After shooting an absolutely perfect 480-48x Barricade Event, five time Bianchi Cup champion Bruce Piatt is in the lead with a 1440-136x.

As you'll remember though, not everyone is at the same place in the Bianchi Cup. Piatt has shot three of the four events and only Moving Target remains. Piatt is still doing very well, all things considered. He is maintaining a perfect points score and near-perfect X-count.

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Rob Leatham, Doug Koenig, Jessie Duff and more teach pre-Bianchi Cup clinic

Rob Leatham teaching a young shooter at the Bianchi Cup Pro-Shooter Clinic

Columbia, Missouri - This past Monday morning a couple dozen Bianchi Cup competitors got a top flight education in action pistol from some of the best shooters in the world. Sure the Bianchi Cup Pro-Shooter Clinic required attendees to squeeze out a couple extra vacation days, but it was more than worth it to work with the likes of Rob Leatham, Jessie Duff, Doug Koenig, Mickey Fowler, Rob Vadasz, Kyle Schmidt and Carl Bernosky.

Action pistol is one of the most exciting shooting sports to watch because of its dynamic events. But those very events also make it extremely challenging to master. With all the variation in movement and time limits, it's a wonder that the top shooters manage to get such great scores.

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Heading in to Day Two of the Bianchi Action Pistol Championships, favorites and contenders battle for the top

Chris Cerino shooting Falling Plates at the 2013 NRA Bianchi Cup in Missouri

Columbia, Missouri - With day two of the MidwayUSA/Bianchi Cup well under way, those resting atop the leaderboard realize their position is precarious at best. A stray shot, sudden gust of wind or an equipment malfunction is all it takes for fortunes to go from boom to bust.

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Koenig nearly-perfect on Practical but remains off the leaderboard

MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup in Columbia, Missouri

Columbia, Missouri - Scores are out for the first day of shooting at the MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup and they're just what we expected as defending Champion Doug Koenig captured the Practical Event lead with a 480-45x. Just three x-ring hits short of a completely perfect score, Koenig made the most of his opening day.

Despite his practically perfect performance, Koenig is not in the lead. He isn't even in the top five. It's not a performance issue, it's a procedural one.

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The first of the Bianchi Cup's four core events is the Blade Tech Practical Event

Bianchi Cup Practical Event shooter

Columbia, Missouri - The Bianchi Cup isn't your regular pistol championship. It's an action pistol championship. Shooters need to be a little more mobile than in more classic "stand and shoot" competitions.

The tournament for the silver cup trophy is comprised of four different matches: Practical, Barricade, Falling Plate and Moving Target. Over the years, however, new courses of fire have been added around the core matches like the Colt Speed Event, Celebrity Pro-Am and FNH 3-Gun Challenge.

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Shooters ready! The 35th Annual Bianchi Cup action pistol championship has begun

MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup defending champion Doug Koenig at the Practical Event

Columbia, Missouri - 14-time Bianchi Cup Champion Doug Koenig has graced the pages of NRAblog many a times. And if he keeps up the pace during his campaign for number 15, you're going to see even more of him. That's the way the tournament and coverage begins.

The MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup is back in Columbia, Missouri. The Green Valley Rifle and Pistol Club is bustling with controlled chaos as a record 268 shooters run through the four historic stages.

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The NRA Bianchi Cup, sponsored by MidwayUSA, officially kicks off Wednesday

Competitors greeted with lessons from today's top pro shooters

Rob Leatham joins in a welcoming hug during a recent Bianchi Cup Championship

Columbia, Missouri - The easiest part about participating in the Bianchi Cup is the travel. About 1,000 miles from the East Coast, 1,700 from the West Coast, it's about as close to middle of the country as an NRA National Championship gets. If you decide to go by way of plane, and have all your TSA documentation in line, there's still a two hour drive once you reach the nearest commercial airport. That's the easy part. The hard part is mustering the gumption to enter.

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