NRA sanctions reduced-shot 3-gun match for Club Champion Challenge

NRA Club Champion Challenge winner Al Bockemuhl

Wallkill, New York - You can't have a conversation with a shooter these days without discussing the ammunition shortage.

Popular calibers seem to fly off the shelves as soon as new shipments arrive and getting your hands on a box will stretch your budget. New York has been hit especially hard by the lack of available ammunition and, now that the weather is warm, competitive shooters are having a tough time looking for fun.

Enter the NRA.

This past May, NRA Competitive Shooting designed a sanctioned 3-Gun Club Champion Challenge for the Wallkill Rod & Gun Club in Wallkill, New York that required fewer rounds than your standard 3-Gun competition. Working around the (hopefully temporary) constraints, the match allowed shooters to enjoy some sport without running too high a bill. The match was divided into five stages, one per week, requiring an average of 20 rounds each. NRA Competitive Shooting even supplied awards and promoted the match on social media.

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From the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - DEC Expands Bobcat Hunting and Trapping Opportunities and Extends Snow Geese Harvest Period

snow geese from American Hunter Bobcat hunting and trapping opportunities are expanded and the snow geese harvest season is extended under two sets of regulations adopted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today.

"Under Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Hunting and Fishing initiative, New York is working to increase hunting and trapping opportunities for sportsmen and sportswomen," Commissioner Martens said. With these changes, DEC is implementing strategies of the recently adopted Bobcat Management Plan that will provide sustainable harvest opportunities while maintaining a stable or increasing bobcat population. In addition, I encourage the hunting community to take full advantage of the newly expanded snow geese season in the years ahead."

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From the New York Department of Environmental Conservation - 2012 Deer Harvest Results Are Up From Last Year

NY Open for Hunting and Fishing Increased Hunting Opportunities

Hunters harvested approximately 243,000 deer during the 2012-13 hunting seasons, about 6 percent more than were taken the previous year, state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today.

"Deer hunting is a long-standing tradition in New York, providing shared recreation and a valuable source of food for many families," said Commissioner Martens. "Governor Cuomo's NY Open for Hunting and Fishing initiative expands hunting opportunities statewide for sportsmen and sportswomen for the growing population of deer. This past year's deer take reflects these efforts as well as deer population growth throughout much of the state."

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From the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - Grants Available to Improve Public Access to Non-Profit or Municipal Shooting Ranges across the State

Grants Program Application Period Is Now Open Through May 31

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

In an effort to support recreational opportunities for sportsmen and women across the state and to promote safe and responsible use of firearms, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner (DEC) Joe Martens, in partnership with the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County, launched the Shooting Range Small Grants Program. This effort, which encourages the development, improvement and operations of shooting ranges, is tied to Governor Cuomo's Open for Hunting and Fishing Initiative.

Funding for 2013 includes $65,000 for matching grants at a three to one ratio to eligible non-profit or municipal shooting ranges across the state. Funding for the program is derived from a federal tax on firearms and ammunition, made available to state fish and wildlife agencies for their sportsman education activities.

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From the New York Department of Environmental Conservation - 2012 Is One of the Highest Bear Harvests on Record in New York

New York bear hunters took 1,337 black bears during the 2012 hunting seasons, making last year the third highest bear harvest on record in New York, state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced today. Only the 2003 harvest (1,864) and 2009 harvest (1,487) surpassed last year's take.

"New York has excellent bear habitat and vast, accessible public lands that offer exciting opportunities for bear hunting," said Commissioner Martens. "Black bears are thriving in New York, and they represent a great resource for all New Yorkers. Through the NY's Open for Hunting and Fishing Initiative, Governor Cuomo is improving opportunities for hunting in New York State."

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New York rebuilds and recovers following Hurricane Sandy

Humvees meet in the street during a Hurricane Sandy cleanup in New York

NRA's American Warrior Magazine sent J.R. Salzam into the mix for a firsthand look at the Hurricane Sandy cleanup efforts up in New York. Here's his report:
Following in the footsteps of Sandy
NRA American Warrior correspondent J.R. Salzam is embedded with New York National Guard troops in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

"Guardian 3-0, this is Apache 6. SP time now, 3 pax, 1 victor, moving out into the area of West Rockaway. How copy, over.”

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Matt and Jesse took a great trip to speak with 9/11 firefighters last season on Friends of NRA. Did you see it?

Fairfax, Virginia - With the recent news of Friends of NRA coming back to the Outdoor Channel for a third season, we started looking back on some of our favorite moments from the show. Moments like in the second episode of last season when Matt and Jesse traveled to New York City just prior to the ten year anniversary of the tragic September 11th attacks.

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A picture of New York City Police Officer Walter Weaver, his Smith & Wesson revolver and a 9/11 patch Fairfax, Virginia - There are events in a person's life that are forever tied to a location. I remember where I was when X happened. That day for me was when the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart just minutes into that January morning flight. That was until September 11th. A morning that changed all our lives.

The ground in our nation's capital shook when the plane hit the Pentagon. Maybe I just think I felt it ... I was only 10 miles away, relatively safe at home, but I felt it. The Flight 93 National Memorial off Route 30 in Pennsylvania always induces emotions of loss. And I can't begin to comprehend the effect the attacks had upon the city of New York.

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homemade air conditionerPort Clinton, Ohio - If there's one thing you can count on during NRA's National Rifle & Pistol Championships in Camp Perry, it's the heat. Smack dab in the middle of summer, right on the shores of Lake Erie with nothing but open skies all but guarantees that some will suffer during this those humid days on the range. Just not the smallbore folks from the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

"This is our first time out here," said Bruce Bill, parent of a New York shooter. "We knew it was going to be hot."

So what did Bruce do to prepare the troops? He built a portable air conditioner, of course.


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