Learn the history of America's heritage this holiday weekend at the NRA National Firearms Museum

NRA National Firearms Museum open Independence Day

Fairfax, Virginia - Two hundred thirty seven years ago this Thursday, Great Britain's thirteen American colonies adopted the Declaration of Independence. No longer regarding themselves a part of the British Empire, the newly independent states formed a new nation — the United States of America. From that moment forward, Americans have observed July 4 as Independence Day.

Independence did not come easy to the United States, who won its sovereignty after eight years of war with the Kingdom of Great Britain. Firearms played an integral role in winning the United States' freedom and their use would go on to help weave the story of our great country as it expanded and became a world superpower.

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The American flag waving over NRA headquarters for Memorial Day on NRAblog

Fairfax, Virginia - This weekend is more than just a three-day excuse for shopping, over indulgence and carousing with friends. It's about Memorial Day. The day we remember those men and women who fell in the service of our country. While we don't begrudge those who choose to include the shopping and carousing with friends, we do suggest that you spend the day remembering. Visit a Civil War battlefield, stop by memorial, or tour the National Firearms Museum.

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Camera Crew captures staff and shooting legend Wigger in Virginia

NRA Pistol Manager meets with NRANews in Fairfax, Virginia headquarters

Fairfax, Virginia - Do you ever watch NRANews?

Maybe you only listen to them on SiriusXM Satellite Radio?

The only real difference between the two are the bumpers. So what's that?

Bumpers are the commercials that play between interviews. If you listen to the show on SiriusXM then you hear regular radio commercials. But if you watch Cam & Company on NRANews.com then you get the bumpers. Personally, I'm a bumpers guy. That's because the bumpers feature my people.

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There's one place you won't find me the day after Thanksgiving - the mall. Rather than getting trampled by overeager shoppers and bargain hunters, I choose to take advantage of other deals on Black Friday. So join me as I shop from my seat, not from my feet, by checking out these great gift, gadget, and gizmo arenas from the NRA that are just a click or phone call away.

Every Monday we feature an item from the NRAstore™ during our Membership Monday pieces. Sure, we show you one item at a time, but did you know that the NRAstore™ offers the largest selection of NRA-related products in an online format? Gear, apparel, books, home decor, jewlery, toys, and so much more are available at www.nrastore.com, so why subject yourself to a shopping mall or superstore when we've got gifts for NRA enthusiasts just one click away?

Another online resource for all things NRA is the NRA Program Materials Center. From artwork to range flags, training videos, to NRA Instructor gear, this site offers great gift ideas for people involved in firearms training, competitive shooting, and even kids learning about gun safety. Browse everything that they have to offer. I guarantee you'll find something to fill your virtual shopping cart.


To give employees a head start on time with their families this week, NRA Headquarters will close at noon tomorrow for the Thanksgiving holiday and will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday as well. Normal business hours will resume starting at 8:30 on Monday, November 28th. If you're planning a trip to NRA Headquarters over the holiday, here's some important information on operating hours for this holiday week: 
Thanksgiving Dinner on NRAblog
  • The NRA Headquarters Range opens for normal business hours tomorrow (Wednesday) from 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m., will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and reopens on Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

  • The world-famous NRA National Firearms Museum and Gift Shop will operate under normal business hours tomorrow (Wednesday) from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and reopens on Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. As always, admission is free.

  • The NRA Cafe will serve breakfast until 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, but will not be serving lunch Wednesday afternoon and will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday.

Signed copy of The Illustrated History of Firearms I walked into my office the other day to find a package sitting in my chair. It was a plain package, no wrapping and looked a bit suspicious. As what probably happens in other office, practical jokes can be abound (my favorite being a balloon filled office) so I was a touch suspicious upon approach.

Ripping that baby open, I found a copy of the National Firearms Museum's new book The Illustrated History of Firearms resting inside. As I began to thumb through, I discovered that it was not just a copy, but a signed copy. Three hundred pages of firearms bliss created by the staff down there on the second floor. Those guys ... I was touched by the gesture.


Soft scoped rifle cases, tactical rifle cases, and double pistol packs on sale at the National Firearms Museum Gift Store on NRAblog

Big Benjamin Van Scoyoc, Manager of the NRA National Firearms Museum's Gift Store has been after us for a few days to tell you about his big summer sale. As you can see above, we're talking about a wide variety of soft rifle and pistol cases.

"People really reacted well to the post about the 1911 related items available at the store," said Van Scoyoc. "Let's see if they'll react to one about soft gun cases."

Calling it a his Super Summer Special, Van Scoyoc is offering scoped rifle cases, tactical rifle cases, and double pistol packs at a 25% discount at the Museum Store. Made in the USA in either black or hot pink, these cases are made out of of 1000 denier cordura water resistant fabric and lined with a soft proprietary upholstery fabric so as to protect the firearms finish.

"Same cases I use for my rifles," said Van Scoyoc. "They're durable, easy to manage, and going fast. And do me one favor when you post this on the blog. Just don't call me Big Ben."


It's the year of the 1911 and everyone at NRA is celebrating 100 years of the beloved pistol. From the commemorative Model 1911 Colt being auctioned by the NRA Foundation to the historical significance recounted by our National Firearms Museum staff, many different NRA programs are relishing the chance to highlight a century of the 1911. The Museum Store at NRA Headquarters in Fairfax is no different, as our Store Manager Benjamin Van Scoyoc tells us about special 1911 products available for purchase: 

A display of 1911 products available from the National Firearms Museum Store The 100 Year Anniversary of the Model 1911 is being celebrated at the National Firearms Museum, and the Museum Store has many items dedicated to America’s favorite handgun.

If you haven’t already, here’s your chance to pick up a copy of Patrick Sweeney’s beautiful book, 1911: The First 100 Years. This fine photographic history includes 400 color photos and illustrations, and is a must-have for the 1911 enthusiast. It sells for $29.99.

Other items include a 15 oz. cup featuring a 1911 with the Second Amendment, a bargain at only $10.95. Two custom shot glasses feature the 1911 at $7.95 each, and for only $3.95, you can pick up either a key ring or a powerful magnet.


If you're anything like me, you've probably been waiting until the absolute last minute to find the right gifts and stocking stuffers for the holiday season. After mentioning this to Ben Van Scoyoc, Manager of the National Firearms Museum Gift store, he invited me down for a look at his inventory – and boy does he have some inventory.

First thing to jump to my attention are the slipper socks. Available in red, blue, and yellow (yellow not pictured), they come with the NFM logo on top and a collection of guns from the museum on the bottom.

"Sure to keep your feet firmly on the ground and your toes nice and toasty," said Ben.

Next is a sardine can. I'm not sure why, especially because I hate sardines, but for some reason it calls to me. Upon inspection, I find out that the sardine can is actually an all-in-one survival kit. Filled with a compass, a whistle, a set of matches, a razor blade, an energy nugget and more, this handy collection of goodies comes in a compact case that's easy to take along in your boat, backpack, RV, or bike.

If you're in need of a stocking stuffer for that special outdoorsman (or woman), and you're in the DC Metro area, these two prizes from the National Firearms Museum Gift Store is a great place to start.

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