Lindenwood Lions miss sweep of events by one point on road to history in San Antonio

Lindenwood University shooters hold up 'X' for their tenth consecutive ACUI shotgun championship

San Antonio, Texas – For the tenth year in a row Lindenwood University was called to the podium as the first place Division I team of the Association of College Unions International Clay Target Championships. Granted, it's not like they can even fit atop it. Lindenwood has as strong a presence in attendance as it does on the scoreboard. The picture above displays roughly half of their team.

With an overall team score of 2249 out of 2350, Lindenwood University held 50 points over second place Texas A&M University and 121 on third place Bethel University.

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Collegiate shotgunners square off in American Trap tiebreakers

Men's American Trap winner Matt Perkins gets a hug from his coach

San Antonio, Texas - There is no final round in American Trap. No last gathering of top shooters for one final opportunity to snag the brass ring. That's saved for the International Championships. With American Trap, the shooter with the high score at the end of the round wins. Simple as that.

That's not to say there's never a situation that calls for another round. There is. If, for example, there's a tie for high score (or any of the top three spots) then it must be resolved. And ties happen. A lot. Just ask Southeastern Illinois' Matt Perkins (pictured above).

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ACUI shotgun tournament brings hundreds of shooters from dozens of colleges

Bethel University shooter at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Hoofing it back to the skeet fields at the NSSA-NSCA National Shooting Complex, hundreds of collegiate shooters with shotguns and dreams welcome the day's American Skeet Championships.

Developed as a method of perfecting wing-shooting skills for bird hunting, skeet quickly grew into a competitive sport of its own. Its practically the same competition as International Skeet. The primary differences is that American Skeet is a little easier and tends to produce higher scores.

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Portland State University takes women's title as March Madness pushes ahead at ACUI Clay Target Championships

Lindenwood University's Toll and Fuqua shoot off for the International Trap Championship in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio - Thanks to some great shooting during yesterday's Intercollegiate Trap Championships, many of the shooters at the top of the pack were caught in ties. Unfortunately there is only room for six in the final round. So before competitors are allowed to step up and chase the individual title, the pool needs to be narrowed through a session of shoot-offs; sudden death trap shooting.

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Competition and weather heat up in San Antonio during International Trap Championships

Competitor at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - Shooters at the ACUI Clay Target Championships changed up sports today, putting skeet on hold until tomorrow and moved to the International Trap Championship.

International Trap, like International Skeet, is considered more difficult than its domestic cousin. International shooting events in general are tailored to be more of a challenge than their domestic versions.

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Texas A&M University's Brandy Drozd takes Ladies' International Skeet title

Ladies International Skeet shotgun final at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio

San Antonio, Texas - Yesterday's mens and ladies International Skeet finals began as natural light began to fade at the NSSA-NSCA National Shooting Complex in San Antonio.

One by one, the top six men and women from the day's match were called to settle 2013's individual titles. A final round of skeet and shotgun. Well... unless there was a tie.

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College kids and their shotguns from day 1 at the 2013 ACUI Clay Target Championship

Shooter takes aim in International Skeet during the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - While clouds, wind and the threat of rain loomed over yesterday's International Skeet Championships, hundreds of shooters powered through their rounds of skeet to complete 1/4 of the ACUI Clay Target Championships.

For a competition with so many shooters from so many teams, you may be wondering why group photos seem so varied in the schools represented. Why aren't teams shooting together? It's in the rules, of course. Shooters are randomly squadded in International Skeet. ACUI plugs everyone into the computer, hits a button, and squadding is done.

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Lions on the way to their tenth consecutive overall ACUI Clay Target championship

Clay target leaves a low house at the ACUI Clay Target Championships in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio, Texas - The International Skeet Championship churn on as hundreds of shooters compete not only for their school's team standing, but for individual glory as well. Beginning early this morning, competitors go through four rounds of skeet, attaining a maximum score of 100.

There aren't any perfect scores yet, but we got close when Lindenwood's Dustin Perry shot a 98 earlier this afternoon. Perry remains in the lead for the men's championship as everyone else shuffles into line before the top six shooters are selected for one more winner-take-all round of skeet.

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Lindenwood holds up nine fingers for their nine consecutive championships

San Antonio, Texas – With an overall team score of 2263 out of 2350, Lindenwood University captured its ninth consecutive High Overall Aggregate in the ACUI Clay Target Championships, held this past weekend at a National Shooting Complex in San Antonio, Texas.

Lindenwood teams went unmatched in five of the six events that comprise the championships, placing first in Sporting Clays, International Skeet, International Trap, American Skeet and American Trap.


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