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NRA Life of Duty focuses specifically on those who spend their days protecting, defending and fighting for the safety of the American people. From first responders to military personnel, Smoke Jumpers to SWAT teams, there are thousands of men and women out there who perform their roles without much recognition by the general public.

Some of those people get their start at the Oklahoma State University's Fire Protection and Safety Technology Department (FPST) ... the only one of its kind the United States. Students in the program do more then learn about fire.

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Unknown to many Americans, there are U.S. troops still stationed in Kosovo

If you're anything like me, then you probably consider yourself pretty well versed in world events. So it won't surprise you when I say that the United States still has troops in Kosovo. Yes, Kosovo. Today, more than 1,000 American troops are serving in this humanitarian, peace-keeping mission.

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American Warrior Magazine gears up for the Extortion 17 Memorial Ride

Thirty–one. On August 6, 2011, while on mission to assist members of the 75th Ranger Regiment (who were engaged in a fierce firefight at the time), thirty–one members of the United States Armed Forces were shot down in Afghanistan's Wardak province.

Among those who fell were Air Force Special Operations personnel, Naval SOF personnel and one military working dog. That day marked the single largest loss of U.S. Special Operations personnel in a 24-hour period. The upcoming tenth issue of the NRA American Warrior digital magazine looks at that day.

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Stenhouse wins NASCAR's NRA American Warrior 300 in Atlanta

On the track at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the NRA American Warrior 300

Atlanta, Georgia - The Atlanta Motor Speedway set the stage yesterday for the NRA American Warrior 300 NASCAR Nationwide Series. 200 laps of NASCAR thrills and spills over this Labor Day weekend that included it's own share of controversial yellow flags and finishes.

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Gambier Bay patriot profile on NRA Life of Duty

The USS Gambier Bay was technically an escort carrier, but shipyard personnel referred to her as a Bonus Ship – Bonus, because the shipyard exceeded their production quota when the Gambier Bay came off the production line in 1943. Almost a year to the day after her launch, she was sunk by Japanese forces at the Battle of Samar.

Back home, families of the sailors aboard heard of their heroic efforts, how they helped run off the Japanese Center Force (23, ships including four battleships and eleven destroyers) and how the USS Gambier Bay sank to the bottom of the Pacific.

"My oldest sister, she picked up the paper that morning and there was the Gambier Bay Sunk," explained Seaman First Class Norm St. Germain. "She kept hiding the papers from my mother so she wouldn't see it. But eventually they had to tell her."

Hear the full story, from Norm's view, on the sinking of the USS Gambier Bay from NRA Life of Duty.

Life of Duty in Colorado from the NRA on pilots battling and fighting wild fires

"The flying that we do here is the most challenging by far. In the firefighting environment, it's hot which means the airplane doesn't perform as well and we're super heavy because of the retardant we need to carry ... it requires a lot of specialized training to do what we do."

Those are the words of one National Guard pilot called in to help fight the wild fires in Colorado. His story, and others like him, are being told this month on NRA Life of Duty as Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North and Chuck Holton provide an inside look at the devastating Colorado wildfires and the brave individuals working to protect the state and its citizens from their destruction.

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Seventy-two years ago today, August 16, 1940, the Army Parachute Test Platoon conducted its first jump. Their success validated the innovative concept of inserting United States ground combat forces behind a battle line via parachute.

A little over two years later the first US Airborne operation occurred when 531 members of the 2nd Battalion 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment participated in Operation Touch in North Africa.

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Exclusively for those who serve

Are you active-Duty Military, Law Enforcement or a first responders? If so, then you need to take a look at NRA's Life of Duty. What is it about? Here's what they say on their website:

"NRA Life of Duty serves and supports individuals who go to work protecting and defending the safety of the American people. It's a platform for those who protect and serve. This network was made for you – the ones we count on to fight for our freedoms every day. We hope this network becomes a great source of information and a powerful voice for the heroes who live a life of duty, each and every day."

As an added bonus, and as a way of thanking you for your service, the NRA would like to make memberships available to you at NO COST. But that's not all. There's also no-cost accident insurance, gear discounts, the NRA American Warrior magazine and more...all for free for one-year.

So head on over to the NRA Life of Duty Network ... it's well worth the clicks.

NRA Life of Duty's episode Just a Girlfriend

Sometimes it means a little, sometimes it means a lot, and sometimes it means nothing at all. When it comes to the Military, being "Just the Girlfriend" can mean next to nothing. And that's just the notion that NRA's Life of Duty decided to explore.


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