From Sportsman Channel - Sportsman Channel and NRA Partner to Bring NRA Life of Duty Franchise to Network – Debuts Thursday, April 3

Sportsman Secures Exclusive Rights to Series Celebrating Heroes of Military and Homeland

Sportsman Channel and NRA Partner to Bring NRA Life of Duty Franchise to Network New Berlin, Wisconsin - Sportsman Channel, the leader in outdoor TV for American sportsmen and women, is proud to bring NRA Life of Duty to a national TV audience exclusively and for the first time. NRA Life of Duty, presented by Brownells, premieres Thursday, April 3 at 9 p.m. ET/PT – immediately following the premiere of the original series, Amazing America with Sarah Palin, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The series will include regular interviews with Lt. Col. Oliver North, award winning military historian, New York Times best selling author, and chairman of the NRA military and veterans affairs committee.

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Frog Dog, the ultimate weapon in bomb detection and ambush protection

Former Navy SEAL Trevor Marshek and his war buddy, Chopper

"I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for that dog."

That's what former Navy SEAL Trevor Marshek had to say about Chopper, the dog by his side through several tours of combat and a recent subject of NRA Life of Duty's Patriot Profiles.

Presented by Brownells, NRA Life of Duty is an exclusive program for members of the military, law enforcement and first responders who serve and protect our nation. Every month, they look into the lives and actions of those men and women by way of a Patriot Profile. This one focused on Trevor and Chopper.

A free spirit surfer dude from California, Trevor had little thought of discipline or duty until the day we all remember 9/11. Soon after, his brother enlisted in the United States Air Force. That's when Trevor decided to go for the SEALs. Beyond a call to duty, he had a personal reason to serve.

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Form Brownells - Brownells Returns as Presenting Sponsor of NRA Life of Duty

NRA Life of Duty Presented by BrownellsMontezuma, Iowa -- Brownells – The World's Largest Supplier of Firearms Accessories, Ammunition and Gunsmithing Tools™ – is proud to announce it will again serve as the presenting sponsor of the National Rifle Association's Life of Duty program.

The NRA Life of Duty Presented by Brownells is the NRA's most prominent effort to salute and serve the heroes who defend American freedom. Active-duty members of the U.S. Military, law enforcement and first responder communities are eligible to enroll in the program at no cost.

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NRA Life of Duty is a network of videos made specifically for individuals who go to work every day protecting, defending and fighting for the safety of the American people. Those videos share the stories of police officers, special forces units and first responders in action across the globe. But it does more than that. At least it does for members.

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NRA Life of Duty, Presented by Brownells, looks at the case of Charles Wallace

NRA Catch and Release "We're not holding people accountable anymore. There's no negative to doing crime right now."

"I received a page as I was walking out the door. Two officers down."

Those are the thoughts of Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich from Spokane County, Washington, shared by NRA Life of Duty in their latest Patriot Profile — Catch and Release.

In June of last years, two Spokane County Sheriff Deputies were in the middle of an investigative traffic stop. Matt Spink, 45, and Deputy Mike Northway, 42, were looking for associates of one Charles Wallace. The vehicle in question belonged to one of those associates. Unbeknownst to them, Wallace was in the car.

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New York rebuilds and recovers following Hurricane Sandy

Humvees meet in the street during a Hurricane Sandy cleanup in New York

NRA's American Warrior Magazine sent J.R. Salzam into the mix for a firsthand look at the Hurricane Sandy cleanup efforts up in New York. Here's his report:
Following in the footsteps of Sandy
NRA American Warrior correspondent J.R. Salzam is embedded with New York National Guard troops in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

"Guardian 3-0, this is Apache 6. SP time now, 3 pax, 1 victor, moving out into the area of West Rockaway. How copy, over.”

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A gripping, tightly crafted, action-packed thriller from the man President Ronald Reagan called “an American hero”

Heroes Proved by LtCol Oliver North

Lt. Colonel Oliver North, a combat-decorated Marine, counter-terrorism expert and best selling author, is back with another action packed thriller. Filled with global intrigue, military action and an unrelenting sense of suspense, this one promises to put Col. North back on the New York Times bestseller list.

It's called Heroes Proved. Set twenty years in the future (2032), the story begins as the city of Houston is targeted by suicide bombers. To make matters worse, America's foremost physicist (Dr. Martin Cohen) has been kidnapped. With America's Armed forces cut to the bone, they turn to Peter Newman. A decorated U.S. Marine war hero, and Cohen's roommate during their days at the Naval Academy, Newman receives orders to save the day.

From the publisher's press release:

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Special Forces teams compete in aquatic events in the country of Columbia Bogota, Columbia - "Fuerzas Commando" is a special forces competition hosted every year by the U.S. Southern Command. NRA Life of Duty was there last year in Colombia for the eight days of training, specialization and competition. But it's not about winning. There is more to Fuerzas Commando then that.

"There is a bigger objective," said American MSG Arteaga. "That is to build relationships, make new ones and fortify old ones."

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NRA Life of Duty's profile of Pinal County Sheriff Babeua & his men

Drugs seized by Pinal County Sheriff's Department in Arizona on NRA Life of Duty "My fellow American can't imagine what it's like to serve as a sheriff or a deputy in the number one county for the pass through of drugs and human smuggling in the entire nation."

That warning comes from Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeua. Sheriff Babeau and his men (especially the SWAT unit) were recently profiled on NRA's groundbreaking digital experience Life of Duty. Launched in 2011, NRA Life of Duty highlights heroes who go to work every day, protecting, defending and fighting for the safety of the general public. Heroes like the men and women of the Pinal County Sheriff's Department.

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