NRAblog Editor Lars Dalseide is in Arizona this week for a Precision Law Enforcement Rifle class. While there, he is providing daily updates of the experience here on NRAblog.

Wickenberg, Arizona - It was a cold night on Sunday in the outskirts of Wickenberg. To be more specific, it was cold night sleeping in the back of my SUV here in Wickenberg while waiting for my first day of Precision Law Enforcement Rifle class. But as is the case when taking part in classes like this, better to be by the action rather then be by the Best Western. Now the other guys, the veterans, are here with RVs and tents and heaters. As the rookie in the bunch I chalk it up to a little self induced hazing.

Mark Fricke, owner operator of American Firearms Training and Tactics (AFTT) arrived early to start the classroom portion of the day. First under tarp and then out in the sun (once the clouds gave way), Mark went over the finer points of what it takes to be a successful precision rifle shooter. The training, the discipline and of most importance … the equipment.


snow atop the mountains outside of Phoenix, Arizona

NRAblog Editor Lars Dalseide is in Arizona this week for a Precision Law Enforcement Rifle class. While there, he promises to provide daily updates of the experience here on NRAblog.

Phoenix, Arizona - While coming in for a landing at the Phoenix International Airport for my three day course in Precision Law Enforcement Rifle class, the first thing that struck me was the snow along the mountain tops. This was Arizona, after all … what’s with the snow?

Mom showing her child an airplane inside the airport in Phoenix, Arizona


Fairfax, Virginia - That's a view of the mountains from beautiful downtown Phoenix, Arizona. Taken during the 2009 NRA Convention, those mountains are close to where I'll be spending most of next week learning the ins and outs of rifle shooting from one of our Law Enforcement instructors Mark Fricke. Here's more on the class from Fricke's flyer:

The precision rifle is one of the most important law enforcement firearms used today. Properly deployed it becomes an effective tool for the law enforcement marksman. With proper application and tactics the rifle is the firearm of choice of the professional. American Firearms Training and Tactics is proud to offer this valuable course.


As we look towards the National Police Shooting Championships' 50th Anniversary, a quick word to those who compete in the event; especially the retired officers. For with all the effort that you put into preparing for the Championships, we hope that you are equally prepared for the day when you're forced to put your training to use. That's where Lockton comes into the picture.

Lockton Affinity offers a wide variety of insurance for all NRA members. But according to Glen Hoyer, Director of NRA Law Enforcement, the one he appreciate most is the Self-Defense Retired Law Enforcement Officer Coverage. "It's a policy I purchased," said Hoyer. "It provides almost as much piece of mind as time on the range."

What is also provides is coverage the of any civil or criminal defense costs that may occur in the act of defending yourself. And it also comes at a discount for NRA members.

Check out Lockton's website for more on NRA's Retired and Off-Duty Law Enforcement Officer's Self-Defense Coverage.

There's a new video from NRA Law Enforcement

NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer left a present in my office last Friday — the Division's latest promotional video. If you're familiar with their work then this will be a nice refresher. But if you've ever wondered what the NRA Law Enforcement offers then, then sit back and watch ... you'll like what you see.

A Springfield Armory 1911 pistol

When I pulled into the parking lot of NRA Headquarters yesterday, I noticed something out of the ordinary: numerous police cruisers. But fear not, no crime had been committed; no police tape had been hung. As I came to find out, the officers were there as part of one of NRA Law Enforcement Division’s Tuition-Free Armorer Schools.

“The course enables them to go back to their agency and troubleshoot and repair the agency’s firearms,” explained Tim Cole, one of NRA’s Law Enforcement Training Coordinators.

Beginning yesterday, 20 law enforcement officers and military personnel are participating in a three-day Armorer School for Springfield Armory firearms.

“Each day, the course focuses on a different firearm,” Cole explained. Day One had students learning how to work on Springfield 1911s (pictured), today focused on the Springfield XD and XDM, and tomorrow will turn to rifle work with the legendary Springfield M1A.

Free to law enforcement and military, NRA holds 10-12 Armorer and Shooting Schools each year at either NRA Headquarters here in Fairfax, Virginia or at the Fairfax County Police Firearms Training Facility in nearby Chantilly.

“We offer this training at no cost as a way to say ‘Thank You’ to police and military for their service,” said Cole.

Although the courses are free, attendees or their agencies must pay for travel costs, lodging, and meals. Classes are limited to approximately 20-30 students depending on the course and include training materials. Each course is taught by representatives of the specific firearms manufacturer.

Space in each course is limited, and due to popularity, attendees are chosen through a random drawing. For more information on upcoming schools and how to register, visit web page for Tuition-Free Armorer Schools or contact Tim Cole at or 703-267-1626.

Fairfax, Virginia - We were up in Glen Hoyer's office the other day to get the latest on the 2011 National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque, New Mexico. On our way out, Glen (NRA's Director of Law Enforcement) asked if we've heard about their new badge. New badge? What new badge?

Turns out that last year's 50th Anniversary Badge was a big hit. But there were officers who were looking for more. In addition to the NRA logo, what about a badge number? The same number each and every officer has on his or her official department issued badge. Sure ... we can do that. Here's Glen with more:

Smith & Warren makes this beautifully handcrafted badge which is die-struck from solid brass, cloisonné enameled, highly polished and then coated with a pure 24 karat gold electroplate. Each badge comes with a heavy-duty pin and safety catch attachment on its rear, and is mounted in a black velvet display box featuring the official NRA logo.

The new badge is available through our Program Material web site at for $69.95, plus shipping & handling and sales tax where required.

For a limited time we will make available a custom badge to those who wish to have a badge number (up to 4 numbers) of their choice on the badge. The custom numbered badges will only be available through the division by contacting Patrick Gallivan at for an order form. The custom numbered badges will be $79.95 plus appropriate tax and shipping and will take 8-10 weeks for delivery, as they are made to order.

And while you're getting one for yourself, think about your buddies. As Hoyer told us on our way out, “The custom numbered badges are great for a promotion or retirement gift, as well as, for those who collect badges and like particular numbers”

NRA Law Enforcement Division I spent a good deal of time on Monday running around the building in search of Glen Hoyer — Director of NRA's Law Enforcement Division. Eventually I came to the desk of Eric Lipp ( Eddie Eagle GunSafe®Program Manager) who told me that Glen was in Chicago for the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) Conference.

Formed in 2002, ILEETA brings together Law Enforcement Trainers and Educators from around the world to provide "information, training resources, member discounts and networking" in an effort to promote "Wisdom and Courage through Knowledge and Skill."

"NRA Law Enforcement is a corporate sponsor of the event," explained Lipp. "We'll be on the conference floor at booth #8 and run a few courses including Don Awles' Active Threat Response seminar."

The conference provides countless opportunities for law enforcement officers to improve the training provided at their department. It also allows NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructors to receive continuing education credits.

For more information on the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association, visit their website at

Every now and then, the Law Enforcement Division of the NRA produces a video highlighting their programs. There are shots from their tactical competitions, instructor training sessions, the National Police Shooting Championship, and the ever impression Gunny (also known as R. Lee Ermey.)

Here you'll find all that's mentioned above along with information regarding officer of the year, Eddie Eagle, and more. Take a look:

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