Guns and gear from the Law Enforcement/Tactical venues of SHOT Show in Vegas

Law Enforcement Patrol Rifle on display at SHOT Show 2015 in Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada - If you venture into the Law Enforcement section of NSSF's SHOT Show know they're in store for something different. A different assortment of guns and gear reserved for those who live their lives to protect and serve.

And what's so different about the guns and gear? Plenty.

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Texas program makes more than 300 arrests and $17 million in confiscations

Paws on Patrol founder Kristi Schiller

In the first week of August, those who receive the NRA's Law Enforcement Newsletter will hear about the work of Kristi Schiller the program she spearheads — Paws on Patrol. Here's a quick look ...

Born with an instinct to protect and serve the pack, K9s are invaluable assets to public safety. They keep drugs out of schools and illegal munitions off the streets. Most important, they help our law enforcement officers go home to their loved ones at night.

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Tactical Shooting Instructor school enters the rifle phase in Texas

Constable Jerry Raburn of Denton County Precinct #3 practices a seated firing position prior to live-fire exercises.

After another long day of training, NRA Law Enforcement Competitor & Tactical Police Competition RO Mike Lane returns with his tales of eighteen students undertaking a five-day Tactical Shooting Instructor course in Lewisville, Texas.

Lewisville, Texas - What a great day of training!

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Officers learn to operate under real world conditions at the Jerry R. Galler Public Safety Training Center

Officer Mike Short performs a rapid magazine change during the middle of the 'El Presidente' drill.
Mike Lane, a longtime competitor and Range Safety Officer for NRA's Tactical Police Competitions is one of eighteen students undertaking a five-day Tactical Shooting Instructor course in Texas.

During the week, Lane will share his experience and outlook on the class, the people and the rest of his time in Texas.

Lewisville, Texas - Wishing to keep his department’s training staff up-to-date with the most advanced, contemporary ideas in modern firearms training techniques, Chief Russell Kerbow of the Lewisville Police Department recently hosted an NRA Instructor Development School at the newly dedicated Jerry R. Galler Public Safety Training Center.

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Fairfax, Virginia - At the beginning of every year, NRA's Law Enforcement Division puts together a video touting their contribution to police departments and federal agencies throughout the nation. ... more on NRA's Law Enforcement Division ...

Learning Precision Law Enforcement Rifle techniques from AFTT

AFTT owner Mark Fricke explains shooting positions to students during his Precision Rifle class in ArizonaAFTT owner/instructor Mark Fricke discussing shooting positions during his Precision Rifle class.

When I started working here at the NRA, I knew there would be a learning curve. The need to become intimate with the training, competitions, locations and lingo which surround the shooting sports. But I never thought I'd take as far as I did last March. That's when I enrolled in a Law Enforcement Precision Rifle class out in Wickenburg, Arizona.

The trip out to Arizona was less then encouraging ... record low temperatures, impassable back roads and the idea of sleeping in my SUV for the week were just a few of the obstacles. But it got better.

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Prepping for an NRA Tactical Police Competition

Medford, Oregon - NRA staff and volunteers are on the ground in Oregon. To be more concise, they've been on the ground for about a week now. All in preparation for tomorrow's Tactical Police Competition.


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) legend Pat Miletich teaches police officers to fight

Unless you're out there on the streets, you have no idea what our law enforcement officers are up against. To deal with today's criminals, they have to be on top of the latest pharmaceuticals, technology and fighting techniques. That's where the subject of this week's NRA Life of Duty highlight comes into play.


Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor Schools teach a specific set of skills police officers require to safely and effectively perform their duties. Mike Lane, an NRA Tactical Police Competition volunteer and police officer of Lewisville, Texas, is attending one of those classes in Horton, Kansas this week. Here's his report from Day Four:

Matt Rivera firing a 12 gauge shotgun at NRA Instructor School
Matthew Rivera, a military contractor out of San Diego, California, hits his mark then cycles another 12 gauge 00 Buck round into his shotgun's barrel.

Horton, Kansas - Maybe it's just me, but there's something about a shotgun that puts a smile on my face. That's why today was such a thrill to begin. See, today we were finally asked to break the shotguns out of their cases and take them out to the range.


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