Anderson, South Carolina range to host NRA's 2nd Tactical Police Competition of 2012

NRA's second Tactical Police Competition (TPC) of the year takes place this weekend at South Carolina's Skip J Range. Located roughly fifteen miles from the Georgia state line, the Skip J Range comes with ten shooting bays that are home to their regularly scheduled International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) and Ruger Rimfire matches.

Thanks to the efforts of Law Enforcement Competitions Manager Marc Lipp, NRAblog will be on the ground for live coverage of the event. That means more interviews, photos and video of the competitors in action.


Looking at 3-time National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol

Vadasz's Nowlin 1911 9mm pistol handgun for NRA National Police Shooting Championships

Over the past few months, NRAblog has been looking at the firearms used by U.S. Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz to win the 2011 National Police Shooting Championship. So far, we've touched on his Red Rock 1911, the Springfield Ultra Compact, the Nowlin 1911, and the Bob Jones .38 Special Revolver. To start March, it's another 1911 styled 9mm by famed gun maker John Nowlin, Sr. What makes this one different is that it comes with a 5-inch barrel.

"It's a five inch stock auto," Vadasz laughed. "Make sure you say it right."

3-time National Police Shooting Champion Robert Vadasz's 5-inch Nowlin 1911 pistol

More on the Vadasz's Nowlin 1911 9mm pistol...

Law Enforcement battles weather and nerves at Long Range Alley

Slogging through the mud at NRA's Tactical Police Competition in Louisiana
Range officers trudging through the rain and mud while scoring the NRA TPC in Louisiana.

Grand Cane, Louisiana -"The rain was coming down pretty hard."

That's what NRA Manager of Law Enforcement Competitions Marc Lipp said when asked about last weekend's Tactical Police Competition (TPC) at the Long Range Alley Gun Club in Grand Cane, Louisiana. According to reports, there was little sight of warmth and sun for this match. Competitors were instead treated to a deluge of wind, mud and rain that put the actual match in jeopardy.

"I wouldn't have been surprised if the weather scared some people away," said Lipp. "As it turned out, we ended up at just four competitors under capacity."


Law Enforcement challenged by rain and themselves at NRA match

Firing a pistol with shotgun in hand at the NRA Louisiana Tactical Police Competition

Grand Cane, Louisiana -The typical sunny days one associates with Louisiana were replaced on Saturday by a chilled rain for NRA's Tactical Police Competition (TPC) at the Long Range Alley Gun Club. Combining rifle, pistol and shotgun, TPCs give each and every participant a chance to really put their law enforcement training to the test.

Added to the usual combination of twist and turns the TPC crew created for each of the seven courses, competitors were also forced to face the falling rain, ever-filling puddles and mountains of mud.


There's a new video from NRA Law Enforcement

NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer left a present in my office last Friday — the Division's latest promotional video. If you're familiar with their work then this will be a nice refresher. But if you've ever wondered what the NRA Law Enforcement offers then, then sit back and watch ... you'll like what you see.

Course number 2 at the NRA's Tactical Police Competition in San Antonio, Texas was titled "Close Quarters Rifle II." When the timer sounds, the shooter spins and fires at a single target down range. After landing two hits, he/she makes their way to the second firing area — a simulated hallway that leads ultimately leads to faux wall. All that's left are five targets on the left and three targets on the right.

Ting Sun of the McKinney Police Department was kind enough to wear one of our helmet cameras while running through the course to provide you with an inside look at the challenge.

San Antonio Jewelry Store Heist TPC course

If there was ever a time for some get up and go, course #4 at the NRA's Tactical Police Competition at San Antonio's Blackhawk Shooting Range was it. Titled "Trip Up at the Jewelry Store Silent Alarm," competitors started on their belly with their hand gun a few feet in front of them. Why's that? Because the scenario starts after the officer dives forward while taking fire.


Awards for the San Antonio Tactical Police Competition

San Antonio, Texas - The NRA's final Tactical Police Competition (TPC), held at the Blackhawk Shooting Range in San Antonio, Texas, came to a halt yesterday afternoon with all courses complete and winners awaiting to be announced. Split into Patrol and Tactical Divisions (Patrol only allows for iron sights while Tactical permits optics), the ceremonies began with a round of applause as NRA Law Enforcement Competitions Manager Marc Lipp stepped forward to announce the winners.

So without any further adieu, here are the top five in each category:


Officer Monico Meneses of the San Antonio was nice enough to wear one of our Head Cams as he ran through the shotgun course at NRA's final Tactical Police Competition of the year. Hit two paper targets down range, through a window, with two slugs a piece before engage the twenty clay targets from seven different firing points throughout the course.

And if you're wondering what Monico is doing at the beginning of the video ... rules stipulate that the shotgun must be loaded with birdshot when the timer sounds. You then unload the bird and upload the slugs. Law Enforcement Competition Manager Marc Lipp just loves to throw a zinger in there from time to time.

We'll be back tomorrow morning with final scores as well as pictures, videos and more throughout the week.

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