Awards for the San Antonio Tactical Police Competition

San Antonio, Texas - The NRA's final Tactical Police Competition (TPC), held at the Blackhawk Shooting Range in San Antonio, Texas, came to a halt yesterday afternoon with all courses complete and winners awaiting to be announced. Split into Patrol and Tactical Divisions (Patrol only allows for iron sights while Tactical permits optics), the ceremonies began with a round of applause as NRA Law Enforcement Competitions Manager Marc Lipp stepped forward to announce the winners.

So without any further adieu, here are the top five in each category:


Officer Monico Meneses of the San Antonio was nice enough to wear one of our Head Cams as he ran through the shotgun course at NRA's final Tactical Police Competition of the year. Hit two paper targets down range, through a window, with two slugs a piece before engage the twenty clay targets from seven different firing points throughout the course.

And if you're wondering what Monico is doing at the beginning of the video ... rules stipulate that the shotgun must be loaded with birdshot when the timer sounds. You then unload the bird and upload the slugs. Law Enforcement Competition Manager Marc Lipp just loves to throw a zinger in there from time to time.

We'll be back tomorrow morning with final scores as well as pictures, videos and more throughout the week.

San Antonio, Texas - With four of the six rounds scored, we’re starting to get an idea of who’s going to vye for the Tactical and Patrol titles here at the San Antonio Tactical Police Competition. As always, these are preliminary scores and should no way be thought of as final … that’s for the Match Director and Head Statistician to decide.

Another important thing to remember is that competitors are cycling through six separate stations. Not everyone has scores for every stage we're including in the update. The Tactical Division is for stages one through three and the Patrol Division is for stages three through six.

With that in mind, here’s where we are so far.


A shot through a faux van at the San Antonio Tactical Police Competition

San Antonio, Texas - With a RADAR gun in hand, a bullet shatters your windshield and sends glass everywhere. Without hesitation, your return fire through the opening and exit your cruiser. To the right are another four firing upon your position from a van not less than thirty feet away. Working around the van, you soon discover that those five bad guys aren't the only one's shooting.

Others are firing from behind a dumpster another twenty feet away. You reload, head to the dumpster and engage the final three.


Course at the NRA Tactical Police Competition in San Antonio, Texas San Antonio, Texas - San Antonio’s 2011 Tactical Police Competition here at the Blackhawk Shooting Range starts in twenty minutes. Here we will se upwards of one hundred competitors hitting the six courses that promise to be both challenging and fun.

Match Director Marc Lipp, NRA’s Law Enforcement Competition’s Manager, just completed the shooters briefing and is working on all those last minute details that tend to pop up at every competition. Participants have gathered at their assigned bays and ready for the go word.

Throughout the day, we’ll be sharing scores, pictures — and should the internet connection be willing and able — videos from the match. So everyone strap in … it’s going to be one heck of a day here in San Antonio.

Melisse Turner of the San Antonio Marksmanship Unit San Antonio, Texas - That’s Melisse Turner of the San Antonio Marksmanship Unit (SAMU) taking part in the 2011 Tactical Police Competition (TPC) at the National Police Shooting Championships in New Mexico. We’re going to be seeing a lot more of Melisse and the rest of the SAMU this weekend as the final TPC of the year takes place in San Antonio.

As you read this post I’m on my way to Reagan National Airport so I can get to competition a little bit early. Why’s that? Because of the Range Officers.

Range Officers, or ROs, are the men and women who give up their Saturday to make sure that those participating in the TPC do so with the upmost safety. Instead, they run the course the day before the match.

We’ll be following the ROs tomorrow and the rest of the field on Saturday, so make sure to check back over the weekend to see how the competition shapes up. See you then.

San Antonio Marksmanship Unit at the 2011 National Police Shooting Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The San Antonio Marksmanship Unit (SAMU) made their first trip to the National Police Shooting Championships three years ago. At that point, they were a scrappy pack of Texan rookie and veteran competitors who, through the help of their Chief (William P. McManus) and sponsors (like Ingram Park Auto Center), had just formed their team. My how they’ve grown.

“We’ve been receiving a lot more since our first trip to NPSC,” said Patrolman Monico Meneses. “More people on the team, more help from our sponsors and more recognition for our performance.”


Queensland competitors make the trip to New Mexico for NRA Pistol Championship

Robert Pierce and Paul Trinder of the Queensland Police Service at the National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque Albuquerque, New Mexico - Upon arrival at the Shooting Range Park for NRA's National Police Shooting Championships, one of the first things I did was check out the shirts. Competitors and supporters sporting the colors and logos of their shooting team. A shirt that stood out said Queensland. Queensland? Where the heck is that?

"Australia," answered Sgt. Robert Pierce of the Queensland Police Service. "Came over just for your Championships mate."

Located in the southeast corner of the continent, Queensland is best compared to California when considering climate. Home to cities such as Rockhampton (where Pierce and his team mate Paul Trinder are based), Brisbane (the capital) and Townsville, the state is probably best known for what one just outside of Cairns ... the Great Barrier Reef.

"I've been with the Queensland Police Service for twenty years," said Trinder. "The last ten as Training Coordinator for Firearms and Officer Safety Training Program."


Robert Vadasz's .38 Bob Jones Smith & Wesson on NRAblog That beauty to the right is a .38 caliber Bob Jones Smith & Wesson revolver. The owner? None other than 3–time National Police Shooting Championships winner Robert Vadasz.

While wading through the sands of Albuquerque as Vadasz zeroed in on his latest title, we came to realize that the overall winner had to bring a number of pistols and revolvers to the competition. Why not take a look?

After final relays were complete, we tracked down Vadasz and pitched the idea. Always gracious, he agreed to participate and it was off to the Border Patrol's NPSC headquarters. About an hour later, we have a boatload of information and camera full of pictures.

Over the next few weeks, we'll take a look at each of firearms United States Border Patrol Agent Robert Vadasz used during the National Police Shooting Championships, tell you more about the guns and share the stories behind each. Stay tuned.

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