Simplest things like the wrong pair of pants can keep you from the title

Firing a semi-automatic pistol at 25 yards during NRA's National Police Shooting Championships

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The Semi-Automatic Pistol 1500 is the first match of this year’s National Police Shooting Championships. Called the 1500 because a perfect score nets the shooter a clean 1500 points, competitors are called on to fire from 3, 7, 15, 25 and 50 yards.

“It would have been a lot better if I hadn’t thrown a zero,” said Cecil Doss of the California Highway Patrol. “I was wearing the wrong pants.”

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NRA's National Police Championships begin with 150 shots and semi-automatics

Female competitor shots while sitting at NRA's National Police Shooting Championship

Albuquerque, New Mexico - 100 competitors made way for the firing line this morning at Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park to kick off the 2014 National Police Shooting Championships (NPSC). First held in 1962, NRA's Police Championships have been called Albuquerque home since 2006.

"The intent of PPC competitions is to provide police officers with a competitive program that improves both their skills and competences," said Match Director Marc Lipp. "NPSC does just that."

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Louisianan and Texas police officers win NRA's Tactical Police Competition

Thomas Noto, winner of the 2014 NRA New Mexico Tactical Police Competition's Tactical Division

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Officers Thomas Noto and Ting Sun left Albuquerque's Shooting Range Park yesterday as champions. Winners of their respective divisions in NRA's Tactical Police Competition, it was their accuracy, speed and attention to detail that made the difference.

"Every little thing counts," said Match Director Ken Naffziner. "You have to be at your best to win either division in an NRA tactical."

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Speed, accuracy, and staying simple are the keys to flourishing at Tactical matches

Rifle starting this course at NRA's Tactical Police Competition

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Every plan is great until you're punched in the mouth. It's what you do after that that matters.

That's true for all manners of athletics; even the matches here at NRA's Tactical Police Competition. A pregame walk through provides competitors with plenty of time to plan their assault - then something happens.

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First-time semi-automatic pistol event draws heavy, inspires more training

Justin Jones of Albuquerque Police Department wins NRA's 2014 New Mexico Challenge

Albuquerque, New Mexico - With a score of 459-20x, Justin Jones of the Albuquerque Police Department laid claim to the NRA's 2014 New Mexico Challenge title. Besting fellow APD officer Matt Groff by 7 points, it's a win that hopefully inspires Jones to contemplate the benefits of competitive shooting.

"This even was created to bring first-time shooters into the shooting sports world," said NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer. "Any excuse to improve your shooting skills is a good one, and if you walk away with a trophy or two, that's not too bad either."

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Skill based course with five firing areas for shotgun and pistol

ICE agent settles on shotgun during NRA Tactical Police Competition

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Tactical Police Competitions were created for one thing and one thing only - training. They simulate relatively the same amount of stress and tension as law enforcement officers might face on the streets every day. Relatively. Because there is no substitute for the rush of adrenaline accompanied in a real life or death situation.

This weekend in Albuquerque, the National Rifle Association has put together six courses to test our men and women of law enforcement. Each come with their own set of obstacles.

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48 shot match brings new participants to the sport of competitive shooting

The New Mexico Challenge welcomes unclassified competitors to the sport of Police Pistol Combat

Albuquerque, New Mexico - The National Police Shooting Championships take place the third week of September every year. But that's not the only competition NRA arranges for that week. Actually there are two. The first is the New Mexico Challenge.

Reserved for New Mexico officers without a permanent Police Pistol Combat (PPC) classification, the New Mexico Challenge is a 48 shot competition designed to bring new shooters to the sport ... that or bring former competitors back into the fold.

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June's National Patrol Rifle Championships welcomes 122 competitors to Michigan

Competitors walk to the starting line for the National Patrol Rifle Championships

Commerce Township, Michigan - More than a hundred competitors gathered on the tall grass and rolling berms of the Multi-Lakes Conservation Association in lower Michigan this month. Law Enforcement all, they arrived from as far as away Oklahoma and Virginia to take part in the 2014 National Patrol Rifle Championships. Talking and laughing while waiting to drop off their entry forms, each stopped at the whitewashed registration building window as equals. That would not last long.

The goal was clear; beneath the unseasonable searing Michigan sun, battle back the heat, the exhaustion, and the frustration to stay on target.

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Tactical Police Competition in Virginia brings out the best in shotgun skills

Competitors smoking shotgun at NRA's Tactical Police Competition in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - Everyday, the men and women across America patrol the streets looking for the bad guy. Striving with every step to protect to public from the dangers which lurks around every corner. While undertaking such a monumental task, these men and women head onto the streets with a few basic tools — a pistol, a shotgun, a rifle and their wit.

Realist realize that they can't spend every day on patrol. And when they aren't on the streets, odds are they are training. Something as simple as drawing their firearm, dry firing, or practicing the latest takedown techniques. Or, as was the case last weekend here in Fairfax, taking part in an NRA Tactical Police Competition.

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