Women's Outdoor Adventure has no shortage of chances to shoot

Park City, Kentucky - At the inaugural Women's Outdoor Adventure, there's been no shortage of fun. Partly because of the people involved and partly because there's been no shortage of shooting. These ladies have spent a good many hours on the range while at the Rockcastle Shooting Center and yesterday afternoon was no exception.


WOA participant Deb shoots on the move with her rifle

Park City, Kentucky - For the participants of the Women's Outdoor Adventure, yesterday was spent on the range learning to shoot different guns. The ladies of Group C spent the afternoon on the rifle range, where I caught up with them as they learned to shoot on the move. 

The women began the course of fire by shooting at two paper targets before moving around stacked barrels to three more targets. As they shot the three middle targets, they were encouraged to move as they shot, combining accuracy with speed.


WOA participant Raquel sets her sights on the rifle range

Parck City, Kentucky - Earlier we took at look at the Group A "Alphas" pistol shooting that took place this morning at the Women's Outdoor Adventure, but just a few birms away, the ladies of Group B were rockin' their rifles. Led by champion shooter Kay Clark Miculek along with instructors Dianna Lierdorff and Judy Woolley, the ladies shot .22 caliber Smith & Wesson AR-15-platform rifles. 

In addition to learning marksmanship skills with each firearm, participants of the Women's Outdoor Adventure are also getting a chance to receive individual instruction from some of the shooting industry top competitors, including Miculek, Lierdorff, and Woolley. 


Taking aim at sporting clays during NRA's Women's Outdoor Adventure

Park City, Kentucky - Today was all about high-fives and cheers of encouragement as the ladies took to the range for the first time at the Women's Outdoor Adventure. After this morning's safety briefing and firearms orientation, the women were itching to start shooting. On the agenda this afternoon was several rounds of sporting clays and 5-stand.

Each shooter was paired with their own instructor and they took turns disintegrating clay targets as they flew through the air. Once they had mastered the basics, lead instructor Elizabeth Lanier decided to have a little fun with the shooters.


The women learn how to determine which eye is dominant

Park City, Kentucky - Storm clouds settled upon the horizon yesterday as participants for NRA's inaugural Women's Outdoor Adventure began settling in. Greeted by the staff and fellow attendees, the ladies marveled as claps of lightning rivaled the percussion from a .50 caliber rifle.

This morning, the first day of the Women's Outdoor Adventure, started ... well, wet. Heavy rain that fell through the night and into the morning left the Rockcastle Shooting Center's range soaked. So rather than heading straight out into the muck, the ladies stayed indoors for a comprehensive safety and firearms orientation briefing.

After instructors covered safety procedures for the ranges, the women were left with an important task - to determine whether they were right or left-eye dominant. With that mission accomplished, they spent the rest of the morning becoming familiar with the various rifles, pistols and shotguns each are scheduled to fire throughout the week.


Ladies arrive at the Rockcastle Shooting Center for the NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure

Park City, Kentucky - We're here at the Rockcastle Shooting Center in Park City to bring you live coverage of the very first NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure. Created by NRA's Women's Programs Department, the Adventure is taking twenty ladies from across the country through an eight-day exploration of the outdoors and shooting sports with personalized instruction from world-class shooters and instructors — and it all kicks off tonight. 


A group of newly appointed NRA Training Counselors at the NRA Whittington Center.

NRA Training Department staffers Andy Lander and Sean Thornton headed out west to the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico to teach an NRA Training Counselor Development Workshop. From April 20-22, 16 candidates took part in the training and earning their appointments at Traning Counselors. The group included 2012 Marion P. Hammer Woman of Distinction Award Winner Donna Vandermolen.

Candidates came from all across the country including Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Indiana, Oregon, Michigan and even as far as Hawaii.


Sarah Cox receives her certificate from Ed O'Carroll
Sarah Cox receives her Refuse To Be A Victim participation certificate from Ed O'Carroll.

Last month we told you how Sarah Cox, an alumna of the NRA's Youth Education Summit, was bringing the Refuse To Be A Victim® program to her hometown.

"It was during the National Youth Education Summit that I was introduced to the Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar. When I understood the objectives of this program, I immediately knew that I wanted to bring this award-winning personal safety course to my community," said Sarah.

With the help of Executive Counselor Ed O'Carroll, a Captain with the Fairfax County Police Department here in Virginia, Sarah did just that. She coordinated a Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar as well as an Instructor Development Workshop in Southern Pines, North Carolina last weekend.

The workshops were incredibly successful - 54 people attended the seminar and 11 of those, including Sarah, went on get their instructor certification.

Sarah has also been busy promoting NRA programs by speaking at local Friends of NRA Banquets and teaching gun safety to children through the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program.


Henry Repeating Arms logo

Thanks to more than 85,000 NRA Certified Instructors, tens of thousands of people receive firearms training every year. To help support the effort, several companies in the shooting sports industry provide special offers for our cadre of Instructors. New Jersey's Henry Repeating Arms is the latest company to step up to the plate.

Through a special pricing program for NRA Certified Instructors, Henry is offering their American-made rifles in both adult and youth models at discounted rates. These .22 caliber rifles are perfect for plinking, hunting small game, and participating in the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. They are also perfect for as training aids or for use during the NRA Basic Rifle course.


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