Headed to Chicago on NRAblog Chicago, Illinois - The last of NRA's staff arrived in Chicago Friday night for a final once over of the plan. And what's the plan? To transfer as much information as possible to the people make their way out to the Hilton Garden Inn for today's Leadership and Development Workshop. Located only a few miles from O'Hare International Airport, the Chicago seminar is the final workshop of 2011. Guess the pressure is on.


Shooting at the Illinois State Rifle Association's home range

Kankakee, Illinois - Yesterday we tried out the NRA's new Electronic Target event at the home range of the Illinois State Rifle Association, so today we thought you might like to take a gander at a bit of the action. As you can see, we had young and old in the sun and rain taking part. Participants had tons of questions ranging from cost to durability to portability to when can I do this again.

Unfortunately for those living in Illinois, the next time the system will be available is October 1st at the Belfast Range in South Carolina. If you'd like to swing by Belfast and take a couple of shots on the Electronic Target System, sign up now on the NRA's Competitive Shooting Services page to reserve your spot. Sound like a plan?

Shooters and officials gather around the NRA's Electronic Target system from ShotResonse on NRAblog Kankakee, Illinois - The Electronic Target Event at the Illinois State Rifle Association's (ISRA) range had a little Camp Perry in it ... at lot of happy shooters and a touch of weather to spice things up. Members of ISRA shot along side of NRA President David Keene, Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson and ISRA President Richard Peterson from ten to five on Saturday.

"It was pretty wild," said one member. "Seeing where you hit right after pulling the trigger, that was great."

Brought to the United States by ShotResponse through their parent company SIUS Electronic Target and Scoring Systems in Switzerland, this is the same company responsible for the electronic targets they'll be using in London for the Olympic Games in 2012. Not too shabby for an afternoon shoot in Illinois.


The 2011 Youth Education Summit is being held all next week. As NRAblog gears up for bringing you pictures and write-ups on the kids' activities, here's an article from the Elburn Herald on Y.E.S. participant Theo Mirkut.

Local student invited to attend NRA youth summit  NRA's Youth Education Summit

MAPLE PARK—Theo Mirkut, a Maple Park resident and junior at the Illinois Math and Science Academy, was recently selected by the National Rifle Association (NRA) as one of 45 students in the country who will partake in its National Youth Education Summit (YES) in Washington, D.C. in late June.

The trip is solely for outstanding high school sophomores and juniors. And while Mirkut is indeed an outstanding student, he also happens to be an experienced marksman, which probably didn’t hurt his cause much when it came to the NRA selecting participants for the seven-day event in the nation’s capitol.


Back in November, we encouraged young pistol shooters to register for the 4th Annual NRA Bullseye Pistol Competition Junior Shooting Camp. Here’s a report on the event courtesy of Jim Hagearty, Coach of the Illinois Junior Precision Shooters. This event was also registered as an NRA Day event through the Youth Programs Department:

Shooters and coaches from the 4th Annual NRA Bullseye Pistol Competition Junior Shooting Camp

Streator, Illinois - SFC Eric Daniels, United States Army (Ret.), a former member of the Army Marksmanship Unit’s Service Pistol team, was the lead instructor for the 4th Annual NRA Bullseye Pistol Competition Junior Shooting Camp, sponsored by the Illinois Junior Precision Shooters - Precision Pistol and hosted by the Sandy Ford Sportsman’s Club in Streator from December 27th through the 29th.


NRA's Kayne Robinson at the NRA Convention Carbondale, Illinois - Tonight, Monday the 15th of November, at 7pm Eastern, The Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University Carbondale is hosting a round table discussion titled, "The Second Amendment in Focus" at the Student Center Auditorium. The agenda promises to explore the pro's and con's of the issue in the light of recent Supreme Court rulings.

Supporting the right to keep and bear arms will be Kayne Robinson, Executive Director of NRA General Operations, Past NRA President, former assistant chief of police with the Des Moines, Iowa, police department, and a retired marine. He takes the stage in thirty minutes along with Chris Boyster of the Illinois Coalition Against Hand Gun Violence and Professor Leonard Gross of the Southern Illinois University's School of Law.

Don't happen to be in Southern Illinois this evening? Want to watch every moment as it happens live from the comfort of your own home? Well you're in luck. Just go to paulsimoninstitute.org/index.php to watch a live webcast of the forum right from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute home page. If you're having trouble with that link, you can always try going directly to the Second Amendment in Focus Ustream page at www.ustream.tv/channel/second-amendment-in-focus.

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