Friends of NRA partners with sports optics manufacturer for Pronghorn Dream Hunt contest

ZEISS Pronghorn Dream Hunt contest

Fairfax, Virginia – We're proud to announce that Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, one of the leading optics manufacturers in the outdoor world, has become a sponsor of the Virginia Friends of NRA. A longtime ally of the NRA, ZEISS's support will help promote shooting sports and other firearm related programs across Virginia.

“ZEISS’s support of Virginia Friends of NRA and The NRA Foundation is providing us the opportunity to give more grants to shooting sports programs,” said Senior NRA Field Rep for Virginia David Wells. “On behalf of Virginia Friends of NRA we thank ZEISS and everything they’ve done to support the future of the shooting sports.”

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From the Delaware Division of Fish & Wildlife - DNREC Fish & Wildlife encourages successful deer hunters to donate venison to Sportsmen Against Hunger

Delaware Sportsmen Against Hunger Dover, Delaware – With Delaware’s archery deer season continuing until Jan. 31 plus three more weeks of various firearm deer seasons coming up in January, DNREC’s Division of Fish & Wildlife reminds hunters that the state’s Sportsmen Against Hunger Program gratefully accepts donated venison for processing and distribution to participating charitable groups who provide meals for hungry Delawareans.

“So far, our donations to Sportsmen Against Hunger are down for this season,” said Kent County Regional Wildlife Manager Bill Jones. “We would like to encourage successful hunters who have more venison than they can use to support this program and help those in need. With the January deer seasons still ahead, we have hopes of Delaware hunters matching – or maybe even surpassing – last year’s total of more than 21,000 pounds of donated venison.”

The 2014-2015 Delaware deer hunting seasons will conclude with seasons open on the following dates in January:

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From the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism - Don't miss out on late-season waterfowl hunts

DON’T MISS OUT ON LATE-SEASON WATERFOWL HUNTS Don’t store your waders; late season hunts can still prove fruitful

PRATT — Most hunting seasons, including those for ducks, deer and upland birds, will come to a close soon, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stow away your gear yet. Kansas has several seasons to keep you hunting through January, and goose hunting opportunities that run through early spring.

Depending on weather and snow cover conditions, numbers of geese can steadily build in late January and early February around Kansas reservoirs and wetlands. Consider hunting the Canada and light goose seasons, Nov. 12, 2014-Feb. 15, 2015, and the white-fronted goose season, Jan. 17-Feb. 15, 2015, during this time. 

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From the Pennsylvania Game Commission - Picture it: Your hunting photo on TV

Hunters can visit to submit photos that could selected for a television commercial

Sam Grandle with his dad Tim and his first elk, taken during the Glass Hill Youth Hunt (252T2) last year. You’ve seen the GoHuntPA ads on TV.

Now is your chance to be in one.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission is inviting hunters to submit photos of their favorite hunting moments for a chance to star in the next GoHuntPA TV commercial.

Photos can be submitted through the GoHuntPA website – The initiative, called #MyGoHuntPAMoment, launched on Dec. 15 and will be live through January 2015.

Photos can be trophy shots from this season, or depict other scenes afield, including enjoying time with friends and family.

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First time hunter goes home with a big prize

Jessica Kim gets her first deer Jessica Kim from NRA Publications decides to try her hand at deer hunting ...

The Origins of a Korean Huntress
A Korean-American woman steps outside her comfort zone—and her cultural heritage—to experience an American tradition.

As a senior graphic designer for Shooting Sports USA, I've been able to hear my colleagues tell stories from hunts all around the world. As time went by, I realized that I wanted to experience a hunt as well. One thing I noticed in all of these articles, (besides the beautiful hunt photos!) is that the  hunters did not look quite like me. I haven’t seen many Asian women in the hunting culture. Growing up as a Korean American woman, my family believed that education was the key step to achieving the American dream. Studying, playing the violin, and art were my lifestyle, while hunting was a foreign idea.

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From the Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Ohio’s Deer-Muzzleloader Hunting Season is Jan. 2-5

White tail deer in Ohio Columbus, Ohio – Ohio’s white-tailed deer muzzleloader hunting season opens Friday, Jan. 2, 2015, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR). Deer-muzzleloader hunting season runs through Monday, Jan. 5, 2015.

Hunters can pursue deer in Ohio with a muzzleloader or bow during this four-day season. Hunters checked 16,464 deer during the 2014 four-day muzzleloader season.

Hunting hours are 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset. Ohio's small game, furbearer and waterfowl seasons are also open during the muzzleloader season. All hunters (except waterfowl hunters) must wear a visible solid hunter orange or camouflage hunter orange coat, jacket, vest or coveralls during the muzzleloader season.

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Gear up for your NRA Outdoors adventure next year with MidwayUSA

NRA Outdoors Hunting & Fishing Destinations

Fairfax, Virginia – The National Rifle Association is pleased to announce a partnership between NRA Outdoors Hunting & Fishing Destinations, its new cost-effective adventure travel program, and MidwayUSA. Program sponsor MidwayUSA now offers a 15% discount on orders of $150 or more after booking a trip through NRA Outdoors.

“We are really excited to work with MidwayUSA and bring our members perfect hunting and fishing excursions,” said Managing Director of NRA Recreational Programs and Ranges Elizabeth Bush. “Once you’ve booked a trip with an NRA Outdoors-approved outfitter, you can head to MidwayUSA and get all the gear you need at a great price.”

NRA Outdoors builds relationships with outfitters throughout the world to provide NRA members with high quality, cost-effective hunting and fishing trips they will never forget. Together with the Women’s Wilderness Escape, Youth Hunter Education Challenge, hunter education classes, and hunter clinic instructor program, NRA Outdoors helps make the NRA the number one organization for hunters in the United States.

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From the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission - Make your New Year’s resolution to take a kid hunting!

By Tony Young, media relations coordinator for the FWC’s Division of Hunting and Game Management

Special Youth Deer Hunting in Ohio The year was 1997, and I was working part-time as a baseball coach at my alma mater, Lincoln High School in Tallahassee. I had the privilege back then of working with so many talented and all-around great kids and was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to get to know some of these outstanding young men and their parents. Some of these relationships developed into lasting friendships.

One such friendship was cultivated with Mark Hill. Mark was the star of the team that year. He was a 17-year-old, left-handed pitcher who also played first base and outfield. And besides being the ace pitcher, he had one of the best bats on the team and good speed on the bases. Mark was a coach’s dream. Not only was he a super athlete, he was also a great kid. He was very personable, yet humble.

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From the Pennsylvania Game Commission - ARE PREDATORS HURTING OUR DEER HERD?

Biologists from within the Game Commission and across the country are talking about it.

If you want to start a lively discussion on Pennsylvania wildlife, just mention coyotes.

There might be no other animal that so intrigues the state’s residents, and it’s easy to explain why.

The coyote is surrounded by mystery. It’s inhabited some parts of the state since the 1930s, but it’s a relative newcomer in others. Game Commission biologists are finding indications the coyote population is increasing in some areas of the state, yet even those who log endless hours in the Pennsylvania outdoors might go their lives without seeing one in the wild.

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