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Michelle Gallagher with her winning scorecard for the 2013 NRA Leech Cup Shootoff at Camp Perry

Fairfax, Virginia - Online registration is officially open for our 2014 National Matches, held for the 107th consecutive year at Camp Perry, Ohio. If you fancy yourself a deadeye, you won't want to miss out on the Remington and NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships.

Each summer, the nation's finest civilian and military marksmen and women square off for weeks of rifle and handgun competition while vying for the NRA's historic and prestigious trophies. From pistol, to smallbore rifle, high power rifle, and long range high power rifle, the national matches have something for just about everybody.

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NRA Competitive Shooting Division carries America's shooting sports traditions into the 21st century

Doug Koenig at the 2013 MidwayUSA & NRA Bianchi Cup Colt Speed Event

Fairfax, Virginia - My list's #3 is the successful year in NRA Competitive Shooting. While all may seen quiet in the cold winter months, the Competitive Shooting staff is working hard to make sure it continues offering a wide range of shooting activities to everyone interested in our great American tradition - from novices to world champions.

How many activities? The NRA sanctions more than 11,000 shooting tournaments and sponsors more than 50 national championships each year.

While not as visible as Camp Perry or the Bianchi Cup, NRA Competitive Shooting's largest event actually began yesterday. The National Indoor Rifle & Pistol Championships is the biggest competition of the year, bringing in thousands of shooters who participate comfortably from their backyards in sectional tournaments across the country.

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Find out what one of the shooting world's best brings to matches

Nancy Tompkins at the NRA Long Range High Power Rifle Championships

The December issue of Shooting Sports USA sees Barb Baird of Women's Outdoor News sit down with Nancy Tompkins, one of the most accomplished shooters out there. As always, Barb only had one question: What's in your range bag?

World and National Champion Nancy Tompkins likes to reach out and touch targets at 1,000 yards with an iron-sighted rifle. She’s been competing in Palma (.308 caliber at 800 yards, 900 yards and 1000 yards), Long Range (1000 yards) and Smallbore prone for 41 years. Thanks to her father, she began competing in the 7th grade and now shares the love of shoot- ing with her daughters Michelle and Sherri Gallagher; husband, “Mid;” and her goddaughter, Danielle Makucevich. She has competed on numerous international Palma teams, traveling from her home base in Prescott, AZ.

“There is nothing better than traveling, making new friends and competing with the best shooters in the world,” said Nancy. And she only shoots with the best equipment. Her Palma rifle is built on a McGee stock, Stolle Panda action, Krieger barrel, Anschütz trigger, Warner rear sight and a Right Sight (front sight). Her .22 Smallbore rifle is an Anschütz action and trigger with a Hart barrel, McGee stock, Right Sight (front sight) and Warner rear sight.

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Remington joins National Rifle Association in presenting annual World Series of Shooting Sports

2013 Remington/NRA National Rifle & Pistol Matches

Fairfax, Virginia - This year's National Rifle Association National Rifle & Pistol Matches will be presented by Remington. Held for over a century at Camp Perry, Ohio, the matches have come to be known as America’s “World Series of Shooting Sports.”

“Remington has been a longtime supporter of the National Matches and we are elated to be working with one of the finest names in the firearms industry,” said Dennis Willing, Director of NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division. “We welcome and appreciate their increased involvement as title sponsor of the National Matches and the opportunity to make our events bigger and better than ever.”

Camp Perry, which has traditionally hosted five championships, will introduce a new, sixth, phase during this year's Remington/NRA National Matches - Mid-Range High Power. Held alongside the High Power Championships, Mid-Range High Power will be shot in the style of F-Class, allowing competitors to use scope sights and artificial support (e.g. bipods and slings). A tradition every serious shooter tries to make at least once, Camp Perry's competitors represent a vast array of experience levels, including novice shooters, Olympic medalists, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and international competitors.

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Calling all F-Class shooters, Camp Perry is starting a championship with you in mind

Competitor and his F-Class rifle during the NRA's Freedom Match Shoot-off

Fairfax, Virginia - There's a new championship in the lineup at Camp Perry this year, the NRA National Mid-Range Championships.

Created due to rising popularity of F-Class shooting, the new 3000-point championships will be shot from ranges of 300, 500 and 600 yards and will add yet another fun sport to the annual Remington/NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships.

But . . . what is F-Class?

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Your one-stop resource for this year's matches at Camp Perry

Carl Bernosky retakes lead for NRA High Power title at Camp Perry, Ohio

Fairfax, Virginia - The program for this year's 106th Remington/NRA National Rifle and Pistol Championships has been released and you can find it online right here.

“Once again, the NRA is thrilled to conduct the ‘World Series’ of the shooting sports. For over 100 years, shooters in the United States have made the pilgrimage to Camp Perry for the NRA National Matches, and the honor to shoot shoulder-to-shoulder with the best.”

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A hallmark win for an NRA National Matches legend

Carl Bernosky retakes lead for NRA High Power title at Camp Perry, Ohio

My #1 moment from 2012 was watching Carl Bernosky win his tenth overall High Power Rifle Championship at Camp Perry this past summer.

With more than 30 years of shooting experience, Bernosky is something of a shooting legend. He has won three titles in my nearly five years of working at NRA.

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Military/Tactical artist produces third of four Camp Perry prints

Dick Kramer's 2012 NRA High Power Rifle Championships at Camp Perry drawing

Fairfax, Virginia - Dick Kramer has been churning out the hits for more than fifty years.

Drawing everything from SWAT to SEALs to Recon and Grunts, Kramer is known across the globe as one of the finest, if not the finest, military/tactical artist around. This week, he delivered the third piece to his four part "NRA National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry" collection to NRA's Competitive Shooting Division.

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Bernosky, Cooper, Gallagher and everyone else who won in NRA High Power Rifle this year

2012 NRA High Power Rifle champion Carl Bernosky at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Carl Bernosky wasn't the only shooter to win an award at the High Power Rifle Championship. The ten-time champ was joined by plenty of other distinguished shooters on stage that night as competitors received awards for High Woman, High Junior, High Senior and so much more.

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