Great Britain Rifleman takes top NRA Long Range rifle prize

John Whidden, David Luckman and John Friguglietti finish second, first and third at NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Last night was the Awards Ceremony for NRA's 2012 Long Range High Power Rifle Championships. Headlining the night was David Luckman. A member of the Great Britain Rifle Team, Luckman's participation in this year's tournament was initially intended as a warm up for today's America Match. But he didn't exactly use the past few days for practice.

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Luckman adds NRA Long Range Rifle title to International wins

Great Britain's David Luckman wins NRA's National Long Range Rifle Championship

Port Clinton, Ohio - After a practically perfect performance in today's Palma Individual Trophy Match (449-31x), it appears that David Luckman of the Great Britain Rifle Team will be crowned tonight as NRA's 2012 Long Range High Power Rifle Champion. A veteran of the International Long Range Rifle world, Luckman's list of accolades includes the 2010 World Individual Long Range Rifle title as well as seventeen consecutive UK Grand Aggregate crosses.

With a winning total of 1246-74x, we give you this year's Champion, David Luckman.

Competitors break NRA Long Range High Power records

Pit-workers bring an NRA record setting target up to the firing line.
Workers bring an NRA record setting target up from the Pits for the competitor to take home.

Day three. The Third day of NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships. A day that will go down in the record books. For today was a day in which records were set. Records so significant that a few competitors request their targets be brought up from the Pits. Not one record. Not two records. But more then a dozen Long Range Rifle records.


Northern Ireland's David Calvert tops day one of NRA Match

Northern Ireland's David Calvert at NRA Long Range High Power Rifle match in Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Day One at NRA's Long Range High Power Rifle Championships ended before the actual end. How's that? Because the actual end of the day's competition included a shoot off for the Mustin and Band of Brothers matches. Though exciting enough to draw a sizable crowd, shoot-off scores are not included in the overall tally — they only determine the match winner. Sort of the same way it works in the Olympics. We'll get more into that later.

Top of the rifle charts as the sun goes down is David Calvert with a 400-22x. Who's David Calvert? Why David is a member of Great Britain's shooting team. Seems the man came all the way across the ocean and half way across the United States to pluck first day honors right out of the cherry tree. Quite the feat. And much like his empty cartridge, he's hanging on tight.


Rifle teams from Japan, Australia, Canada and Great Britian arrive at Camp Perry NRA Championships

Aubrey Sonnenberg of Killara Australia at NRA's 2012 Long Range High Power Rifle championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - There's bound to be a few unfamiliar faces where ever you go. Even for those who've made the trek out here to Ohio for the NRA National Rifle & Pistols Championships time and time again, new people will pop out of the crowd at each and every turn. That's especially true this year.

"We have 81 international shooters for F-Class and Long Range in the competition right now," said NRA's High Power Rifle Match Director Sherri Judd. "A good portion of those competitors will be shooting in this year's America Match."


The U.S. Palma Team after the final day of competition at the 2011 World Rifle Championships in Brisbane, Australia

Dave Cloft, a member of the U.S. Palma Team and a shooter for the US Army Reserve, sends NRAblog another report on the World Rifle Championships.

Brisbane, Australia - There was very, very stiff competition and the conditions on the range tested our coaches and shooters thoroughly. After two long days of shooting, we found ourselves bested by Great Britain and South Africa. While we did not win gold, this was still a tremendous accomplishment for our team, and it was an honor to be among the best rifle shooters in our country and from around the world.


Richard Jeens of the Great Britain Palma Team wins the World Long Range Rifle Championship in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia - Great Britain's Richard Jeens won the Individual World Long Range Rifle Championships with a final score of 725-049X. Ceremonially hoisted in the air by his fellow competitors at the Awards Ceremony (thanks again to US Palma Team member Dave Cloft for the above picture), Jeens was all smiles with a title that remains in his position until the next Championships in 2015.


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