Germans travel to Vegas with SHOT Show targets in hand

Andreas Krüger and Joachim Seibold of Krüger Targets at SHOT Show

Las Vegas, Nevada - With so much to see at the 34th Annual SHOT Show this year in Vegas, it's no wonder that we're still digging up stories from the extravaganza. But the one that's been burning a hole in my portable hard drive centers around my stop by the Krüger Target Company booth.

After signing a target licensing deal with the NRA late last year, this Bavarian operation has been blazing on all cylinders.


NRA World Action Pistol Championship logo

Tom Hughes, our NRA Bianchi Cup guru and Manager of the NRA's Pistol Department, swung by our side of the building with a bit of exciting news — the World Action Pistol Championship is moving to Germany in 2012. So break out your beer steins and lederhosen, because the best action pistol shooters on the globe are heading to Deustchland next September.

According to Hughes, the format of the World Championship is very similar to that of the Bianchi Cup; everything from the courses of fire to the evening activities. Each year, the host country determines how many shooters will represent each country from the various divisions (Production, Open, Metallic). Once that has been decided, scores from the two previous Bianchi Cups are tallied to determine who receives to honor of representing the United States. Competitors can also receive an invitation to be part of a Ladies, Senior, or Junior team.

With the Championship held every other year, Team USA dominated the competition down under in 2010 as Doug Koenig, Carl Bernosky, and Bruce Piatt rounded out the Top 3. Who will be invited to shoot in 2012? We'll let you know as soon as we find out.

Starting in the back, rom left to right, Krüger and Sales Manager Joachim Seibold, NRA Competitive Shooting Director Mike Krei, NRA Executive Director of General Operations Kayne Robinson, and Mr. Andreas Krüger

Earlier this year, Competitive Shooting Director Mike Krei was in Germany for the 50th Anniversary International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Championships in Munich. While there he met with Adreas Krüger, owner of the Krüger Target Company, to discuss the potential licensing of NRA targets for manufacture and distribution. Last week, that potential turned into a reality.

“We are pleased to announce that the Krüger Target Company and the NRA have signed a five year license agreement that allows Krüger to produce many of the targets used in NRA competitions,” said Krei. “Company owner Mr. Andreas Krüger and Sales Manager Joachim Seibold flew in from Germany to work out the contract and now they will be manufacturing NRA targets both nationally and internationally.”

With more than 11,000 tournaments scheduled for 2011 and 120+ different targets used in those competitions, the NRA has precise guidelines when it comes to the paper quality of their targets. Due to those standards, only a handful of printers are currently licensed to produce official NRA targets. Now Krüger can be added to that handful.

“Our company is excited to begin a partnership with such a strong organization as the NRA,” said Sales Manager Joachim Seibold. “We believe our targets will succeed in meeting the strict standards the NRA holds.”

Krei meets with Kruger Targets on NRAblog Mike Krei, Director of the NRA's Competitive Shooting Division, recently attended the 50th Anniversary International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Championships in Munich, Germany. Here is one of his reports:

While on site at the International Shooting Sport Federation World Championships in Munich, I had the opportunity to met with the owner of Germany's Kruger Targets. Our discussion centered upon the potential licensing of NRA targets for manufacture and distribution.

Kruger, one of the premier targets paper printers in Europe, works with most European Union Shooting Federations to provide targets for their competitions. It is generally accepted that Kruger has the best heavy pulp target paper in the world and that directly relates to the excellent clean bullet holes which are essential for precise scoring.

Pictured above with Adreas Kruger, Owner of the Kruger Target Company, Krei tells NRAblog that it is very likely that the NRA's Competitive Shooting Division and Kruger Targets will have a contract signed by year end.

Mike Krei, Director of the NRA's Competitive Shooting Division, continues to report from the 50th Anniversary International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Championships in Munich, Germany:

My first trip to the City Center (Marienplaz) of Munich was by way of U-Bahn – the underground subway system. As I climbed the stairs, the first thing taht came into view was the New Town Hall. Spires, gargoyles, turrets, sculptures and the famous Glockenspiel was a sight to behold.

Luckily, English is spoken in most areas and the people are helpful and courteous. I soon learned a visitor should do his best to stay off the bike path or you could get run over – or at least yelled at. Bicycles are a major means of transportation in Munich and officials have made a great effort to accommodate them.

I have yet to sit down to a bad meal even though the food is far from the usual American menu fare. My favorite so far has been the wiener schnitzel and fried potatoes from at a little restaurant known as Zum Durnbrau.

The Olympic Shooting Range in Munich is a tribute to Germany for having the vision to keep these ranges for the world shooters after the 1972 Olympic Games. Each and every venue is busy from dawn to dark. Shots from the Trap & Skeet Fields are heard throughout the facilities – what a great sound. Top shooters from more than 90 countries make their way through the Running Game Hall, Commercial Row, and restaurants that fill the complex.

One of those shooters was 24-year old Joshua Richmond from Team USA who the World Double Trap title with a 196 that included a perfect 50 for 50 in the cold and rain of the final frame.

I'll be sure to send more updates soon, but Auf wiedersehen until then.

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