From the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit - USAMU shooters infiltrate 3-Gun Nation Pro Series

Three-time series national 3-Gunchampion Staff Sgt. Daniel Horner

Fort Benning, Georgia - FORT BENNING, Ga. - Three U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Soldiers and an Army spouse officially joined their USAMU teammates on the 3-Gun Nation Series Pro Tour for 2014 after impressive performances at the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Qualifier Feb. 15-16 at the U.S. Shooting Academy (USAA) in Tulsa, Okla.

Leading the way was Sgt. Matthew Sweeney, who won the match only a few weeks after completing the Warrior Leader Course. Coming in closely behind Sweeney was Sgt. Shane Coley, placing third overall. Capt. Ryan Calhoon finished in 14th place, also earning a spot on the tour.

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From MasterPiece Arms - MasterPiece Arms Unveils the MPA 308BA Rifle for 2014

The First MPA rifle in chambered in .308 with a Spencer Precision Barrel and Stiller’s Precision TAC Series Action

The First MPA rifle in chambered in .308 with a Spencer Precision Barrel and Stiller’s Precision TAC Series Action

Comer, Georgia - MasterPiece Arms (MPA), manufacturers of the MPA MAC Line of semi-auto pistols, carbines, suppressors and MPAR Rifles, proudly announces the finest bolt-action .308: the MPA 308BA.

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Collegiate shooters race through fun shoot obstacle course before NRA championship

Columbus, Georgia - We've already covered the fun shoot from this past spring's NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships at Fort Benning, Georgia, but we thought you might like to see it in action. Above you can watch a couple two-person teams run through the four stage course.

For a quick refresh, the fun shoot's four stages were:

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From GLOCK, Inc. - GLOCK Continues Law Enforcement Customer Relationship with Alaska Department of Public Safety

Alaska State Troopers demonstrate dedication to GLOCK line of pistols

The GLOCK 22 Gen4, in .40Smyrna, Georgia - GLOCK, Inc. announced the continuation of its relationship with the law enforcement (LE) customer Alaska Department of Public Safety (DPS). A dedicated customer for more than nine years, Alaska DPS confirmed that it will replace its standard-issue duty sidearm Gen3 GLOCK 22 pistol with the Gen4 GLOCK 22 pistol.

The three commissioned divisions of DPS, Alaska State Troopers (AST), Alaska Wildlife Troopers (AWT) and the Fire Marshal, include approximately 400 commissioned personnel that cover a territory of 586,412 square miles. Troopers utilize many forms of transport, including cruisers, Super Cub bush planes, jet boats, air boats, snow mobiles and a commissioned dog sled patrol. The GLOCK pistol has withstood the extreme environments of Alaska and proven itself to be the law enforcement (LE) pistol of the “Last Frontier”.

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Target systems for today's Airsoft competitors offer actions and sound

Targets under consideration for NRA's .22 and Airsoft 3-gun events

Fairfax, Virginia - Sam and Andy begin a long trip today. Ten hours to be exact. Ten hours down I-85 from Fairfax, Virginia to Marietta, Georgia for the NRA's first official Airsoft 3-Gun event. Hosted by the good folks at the SAS Black Ops Range, the day is divided into two three hour segments; one at 2:00 and the other at 6:00. They'll be traveling with plenty of baggage too. Airsoft guns, Airsoft plans and Airsoft targets.

"We had a pretty good idea where we were going with the guns," said NRA Recreational Shooting Specialist Andy Lander. "It's the targets that provided the real challenge."

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SAS Black Ops hosting first NRA Airsoft 3-Gun event in 13,000 square foot arena

NRA Staffer shooting the shotgun phase of an Airsoft 3-gun event at NRA Headquarters

Fairfax, Virginia – When we told you that NRA Sports was developing a 3-Gun event for Airsoft shooters, competitions weren't expected to kick off until the Fall. Leave it to Sam and Andy to shatter those expectations.

"Our first event is going to be next weekend at the SAS Black Ops Airsoft Arena in Marietta, Georgia," said NRA Recreational Shooting Specialist Andy Lander. "Two sessions, one day, a whole lot of 3-gun."

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From GLOCK, Inc. Team GLOCK Competitor KC Eusebio Wins 2013 U.S. Steel Championship

Competition in Titusville, FL offered head-to-head challenge

Team GLOCK Competitor KC Eusebio Wins 2013 U.S. Steel Championship

Smyrna, Georgia — Today GLOCK, Inc. announced that Team GLOCK member KC Eusebio set a new Main Match Overall Record with his win at the 2013 U.S. National Steel Championship on March 23, 2013 in Titusville, Fla. Eusebio shot the match in 76.27 seconds, beating his next closest competitor, Max Michel, by almost three seconds - and bettering the previous record of 80.09 Eusebio set back in 2007.

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Tackling the task of showing your gratitude at an NRA match

NRA's Tori Croft holds up her thank you gifts from the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships

Columbus, Georgia - A secret mission was carried out two weeks ago during the 2013 NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships.

Tori Croft, NRA's National Manager of Collegiate and School Programs, had worked tirelessly to ensure the championships ran smoothly. Without her, the tournament wouldn't have happened.

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Everyone from this year's NRA Intercollegiate Championships in one place

Collegiate shooters at the NRA Club Championships in Ft. Benning, Georgia

Columbus, Georgia - At some point during each of the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships and NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships, held earlier this month, staff wrangled every shooter and coach together for a group photo.

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