Business accessory that doubles as a conceal carry option

NRA's Conceal Carry Tablet Folio carries your favorite handgun

Senior NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans is back with a professional solution for all of your business related conceal carry needs ...
Fairfax, Virginia - In today’s tech age, the electronic tablet has become the go-to device for on-the-go people. Whether it’s used for social media, business, or for gaming, there’s no denying the popularity of the powerful tablet.  

But with everyone glued to their gadgets, it’s easy to forget that it won’t save you in the event of a serious situation where immediate action is needed. Your firearm can.

That’s why the NRA has developed a special, protective folio to house your ever-present tablet – PLUS your ... find out more about the NRA's CCW Tablet Folio ...

Customizable storage area and rear pistol pouch with NRA Every Day Carry Pack (EDC)

NRA Tactical's Every Day Carry Pack with water and pistol at the ready

NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joseph Garnreiter returns from the chill and frivolity of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to bring you the one thing everyone at Great American could agree on ...

Fairfax, Virginia - At the Great American Outdoor Show – Feb. 1-9th in Harrisburg, PA – the NRAstore crew had the unique opportunity to observe and talk with approximately 200,000 born and raised outdoorsman and women. We asked them what they look for in a great piece of gear, and their response was “Well, it has to be tough, comfortable, compact and – most all – versatile”. Their overwhelming choice: The NRA Tactical EDC Pack.

... find out more about the features and flexibility of NRA Tactical's Every Day Carry (EDC) Pouch ...

NRA Headquarters Range, Cafe and National Firearms Museum closed due to snow

Snowfall in Northern Virginia on Thursday

Fairfax, Virginia - As February's version of Snowmageddon pummels the eastern seaboard, residents from Atlanta to Albany are hunkered down for yet another long winter's night. In their future are hours of shoveling snow, digging out cars and praying that the electricity keeps humming along. One thing they don't have to worry about is going into work.

Find out what the snow closed at the NRA ...

Unique design deploys with rifles, pistols, magazines and ammo

NRA Store's Coexist T-Shirt

Merchandise Bury Joe Garnreiter returns from Great American in Harrisburg with more options for a top seller at the NRA Store ...

Fairfax, Virginia - As responsible gun owners, we know that our mission is clear: to preserve our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. We’ve noticed that while there may be some groups out there promoting a message of tolerance and equality, they fail to extend that same tolerance to America’s community of gun owners.

Because the NRAstore observed this societal inconsistency, we decided to respond in a humorous and dignified manner – by creating our COEXIST T-Shirt.

More on NRA Store's ever popular Coexist t-shirt ...

High-density, recyclable polymer target bottles are shatterproof & durable

NRA's Reusable, Shatterproof Bottle Targets

When I was a kid, a trip to Uncle Harry's farm always included a little target practice. We'd set up some bottles, take aim and watch them shatter. Only problem was that we'd always run out of bottles. Now, thanks to NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter, you never have to run out of bottles again ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Super Bowl Sunday has come and gone, and all that’s left now is a heap of glass bottles ready for target practice. Unfortunately, glass is only worth one shot, and the shards can be dangerous. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a bottle you could shoot repeatedly, WIHTOUT any of the mess? Well, the NRAstore has exactly that!

The NRA Reusable, Shatterproof Bottle Targets are just what the name implies – tough and reusable. Whether you’re plinking with your .22 or packing a punch with a .30 caliber rifle, your bullets will fly right through each bottle.

More on NRA Store's Reusable, Shatterproof Bottle Targets ...

Curator's Corner brings out Colt Official Police conversion that saw service in World War II

Colt Commando on display at the NRA National Firearms Museum

Seems there's been a mixup in the schedule.

While we were away at SHOT Show, NRANews decided to pull their regular Monday night episodes of Curator's Corner. That means the episodes we've been previewing since then have yet to air. Our apologies for the miscommunication.

More on the NRA Museum's Colt Commando ...

NRA Store brings back the blueprints of iconic rifle for limited run

Corner shot of the NRA AR-15 50th Anniversary Glass Etching

This time, oh this time NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter reached deep, deep, deep into the store goodie bag and came out with a doozy. So without any further adieu ...
Fairfax, Virginia - Now if you were decorating your office, workshop or man cave with all your favorite accoutrements, your check list might look something like this…

Your favorite whitetail mount? CHECK

Your favorite beer sign? CHECK

Your high school football jersey? CHECK

Framed etching of your favorite rifle? STILL SEARCHING…!

More on the 50th Anniversary glass etching of the AR-15 ...

Tuesday temperatures and snow causes cancellations at the National Rifle Association

Snow returns to Northern Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - It only took two days.

Two days after returning from the relatively comfortable 60 degree sunshine of Las Vegas, Nevada and the 2014 SHOT Show for the bleak, chilling frost and snow of Washington, DC to rear its ugly head. For most of the region that means no school, no work, no dice.

More on weather related closures at the NRA ...

A beast of a gun, the Webley Mark VI was a British favorite in World War I

The .455 chambered Webley Mark VI at the NRA Museum in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - Monday afternoon means it's time to tune to Sportsman Channel for Curator's Corner on NRA News. Also known as Cam & Company, NRANews a live-recorded, up to the minute news program covering the latest events in the firearm industry. And it's the only place you'll find National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier after the work bell sounds.

More on a World War I era Webley Mark VI ...

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