Holster options when the weather turns warm and the clothing become lighter

NRA 5.11 Holster Shirt allows you to carry a small revolver or auto-loader securely and invisibly under another shirt.

NRA Store's Dirk Grove returns from Father's Day weekend with three solutions for those summertime conceal carry issues

Fairfax, Virginia - The warmest days of the year are approaching. And that means some creative thinking is in order, if you’re going to carry a concealed handgun.

If you work in an air-conditioned office, a conventional holster system might continue to work, even in the summer. But, let’s face it – sooner or later, you’re going to find yourself outdoors, wearing shorts,
t-shirt and flip-flops – with no acceptable way to remain invisibly armed.

Why not think out of the box this summer? And we mean REALLY out of the box – why not disregard conventional holsters altogether? Here are three fantastic alternatives that are sure to enhance your summertime lifestyle without hindering your accustomed vigilance (or your casual comfort).

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Tom Marx shares decades of experience at NRA Convention in Houston

Law Enforcement firearm and training consultant Tom Marx Houston, Texas - He started in Chicago. He left the Chicago PD in the late 80s to become one of three special chosen instructors for the Smith & Wesson Academy. From there he's been lecturing and consulting on all matters of firearms for everyone from BLACKHAWK, ILEETA and the National Rifle Association.

The man is Tom Marx. If you've attended an NRA Annual Meeting lately, then you should know the name. After all, his Methods of Conceal Carry seminars have been packing them in for the better part of a decade.

"He packs them in," NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer told us. "People are lined up against the wall."

Pretty impressive when you consider the challenge of keeping an audience's attention for up to six hours. That's right, Marx's seminar has been known to go on for six hours.

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NRA's Conceal Carry Attache case with pistol

Fairfax, Virginia - Those who choose to employ their right to keep and bear arms have a number of options. Depending on the individuals state of residence, they are allowed to keep a firearm in the home, carried openly in public or carried concealed. For those who go the concealed carry route, NRAstore.com has a more businesslike option.

What we're talking about is the NRA Conceal Carry Attache case.

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Hobo Handbag carries almost everything a female firearms enthusiast needs ... especially if it's concealed

Fairfax, Virginia - After all the hubbub raised from the NRA Bug Out Bag, we thought it might be best to head back into the accessory department for this post-Thanksgiving Membership Monday.

All of you should love this particular product as there is a conceal carry feature involved. But it's probably only going to work for the female population. After all, I am talking about a Concealed Carry Handbag.

Dubbed the American Hobo Concealed Carry Handbag, this antiqued leathered bag provides a stellar look and feel. So where does the Hobo moniker come into play? Simple.

Hobo styled handbags are large, flexible and are usually designed in a U-shape. Carried over the shoulder, they tend to flop when placed on the ground (desk, sofa, etc ...) and pack a great deal of material.

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Finding warmth and security with NRA's Woolrich Elite Discreet Twill CCW Jacket

Fairfax, Virginia - As the first rush of frigid air dances through the outlying neighborhoods of Washington, DC, an inspiration of need populates this edition of NRA's Membership Monday. And to give it a touch of the personal touch ... I actually own this product. It's what NRAstore.com refers to as the Woolrich Elite Discreet Twill Conceal Carry (CCW) Jacket.

Available in either tan or green, the Elite Discreet jacket starts with a wash cotton twill exterior and a polyester sherpa interior (confession here ... I've told friends that the lining as sheepskin at times. It's not sheepskin, but it feels awful close). The sleeves come insulated with "diamond-quilted 60-gram Arctic Insulation™, which keeps you toasty and your shirt sleeves from riding up." Now to the CCW side of the sheath.

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NRA Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirt from the NRAstore With everyone heading out to SHOT Show next week, we thought we'd bring you the usual "Membership Monday" post a bit earlier. So here's a look at another great option for those who carry concealed from our friends at the NRAstore™.

We want concealed carry to fit around your lifestyle – not the other way around. That’s why we developed the NRAstore™ exclusive Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirt. It’s the only garment of its kind we know of! Made from a pre-shrunk, heavyweight 50% cotton / 50% polyester blend, we’ve taken a standard 9 oz. fleece sweatshirt design and added a full-body polyester lining for added warmth, durability, wind resistance and weight distribution. Inside the sweatshirt you’ll find left and right concealment pockets. The included Velcro®-backed holster and double mag pouch can be repositioned inside the pockets for optimum draw. Ideal for carrying your favorite compact to mid-size pistol, the NRA Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirt gives you an extra tactical edge, because its unstructured, casual design appears incapable of concealing a heavy firearm – but it does so with ease! Includes drawstring hood, cotton/spandex ribbed cuffs and waistband, two front pouch pockets and a discreet black zipper. Includes one Velcro® holster and one Velcro® mag pouch. Colors: Black, Navy. Made in USA.

The Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirt is available at the NRAstore™ for $59.95. For more information visit www.NRAstore.com or call 1-888-607-6007. Be sure to request a free copy of our new Winter Catalog!

The Total Concealment Holster from the NRA Store even works on a shirtless summer

Fairfax, Virginia - Do you have a concealed carry permit? If so, consider the NRA Total Concealment Holster, one of the many great products offered by the NRAstore™. Here's a more info from Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans on this holster that provides comfort without printing: 

NRA Total Concealment Holster from the NRAstore on NRAblog Like you, we’ve tried just about every concealed carry holster available. We haven’t found the perfect concealment holster for every situation…until now! The NRA Total Concealment Holster is cleverly contoured to fit – without printing – BETWEEN your tucked shirt and pants. It even works on shirtless summer days! Designed without downward facing seams to prevent front sight snagging, it’s made of heavy, durable black denim. To keep you cool while protecting your firearm, we’ve lined the rear panel with 100% waterproof Cushmax® fabric. With moderate practice, drawing a firearm is intuitive and lightning-fast – even while sitting down.

Since the NRA Total Concealment Holster's patented design makes repositioning for restroom visits easy, it never needs to be removed. This means you stay protected all day, every day! This is our new daily carry holster of choice! Right hand draw only. Adjustable hook-and-loop belt fits waists from 32”- 42”. Accepts one semi-auto pistol with maximum 4¼” barrel, or one revolver with maximum 2¼” barrel. Includes slot for one standard auto magazine. Made in USA.

The Total Concealment Holster is available at the NRAstore™ for $55.95. For more information and a product demo video, visit www.NRAstore.com or call 1-888-607-6007. Be sure to request a free copy of our latest catalog!

Learn the methods of concealed carry from firearm expert Tom Marx

Conceal Carry expert Tom Marx Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - NRA's 140th Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania will be filled with plenty of activity. The National Firearms Museum's Antique Guns & Gold Showcase, Ted Nugent's "I Still Believe" symposium, and Law Enforcement's Concealed Carry Seminar.

Taught by Retired Chicago Police Officer Tom Marx, the lecture and demonstration program deals with the overall concepts of Conceal Carry. Everything from clothing and conditioning to choices of firearms and holsters, this program will help the audience members better understand how to be more critical in equipment selection and more comprehensive with their training.

"We're lucky to have Tom lead the program again this year," said NRA Law Enforcement Director Glen Hoyer. "The lessons he learned on the streets of Chicago, heading up Smith & Wesson's Domestic Law Enforcement activities, and now serving as the Intellectual Property Director for Blackhawk Products Group makes him uniquely qualified to lead this seminar for the NRA."

The Methods of Concealed Carry Seminar has been put on the calendar for Friday and Saturday at 2:00 p.m. in rooms 219/320/321 of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. And if history is any guide, you might want to get there early — this event has a way of filling up fast.

NRA staffers Bill Poole and Sean Thornton attended the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course

Staff from NRA’s Education & Training Division recently stepped out from behind the desk and took to the range at the Izaak Walton League of America (IWLA) Arlington-Fairfax Chapter for the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course. While this course is not new to Bill Poole, Director of the Education & Training Division, and Sean Thornton of the Training Department, the pair decided to view the course from a student’s perspective.

Under the guidance of the incredible training team from the Arlington-Fairfax, Poole, Thornton, and nine other students participated in the nine-hour course that includes both classroom learning and live-fire exercises. Designed to prepare a student to carry a concealed pistol and win a lethal encounter if necessary, the Personal Protection Outside the Home course has been one of NRA’s most popular defensive firearm training programs.

Poole believes that this course is essential for those with concealed carry permits as it provides the necessary training for self-defense with a firearms including drawing from a strong-side holster or purse holster. From concealment, to presentation of the firearm, and the required mindset, this training provides the essential techniques and skills for surviving a life-threatening situation.

“If you carry a concealed firearm for personal protection, this training is invaluable. Drawing a pistol from a holster requires knowledgeable instructors teaching a course resulting in the highest quality training. The NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course and the Arlington-Fairfax IWLA training team meet the requirements of both,” said Poole, pictured at left with Instructor Dr. Dave Myers and Thorton.

Thorton agrees with Poole and believes that carrying a concealed firearm is just one of many important ways to exercise his Second Amendment rights.

"I can think of no other right that carries such importance as the Second Amendment, and I can think of no other right that also carries such individual responsibility. I am a big believer that if you wish to exercise that right, you should do so in an informed, responsible manner, and being a concealed carry permit holder and lifelong gun enthusiast, taking part in the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home course was a must for me," said Thornton.

To learn more about the NRA Basics of Personal Protection Outside the Home course or to find a course in your area, visit www.nrainstructors.org or call 703-267-1391.

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