nra clubs and association december presents As the winter chill begins to take hold, there's a rush to complete the seasonal shopping for all your Christmas needs ... maybe even a little New Years gear as well. To help alleviate some of that pressure, the National Rifle Association's Clubs & Associations section is giving away a mixed bag of NRA goodies.

Just go to NRA Clubs Facebook Page at, find the post on their December goodies giveaway and give them a like. And no, not every like gets a prize pack. They'll choose two at random after the contest comes to a close.

Included in the collection is an NRA knife, a Friends coffee carrier, a Law Enforcement carry-on bag, an Annual Meeting hat and more.

Just make sure to like their post before the close of business on Friday, December 16th. Anything after that and you'll have to rely on the malls and for the rest of your Christmas needs.

The December issue of Shooting Sports USA, NRA's Competitive Shooting Journal, features a special competition clinic held at the Scarborough Fish & Game Association in Scarborough, Maine deisgned specifically for women. Aimed at bringing more women into the world of competitive shooting, this successful event shows that recruiting new shooters can be as simple as making the classroom fit the student.  

Just For Women Competition Clinic

Written by David Petzal with photo by Bruce Fleming

Women learn from each other during a Competition Clinic - As any firearms instructor or coach can tell you, women shoot as well as men and are often easier to teach. So why aren’t there more of them in the shooting sports? Because getting women and guns to mix in this day and age takes some special effort. [Editor’s note: In our 2010 review of NRA Classification data, 9.12% of competitive shooters were women.]

A prime example of how recruiting more women shooters can be done successfully was provided on May 14, 2011 at Scarborough Fish & Game Association (SF&GA) in Scarborough, ME. Incorporated in 1958, this NRA-affiliated club has grown to 177 acres with ranges for ATA trap, sporting clays, 5-stand/ wobble trap, high power rifle, IDPA action pistol, bullseye pistol and archery. There are also 25-, 50-, and 100-yard utility ranges, all run and maintained by the 750-plus club members.


Because we don't expect everyone to fly to Chicago to hear Club & Associations Marketing Manager Son Nyguen and NRA Board Member Herb Lanford speak about the latest in NRA Leadership Development opportunities, the folks over in Field Operations decided it was time for another Clubs Leadership Webinar.

Scheduled for November 10th at 1 pm eastern time, the hot topic this month is how to increase membership.

If that sounds like the webinar for you, sign up now by going to the Leadership and Development webpage and click on the registration button.

It's online, it's free, and a great opportunity to spend your lunch hour learning how to add more bodies to your operation.

NRA Club hats Fairfax, Virginia - Every now and then, the National Rifle Association likes to reach out to our members for a little insight. Competitions likes to know if you're enjoying their tournaments and matches, Education & Training wants to make sure they're providing all the courses you want and Clubs & Associations wants to know about their hats.

On the bottom in black you see the NRA Clubs and Associations' hat for 2010. On the top in green is their hat for 2011. The 2021 hat? Well, that could be entirely up to you.

Sometime last week, the staff over at Clubs decided to open up the design process for the 2012 hat to the general public. And they wanted to make sure that no one was left out ... which is why we're telling you now. So how exactly do you get involved? Well, it starts with you going to their Facebook page.

Found at, scroll down to the October 24th entry on the hats and add your comments to the post. Have a favorite color combination? Maybe design a new logo? Or just switch around what's already there, just let them know what you're looking for in a NRA Clubs & Associations hat and your design could end up on your head next year.

Shooting USA just featured the NRA Bianchi Cup on this week's episode, and if you're interested in trying out the competition's unique course of fire, here's your chance. Peacemaker National Training Center is a new shooting and training facility that recently opened near Glengary, West Virginia. I've had the pleasure of shooting at this expansive facility, and now it's open to the public and accepting members. 


NRA Competitive Shooting is releasing a new, more accessible version of its wildly popular conventional tournaments with the NRA Club Champion Challenge.

Today, NRA Competitive Shooting unveiled the “NRA Club Champion Challenge”, a new recreational shooting event for hometown shooting clubs, businesses and civic organizations. These events will be fun, relaxing, and will encourage your members to try a variety of disciplines and courses of fire.

What it is not is a high level competition using state of the art competitive equipment and the use of this equipment should be discouraged. Any club or organization can participate and any range can configure a challenge. NRA membership is not a prerequisite.


Belfast Range in Kinards, South Carolina

Kinards, South Carolina - In May we told you about the opening of the Belfast Range in Kinards. Belfast was the first range built through the NRA Public Range Fund Grant Program, a project that encourages local and state agencies to work with NRA in order to build or improve public ranges across the United States. And tomorrow we'll be back for more.


Knoxville Visitor's Bureau surprised us with a cake Fairfax, Virginia - Like most of you out there, I've had friends and family deliver that inquisitive look when telling them that I work for the National Rifle Association. I usually just break out a smile, slap my hand on their back and explain how they'd be hard-pressed to find a better group of people. That assertion has proven to be true when I've hit the road for Annual Meeting, Camp Perry and Friends Events like the one earlier this month in New Jersey. And apparently, that goes for the good people of Knoxville, Tennessee, too.

When Elizabeth Bush, National Manager of NRA Clubs, Associations and Range Services, arrived back from lunch, there was a cake waiting for her.

"The Knoxville Visitor's Bureau surprised us with the cake," said Bush. "Apparently they are excited about the opportunity to work with us. Come have a piece!"

Always available to lend a hand, I finished my lunch, knocked on Bush's door and partook in the first piece. Chocolate!

Richard Pearson from the Illinois State Rifle Association on NRAblog Chicago, Illinois - The life of an Executive Director is a busy one. That couldn't be any more true for Illinois State Rifle Association Executive Director Richard Pearson. While he originally planned to attending the opening of Chicago's NRA Club Leadership and Development Workshop, pressing issues on the local and state levels demanded his attention. But true to his pledge, Mr. Pearson was able to pull away in order to attend the afternoon session of the seminar.

"I don't want to take up too much of your time as the staff from NRA headquarters has so much to share," said Pearson. "But I'll be here to answer any questions you might have during the breaks and after the presentations."

And there he was, taking questions and delivering answers well after the day was done. Even those in attendance from out of state stepped forward for a chance to utilize Pearson's vast expertise in the firearms arena.

"It's important to have leadership from the state associations attend these workshops," said NRA Clubs and Associations Marketing Manager Son Nguyen. "Having Mr. Pearson here is a real benefit to us and everyone who attended the seminar today."

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