Get your grant application moved to the top of the pile as an NRA Gold Medal Club

NRA Gold Medal Club Fairfax, Virginia - What have you been waiting for?

It's the last day. The closing day. The final day that you can register as an NRA Gold Medal Club for 2013. Why do that ... a number of reason.

Just ask the folks at the Cumberland Riflemen in Millville, New Jersey or the Minnesota's So is the Northwestern Gun Club in Duluth. Both will tell you about the sense of pride and satisfaction that comes with achieving such a goal.

Then there are great outfits like the River City Rifle & Pistol Club in Mason City, Iowa and the White Oak Rod & Gun Club in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania that have been with the program for a while now too. All doing great work helping to advance America's long tradition of excelling at the shooting sports.

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Five Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun stages for the Tenafly Rifle and Pistol Club

Pistol section of the Tenafly Rifle and Pistol Club NRA Club Champion Challenge

The NRA Club Champion Challenge was introduced in 2012. Calling on clubs, businesses and groups across the country, the Champion Challenge invites those of all skill levels to take their turn for a friendly afternoon of pistol, rifle and shotgun matches ... like the one held up north at the Tenafly Rifle and Pistol Club.

Thanks to the staff up at Tenafly, here's a report on their first match:

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Rifles from Brazil, Sweden & Soviet Union take aim in New Mexico

The New Mexico Military Surplus Rifles & Pistols Shooters in Albuquerque

While we weather out the winter winds here in the DC Metro area, Patrick Hernandez and his colleagues from the New Mexico Military Surplus Rifles & Pistols Shooters (NMMSRPS) are taking to the sands of Albuquerque. Though their temperature isn't all that more welcoming then ours, they braved the conditions for a chance to take part in their Mid-Range High Power Shooting Match.

What makes this match so special? Sure, the NMMSRPS is an NRA Club, but there are thousands of those. What makes this match special, and what makes all the matches of the NMMSRPS so special, is that they are all shot with Military Surplus Firearms.

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Help the NRA with Hunters & 6 will win a Wild Game Cookbook

NRA Members' Wild Game Cookbook Fairfax, Virginia - Listen up hunters, because the NRA wants to hear from you.

In an effort to better serve the hunting community, the crew over at NRA Clubs & Associations has put together a survey to find out what we else we can do. And what do you get out of it? How about a chance to win one of our Wild Game Cookbooks? Fitting for the holiday season, aye?

So what are the questions? Questions like these:

  • As a hunt club, what has been the biggest issue you have had to overcome?
  • What hunting programs, services and activities does your club currently host or participate in?
  • Have you ever utilized the Places to Hunt feature on
  • What other types of products or services would you like to see offered as benefits for NRA affiliated Hunt Clubs?

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NRA Club holds a Military Surplus Rifle Match in New Mexico

Patrick Hernandez's 1891 Mosin-Nagant shot at the Guns of August match

Albuquerque, New Mexico - Our friend Patrick Hernandez from the New Mexico Military Surplus Rifle & Pistol Shooters Club (NRA Club # B82119) dropped us a note the other day. Seems Patrick and the crowd at the club recently held a customized match. Not an NRA sanctioned match mind you, but a match that suits the mission of their club — the use of vintage military surplus firearms at long ranges.

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Don't delay - download your application for the 2012 NRA Club & Association Awards and mail it in today!

Fairfax, Virginia - Every year, the National Rifle Association recognizes the achievements of our Clubs & Associations. NRA Clubs & Associations from around the nation who excel in the service of their members, their state and their community. But we can only recognize those who apply.

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Money from Pennsylvania Friends of NRA events helps supply groups like the Millionaire Marksmen

Jonathan Bartley (center) poses with his father Seth Bartley (right) and Millionaire Marksmen club advisor Brian Soars (left), John Bartley, Seth Bartley.

Fairfax, Virginia - Since 2008 the Millionaire Marksmen has been a great shooting club in the Williamsport, Pennsylvania area. The student-run organization promotes engagement, involvement and mentorship in the community thanks to the collaborative efforts of teachers, school district administrators, community members and the Friends of NRA.

All ammunition students practice with is provided through generous Friends of NRA grants. Seeing as it's hard to have a marksmanship club without bullets, the club could not continue providing a safe, fun environment for junior shooters to hone their skills without the Friends of NRA's help.

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NMNMILSURP member John Bustamonte shooting a German Gewehr Modell 1898 at our Guns of August Shoot

Patrick Hernandez of the New Mexico Military Surplus Rifles and Pistols Shooters club sent us the following report on the competitions they hold out in Albuquerque:

Shooting Surplus Military Firearms at Long Distances

There is a shooting club based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico that shoots a variety of as issued configured Military Surplus Firearms such as the Springfield 1903, Mauser, Mosin-Nagant, Lee-Enfield, SKS, M1 Garand, FN FAL, CETME, Colt 1911, and many others in competition. These are not the usual guns you see at most NRA or CMP Competitions.

New Mexico Military Surplus Rifles Pistols Shooters, or simply NM MILSURPS, was formed by three members, Rob Summerhill, Ron Duncan, Sr. and me (Patrick Hernandez) back in 2005 after a match where we competed with military surplus rifles. We discussed what the guns were capable of at distances beyond 200 yards and just how accurate can they be at even longer distances. It was then we decided to form a shooting club that focused on using these firearms at longer ranges.

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SUIS Electronic Targets deployed at Olympics and NRA events

Setting up SIUS's Electronic Target Systems for NRA's Electronic Target Day in Pennsylvania

Williamsport, Pennsylvania - Last Saturday at the Original Pennsylvania 1000 Yard Benchrest Club, NRA held one of our last Electronic Target Shooting events of the year. Just off route 14 in the smokey hills of Pennsylvania, shooters gathered to give the latest in Sius Ascor's portable, wireless, precision target scoring systems. The weather was the first challenge.

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