NRA Clubs & AssociationAlbuquerque, New Mexico - Club University starts bright and early tomorrow morning at the Albuquerque Grand Airport Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There are still spaces left, so if you can make it Albuquerque then we can find a spot for you.

As the final Club University of 2010, this is your last chance to learn how to increase your membership, improve your status in the media, and receive those oh-so-valuable grants. Best thing? It's open to anyone and everyone with an interest in the shooting sports.

In addition to local experts and NRA staff, finance and promotions expert Tom Shay will be there to share the promotional techniques and management schemes he developed while simultaneously running three family businesses for over two decades.

So come down the Albuquerque Grand Airport Hotel, spend the day with NRA, and make the most out of your business.

NRA Clubs & Association

NRA Clubs & Associations has opened registration for the year's final NRA Club University September 25 at the Albuquerque Grand Airport Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Register online now to save $5 dollars off the $40 registration fee.

Take the afternoon and learn how to improve your club's operations, increase membership, and become a part of the public. It's a a unique one-day forum where NRA Club University covers everything from marketing, to grant application, and business planning. The event is open to anyone with an interest in the shooting sports.

“You have to be on top of your game in today's economy,” said Clubs & Associations Marketing Manager Son Nguyen. “Whether you’re a range, a club, or a store, we can give you tips on gathering information, making facility improvements, and communicating with the public. Come learn!”

Members of the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association and operation experts are joining NRA staff for the seminar. And as a special edition to the Albuquerque Club U, we're bringing in finance and promotions expert Tom Shay to share the promotional techniques and management schemes he developed while simultaneously running three family businesses. 

Sound like a good way to spend the day? Then sign up now at Still not sold? Then contact NRA Clubs & Associations at (800) NRA-CLUB (672-2582) or They'll have all the answers you need.

Dave Schneider of Michigan State on NRAblogIndianapolis, Indiana - One of the the best parts about NRA's Club University is the assorted group of individuals who attend. Club U Indianapolis was no different as we ran into interesting people such as Dave Schneider from Michigan State University. So what brought Schneider to Indianapolis?

“I'm here to find out as much about NRA grants as possible,” said Dave. “Plus, there are a number of other programs that we can benefit from.”

By “we,” he means the the Michigan State Marksmanship Team. Founded in 2001, the club held their first NRA sanctioned match in 2003. And more recently, they found a new home in the form of the John and Marnie Demmer Shooting Sports Education and Training Center.

“You should see this place,” said Dave. “Shooting lanes inside and out the facility that can be used for both archery and firearms … it’s beautiful.”


NRA's Club UniversityIndianapolis, Indiana - Club University has called it quits here in Indianapolis. We'd like to thank Lockton Insurance for taking the time to explain the ins and outs of their programs as well as all the inquisitive attendees for sharing so much. In fact, they got so caught up in the idea of sharing that a group decided to stake out a corner of the hotel so they to trade tales of their experiences traversing the management of a shooting sports operation. After all, there's a good chance that what works in Wisconsin will work in Illinois too.

Next on the Clubs & Associations agenda is Albuquerque, New Mexico. Scheduled for the weekend following the National Police Shooting Championships, Club U Albuquerque will have plenty of information on range management, grant applications, legislative outlooks, and more.

If your outfit is looking for ways to improve their operation, take a second and sign up for your spot in the great south west now.

Ron Rosenberg at the NRA Club UniversityIndianapolis, Indiana - Award-winning marketing and customer service expert Ron Rosenberg was on hand to share his unique insights with our Indianapolis Club University students here in Indiana. Theories such as the "Schnauzer Effect," "Membership Values," and the "$50 Letter" had attendees scrawling copious notes and asking dozens of questions.

"His lessons are both entertaining and informative," said NRA Club & Association Marketing Manager Son Nguyen. "It's easier to learn these valuable lessons if you can do it with a smile."

The message behind Rosenberg's session is that everyone everywhere is in the same business. Whether you're a club in Kansas City, a merchant in Minneapolis, or an association in Annapolis, everyone needs to get the right message out to the right people. The challenge is how to convince your potential customer that you have what he needs. Want to learn how to approach this challenge? You'll have to sign up for our next NRA Club University!

Indianapolis, Indiana - Saturday morning means it's time for Club University here in Indianapolis, Indiana. For those of you unfamiliar with the program, Club University is a comprehensive, one-day "how-to" event for anyone involved in the shooting sports. So what do we mean by involved? We mean any member of a shooting range, hunting club, 4-H group, gun collectors, etc., should attend this seminar.

The day kicked off as Chairman of Clubs & Associations for the NRA Board Herb Lanford welcomed the crowd.

“As a native of South Carolina, I think Indianapolis might be too far from the ocean and the mountains for me,” joked Lanford. NRA's Melissa Betts “But our steaks last night were fantastic and the trip in put some beautiful country on display.”

Marketing Coordinator Melissa Betts (pictured at left) made her speaking debut with the broad strokes of what it means to be a NRA Business Alliance member. Following Melissa’s inaugural efforts included presentations on Range Services, club insurance, and more on working with the NRA.

We’ll get back to the Pistol Matches at Camp Perry soon, but don't forget to keep your eyes open for more on Club U Indianapolis – there’s more to follow.

NRA Clubs & AssociationRemember Champion Arms? The club that traveled all the way from Kent, Washington to attend a Club University in Nashville, Tennessee? That's a 2,400 mile trip -- and maybe it will serve as inspiration for someone contemplating the trip to the second NRA Club University of 2010.

NRA Clubs Marketing Manager Son Nguyen and his troops will be appearing live at the Radisson Indianapolis Airport Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday, July 17 to commence the day-long seminar. Open to all shooting clubs, ranges, and pretty much anyone who wants to become more involved in the shooting sports, this seminar is a great one-day answer to improving operations.

“Anyone interested in tweaking their membership capabilities, improving community relations, or adding women’s programs to their establishment should attend,” said Elizabeth Bush, NRA's National Manager of Clubs, Associations & Range Services. “This is a great resource for club growth and success.”

Much like past Club Universities, NRAblog will be there to share the stories -- and to blog live from the corners of the conference room.

But to get the most out of it, you need to be there in person. Reserve your spot now for the Indianapolis Club University by going to

For additional information, contact NRA Clubs & Associations at (800) NRA-CLUB (672-2582) or e-mail

Four times a year, Son & Jack travel across the nation to spread the word of NRA Clubs & Associations. One of those times happened to be this morning, here at the NRA's 139th Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"We really enjoy putting on a presentation at the Annual Meeting," said Marketing Coordinator Jack Baker. "It's a great chance to reach those NRA members who can't make it to one of our other three seminars. Now they get to attend Club University and the Annual Meeting at the same time."

For those unfamiliar with Club University, it's a one day seminar where clubs, ranges, and other firearms related associations can pick up a few tips on improving the operation. Here you learn how to improve community relations, reduce shipping or insurance costs, drive up membership and offer your neighborhood everything a good range should.

NRA Florida Field Rep Trip LancasterOrlando, Florida - One speaker at NRA’s Club University in Orlando was Florida native Howell “Trip” Lancaster. An NRA Field Representative for the past two years, Trip has been part of the NRA family even longer.

“NRA has always been part of my life,” explained Trip. “Growing up in rural Florida, shooting and hunting was always there. My first bb gun, that Daisy Red Ryder – that was a big moment. We were moving up! When I finally went dove hunting with my dad and had the opportunity to shoot, deer hunting too – those were big steps.”

Now he focuses on sharing NRA’s message through speaking engagements, recruiting drives, and fundraisers.

“One big thing have down here is the Wild Beast Feast,” said Trip. “It’s a one-night shot where we bring in venison, quail – even some Florida gator of course. Lots of fish and all kinds of frog legs and all kinds of delicacies of sorts. Last year’s dinner raised a little over $35,000. That, along with other programs, helped us raise $100,000 that was split evenly with 100 different applicants. If they apply, they get it. That’s our goal. Help get as many kids to college as possible."

The meeting ended as Trip rambled out to parking lot when I caught up to him for one last question: What’s the best part about working for the NRA? “It’s the people,” he said, smiling. “It really is.”

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