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The Bellevue Gun Club's Lance Kilgore wrote the following for NRAblog:

The Bellevue Gun Club is Washington's latest indoor shooting facility. The state of the art indoor range situated in a 32,000 sq. ft. building officialy opened it's doors on December 18th 2009. Currently we have 3 separate shooting bays. The pistol bay offers twelve 36" Action Target stalls, electronic target carriers, and 20 yard distance. The rifle bay offers 10 - 48" Action Target stalls, electronic touch pad target carries and 25 yard distance. The training bay is a 40' wide and 30 yard long open movement bay. It offers the ability to bring a vehicle or cruiser into it for security and law enforcement training and it will have lights bars with pa system installed in the ceiling for "real life training." The air system was designed by Carey's Heating and Air Conditioning who Specialize in ventilation systems for military and police department indoor firing ranges nationally. The air system is EPA - OSHA - NIOSHA certified and is monitored by the University of Washington for air quality.

All of our range masters are NRA certified. We offer in-house training by the nationally recognized Insight Training Center. If a firearm is purchased from the West Coast Armory Pro Shop, we offer a $25 discount to the already affordable new gun owner class. We support responsible gun ownership through affordable training and professional, informative staff.


Join the NRA Business Alliance The folks over in Field Operations have been hard at work increasing the number of benefits available to those who wish to join NRA’s Business Alliance. So what's the latest addition? Federal Express.

NRA Business Alliance members can now receive a discount on all shipments sent through FedEx. Here are the specific numbers:

15-lb. package shipped via FedEx Home Delivery®Up to 10%
FedEx OfficeSM copy and print servicesUp to 20%
2-lb. FedEx® Pak shipped via FedEx Standard Overnight®Up to 21%
32-lb. package shipped via FedEx Ground®Up to 24%
FedEx® Envelope Shipped via FedEx Priority Overnight®Up to 26%
FedEx Freight weighing 151 lbs. or more. Up to 65%

No shipping quotas, no enrollment fees; just sign up for the program by calling 1-877-290-4642 or visiting and enter passcode FVMK8W. About two weeks later, your FedEx account number will entitle you to every discount listed above.

NRA Clubs & AssociationThere are several incentives for organizations to join NRA's Business Alliance: insurance, grants, range services, and all sorts of discounts. Well, they just added something new to that already impressive list.

Outdoor Affinity Telecom recently joined the program the Business Alliance. Here's what Clubs & Association's Marketing Manager Son Nguyen has to say:

Outdoor Affinity Telecom provides a variety of telecommunication services to NRA members and their businesses. By clicking on, members can take advantage of savings on everything from local and long distance to wireless, web/data and managed services. As an added benefit, Outdoor Affinity Telecom offers a free communications audit to provide optimized and cost-effective solutions from over 50 network providers, improving your company’s business. Visit or call 866-519-5222 today!

NRA Business Alliance

Son Nguyen brings us the following update from the NRA Business Alliance:

HRTools software is the employee management solution every small business needs to attract, retain and manage workforce talent. Easy to navigate Q&A process walks you through the steps of a job description, performance review and policy handbook. The results: a professional, clear, concise job description, employee performance review or employee handbook in a matter of minutes.

HRTools offers NRA Business Alliance Affiliates a 15% discount toward any HRTools Software purchase! Look here to take advantage of this exclusive discount.

Learn more about the NRA Business Alliance.
NRA Business Alliance

Son Nguyen from NRA Field Operations brings us this update:

NRA Business Alliance members are currently taking advantage of many great perks to help their business as well as support the NRA. By joining this alliance, your business reaps the mutual benefits provided by other participating companies.

Ad Builder HQ is the latest benefit added to the perks package. NRA Business Alliance members are able to use Ad Builder HQ’s services at a reduced rate. These services include window signs, flyers and bag stuffers, and shelf signs. “It’s your own virtual advertising department,” Ad Builder HQ writes.

NRA Business Alliance

Son Nguyen from NRA Field Operations brings us this update:

NRA Business Alliance members are currently taking advantage of many great perks to help their business as well as support the NRA. By joining this alliance, your business can reap the mutual benefits provided by other participating companies.

CelerantCelerant Command Retail is a preferred partner of the NRA, and an example of a company which promotes other businesses within the NRA Business Alliance.

Celerant, a real-time management system that integrates all channels of a firearm/sporting goods business, provides all NRA Clubs and Business Alliance members with a 25% discount off all initial software and installation services, allowing you to take advantage of this integrated solution at a highly discounted rate.

Examples of this integration include, but are not limited to: POS, inventory management, electronic accquisition and disposition books, sales back office, memberships/clubs, warehousing, mail order/catalog, and e-commerce.

For further information, contact Celerant today at (877) 811-8500 or visit their website.

Learn more about the how the NRA Business Alliance can help your business and support the NRA. brings you a monthly profile of a member of the NRA Business Alliance. From attorneys and consultants to contractors and gun manufacturers, the NRA Business Alliance has something for everyone. Use the online directory to find NRA-supporting businesses in your area.

High Brass Coffee

Kenneth Blair and Matt Parrish founded the Virginia-based High Brass Coffee Company in 2007. The pair joined the NRA Business Alliance in May of 2008.

“Our experience has been great,” Parrish said. “The NRA Business Alliance’s directory of businesses is a great networking tool. The benefits and discounts are awesome – but more importantly, we wanted everyone to know that the High Brass Coffee Company supports the 2nd Amendment and the rights of gun owners everywhere.”

So where did Blair and Parrish find the inspiration to found a coffee business aimed at outdoorsmen? “First and foremost, a love for coffee,” Parrish said. “Good coffee.” Whether coffee consumers are hunting, fishing, camping, shooting, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, Parrish says a cup of his company’s brew is sure to help get any day started right.

High Brass Coffee offers a large variety of coffees. As to whether any one blend can be considered their best seller, Parrish says it’s hard to know. “Because of our proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Virginia, our Blue Ridge Blend is a very popular choice,” he said. “Overall, the Black Powder Blend is probably our most popular. It’s a Sumatra based blend and it has a very rich, smooth flavor.”

High Brass has a local following but is working its way to the national level, and Parrish says the future looks bright. “We are both humbled and amazed at the support we have received,” he said.

For more information on the NRA Business Alliance, see E-mail or call 1-800-NRA-CLUB with questions.

NRA Business Alliance

Son Nguyen from NRA Field Operations brings us this update:

NRA Business Alliance members are currently taking advantage of many great benefits to help their business as well as support the NRA.

The Business Alliance program has recently expanded its benefits in order to provide businesses that support the NRA more great deals.

Companies such as Payment Alliance and Globalinx have teamed up with the NRA to provide discount services to business members on credit card processing and telecommunication services. Countless businesses have taken advantage of the great rates Lockton Risk Services has provided for liability insurance. Lockton has now added a new health insurance program for small businesses and their employees.

In addition to the savings, a percentage of the proceeds will go back the NRA to help protect your 2nd Amendment rights. Members will also be able to open accounts with Corporate Express, a Staples company to receive discounts on office supplies. FedEx will offer shipping discounts starting December 2008. All Business Alliance members will still be able to take advantage of current benefits such as a free listing on the online directory that reaches nearly four million NRA members as well as a monthly NRA magazine.

Please call 1-800-672-2582 or visit for more information.

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