Sherri Gallagher at the Palma Awards during the Long Range High Power section of Camp Perry in 2011 Brisbane, Australia - You can never be too careful when you're in the lead. Especially if Sgt. Sherri Jo Gallagher is breathing down your neck. It's the same tenacity that landed her a spot on the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit and made her the U.S. Army's 2010 Soldier of the Year that'll make her push and focus until her shot is just right. Exactly what she did on day three of the International Confederation of Fullbore Rifle Associations' World Individual Championships in Brisbane, Australia.

Heading into the final day of of the Individual Championships, Gallagher leads fellow American Trevor Massey by 1 point and 1 X ... and the rest of the field isn't too far behind.

Per the competition's website, the final day is comprised of a 900 and 1,000 yard match. The top ten then advance to a 20 shot match at 1,000 yards. With a handful of American's still within striking distance of the top ten, it could be anybody's game.

The World Individual Long Range Match
   Sherri Gallagher USA 510-038X
   Trevor Massey USA 509-037X 
   Jane Messer Great Britain 508-043x
   Nick Tremlett Great Britain 508-039x
   Andre' Du Toit South Africa 507-054X

Sherri during Long Range High Power at Camp PerryBrisbane, Australia - With only a few days left at the World Long Range Championships at the Belmont Shoot Complex in Brisbane, it's time to battle it out for the Individual title. Reports suggest that weather came into play again as rain fell upon the range during the 800 yard match. That's when things got interesting.

As competitors moved on to the 900 yard match, the wind began to pick up. The scores, however, still hovered at the 74 (out of 75) point mark. As it says on the competition's website, "The strong frontal wind was more than just tough it was down right cruel at times. Changing quickly in angle as well as in strength magpies and outers were commonplace across the range." Now that does sound like fun.

Here are the scores as of 8:50pm (6:50am est) in Brisbane:

The World Individual Long Range Match
  Richard JeensGreat Britain 366-026x
  Jim JefferyAustralia 365-034X
  Trevor MasseyUSA 365-026X 
  Andre' Du ToitSouth Africa 364-044X
  Sherri GallagherUSA 364-027X
(Sherri pictured above during Long Range High Power at Camp Perry)

John Whidden of the United States Rifle Team won the National Queen's Prize at the World Rifle Championships in Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia - There are a number of constants when it comes to Nashville, Georgia's John Whidden. He's always got a smile. He always wears a that ratty red ballcap when shooting, and he always shoots pretty darn straight. Each and every one of those things were true earlier today when he shot a 100-13x on the final day of the Queen's Prize to win the three-day aggregate match with a 399-046x. A day one score of 150-012x and a day two of 149-021 were enough to overtake early leader and Palma Teammate Norman Anderson for the title.

As per the custom, fellow competitors carried Whidden and his green John Deere-sashed rifle to the awards ceremony in a litter/chair. And as per usual, the only thing missing from the scene was his ratty red baseball cap. The above photo comes courtesy of fellow Palma Teammate Dave Cloft. Here's how the top ten finished:

The Queen's Prize Match
  John Whidden USA Rifle 399-046X
  Sherri GallagherUSA Rifle 398-054X 
  Jim BaileyAUS Rifle 398-044X
  Petrus HaasbroekSA Rifle 398-043X
  Norman AndersonUSA Rifle 398-043x
  Colin ColeNorth Arm 398-039x
  Andre Du ToitSA Rifle 397-048X
  Johannes Du ToitSA Rifle 397-048X 
  Geoffrey GrenfellBendigo 397-048X
  Tom WhitakerUSA Rifle 397-047X

Norman Anderson of the US Army Reserve Shooting Team in Australia, courtesy of Dave Cloft Brisbane, Australia - On the right in the "Coach" outfit we see Norman Anderson. Norm is a long range high power shooter for the U.S. Army Reserve Shooting Team. Today is a special day for Norm for a few reasons. First, he's in Brisbane for the 2011 World Rifle Championships at the Belmont Rifle Range. Second, he's currently in first place as day three of the National Queen's Prize match is about to begin. Third, it's his birthday ... happy birthday Norm.

The Queen's Prize is a three day match shot at 300, 500 and 600 yards on day one, 500, 800 and 900 yards on day two followed by 900 and 1,000 yards on day three. So far, Norm has yet to drop a shot on any target. But that doesn't mean he's in the clear as there are plenty of competitors nipping at his heels. And then there's the weather.

"It's windy as heck," said fellow Army Reserve Shooting Team member Dave Cloft. "There's been some rain and the forecast calls for more."

Sounds a little like Camp Perry, aye?

Birthday or not, now's the time for Norm to focus. With more than forty shooters within three points of the lead, including 2009 Long Range High Power champ Sherri Gallagher (298-041x), 2010 Long Range High Power winner John Whidden (see below) and Cloft (297-028), he's sure to have his hands full once day three begins.

The Queen's Prize Match
  Norman Anderson USA Rifle 300-034X
  David Luckman GB Rifle 299-040X 
  Petrus Haasbroek SA Rifle 299-036X
  Angus Bell AUS Rifle 299-035X
  Ben Emms Lundhurst 299-034x
  Jim Bailey AUS Rifle 299-033x
  John Whidden USA Rifle 299-033X
  Mirko Teglasi Canada Rifle 299-031X 
  Colin Cole North Arm 299-031X
  Jim Jeffery AUS Rifle 299-029X

The USA Young Eagles - Team Red - win the Under 25 Australia Match at the World Rifle Championships

Brisbane, Australia - England, South Africa, Canada and others have sent their best Long Range High Power Rifle shooters to Brisbane for the 2011 World Long Range Championship at the Belmont Shooting Complex. With individual and team competitions lined up through the 22nd of October, there's plenty of opportunities for our men and women from Camp Perry to put their mark on the international stage.

More on the Australia Match at the World Long Range High Power Rifle Championships ...

Queensland competitors make the trip to New Mexico for NRA Pistol Championship

Robert Pierce and Paul Trinder of the Queensland Police Service at the National Police Shooting Championships in Albuquerque Albuquerque, New Mexico - Upon arrival at the Shooting Range Park for NRA's National Police Shooting Championships, one of the first things I did was check out the shirts. Competitors and supporters sporting the colors and logos of their shooting team. A shirt that stood out said Queensland. Queensland? Where the heck is that?

"Australia," answered Sgt. Robert Pierce of the Queensland Police Service. "Came over just for your Championships mate."

Located in the southeast corner of the continent, Queensland is best compared to California when considering climate. Home to cities such as Rockhampton (where Pierce and his team mate Paul Trinder are based), Brisbane (the capital) and Townsville, the state is probably best known for what one just outside of Cairns ... the Great Barrier Reef.

"I've been with the Queensland Police Service for twenty years," said Trinder. "The last ten as Training Coordinator for Firearms and Officer Safety Training Program."


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