First Texas Senator Ted Cruz, then Washington Times's Emily Miller, now Virginia's Lingamfelter receives NRA's Carter-Knight Freedom Award

Fairfax, Virginia - Virginia Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter has a lot of things going for him. As a 28 year veteran of the U.S. Army, Lingamfelter rose to the rank of Colonel and received numerous commendations including the Defense Superior Service Medal, two Legions of Merit, the Bronze Star and the Southwest Asia Service Medal with three battle stars. As a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, he chairs the Committee on Militia, Police & Public Safety and founded the Legislative Sportsmen’s Caucus. Now he's being recognized for his work by the NRA.

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Great tales left over to tell after our Thanksgiving break

Turkey, stuffing and cranberries left over from the Thanksgiving meal

Fairfax, Virginia - So how much did you eat?

Is there any turkey left? Maybe a few scoops of mashed potatoes too? There has to be something left over from Thanksgiving. For us, there's plenty.

Plenty of stories from the fields of Camp Perry, the National Shooting Park Range, the NRA Convention in St. Louis as well as those lying in wait here at the NRA Headquarters. Pictures of NRA events, NRA people and firearms from the NRA Museum. All with stories to tell.

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Custom made Colt Single Action Army Revolver at the NRA

Right side view of the 175th Anniversary Single Action Army revolver

Fairfax, Virginia - We recently told you that Colt Manufacturing was giving the National Firearms Museum their 175th Anniversary gun for safe keeping. Ours to watch over for a year, the Anniversary gun is a Single Action Army revolver.

"We engraved it at our custom shop to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of Colt Firearms," said Timothy Looney, Manager of the Colt Custom Shop. "It's a one of a kind with a serial number of 175."

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Orange barriers blocking downed trees after Hurricane Sandy

Fairfax, Virginia - It was a storm unlike any other.

Timid in parts, brutal in others, Hurricane Sandy swept through the eastern United States with the greatest of ease. Millions were left without power, thousands without homes and hundreds in ruin. The power has returned for a lucky few, but for most the recovery will take longer.

I was one of the lucky ones.

The power was out for a couple of days, the roof sprung a few leaks and there's a considerable amount of clean up to complete, but it could have been much worse. It could have been much worse. Let me give you an example.

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Emily Miller
Emily Miller of the Washington Times with her Sig in Washington, D.C. - photo courtesy of Emily Miller/Washington Times
Earlier this month, NRA President David Keene received a letter from the Washington Times. No, they weren't asking for an interview or to update his subscription ... they wrote the share the latest news regarding the Emily Gets Her Gun series.

For those of you who haven't read the collection, it's the ongoing tale of the twist and turns one encounters when trying to purchase a handgun in our nation's capital. Here, in part, is the letter:

Dear David, I am writing to bring you up to date on the latest news surrounding Emily Miller's award-winning Washington Times series, "Emily Gets Her Gun."

In addition to the Harlan B. Carter-George S. Knight Freedom Award from the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund, Washington Times Senior Editor for Opinion Emily Miller was recently awarded the Clark Mollenhoff Award for Investigative Reporting from the Institute on Political Journalism.


Fallen tree caused by the June 30 storm that hit the East Coast

Fairfax, Virginia - If you were anywhere around the DC Metro area last night, odds are you've been spending a few hours without power. And if you're from my neck of the woods ... odds are you're still without.


Joe Kain Fairfax, Virginia - Joe Kain was recently welcomed to the NRA as an intern for the Youth Programs Department. He is not that much different than most college sophomores in the fact that he takes classes, studies hard and enjoys leisure time with friends. Although there is one thing that does set him apart from his peers — Kain is part of the Hillsdale College Shotgun Team.

Hillsdale College is located in Hillsdale Michigan and is amongst an elite number of educational facilities that compete in shooting sports at the collegiate level. Many members of the NRA have assisted Hillsdale College develop their program by coordinating meetings with range architects and others who helped them start their shooting programs. The college currently has four trap fields, one skeet field, and a sporting clays course.


NRANews gets and NRA story at the Annual Meeting in St. Louis

Breanna Lincoski told us about her first time running an Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program at a Pennsylvania elementary school. Anthony Colandro shared a story about hosting the New Jersey State Ruger Rimfire Match. And NRA Certified Instructor Kevin Cummins sends us a report from time to time covering his work with the Boy Scouts out in St. Louis. These were all great stories and we want to hear more.

That's where you come into play. Have a good NRA story? Then send it our way.

Tell us about your experience at an NRA Law Enforcement class like Mike Lane. Or how an NRA program helped change your life like Youth Education Summit alum Kaley Read. And there's always a good story about scouts learning to shoot rifles like Mike Michaels.

Just send your story, along with a picture or two, to We'll go through the submissions, pick the ones that fit (hopefully all of them) and run them here on NRAblog.

Now start writing.

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