NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship & Training Summit

The NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship & Training Summit starts tomorrow at CMP Center South in Anniston, Alabama.

USA Shooting's 3P Junior Olympics sporter air rifle finishes up today and precision air rifle begins at the NJAGC's conclusion on June 29. This is the place to be if you're an air gun shooter and there will be plenty of them at the range the next few days.

If you missed last year's championship, this year marks the completed conversion to electronic targets which make scores much easier to keep track of and is a world of change for spectators.

As the name implies, this is so more than just a championship. Young shooters who are just getting into the sport and there's a lot to learn. The next three days will be chock full of training seminars on shooting in college, conditioning, how to obtain grants, maintaining your equipment and more. Everyone, the staff, volunteers, and our friends with the Civilian Marksmanship Program, is there to help and this wouldn't be possible without them.


USA Shooting/NRA Progressive Position Air Pistol Championships

Not too long after the National Junior Air Gun Championship coming up at the end of the month is another great junior competition - the USA Shooting/NRA Progressive Position Air Pistol National Championships.

Held July 6-8 at the CMP South facility in Anniston, Alabama, the championships are a great competition for young air pistol shooters to get championship experience.

Anyone can shoot in the championships until they reach the year of their 21st birthday.

This year's top male and top female will have the honor of being named to the USA Shooting National Junior Development Team where they will have the opportunity to train with Olympic-level talent and greatly improve their skill.

There are three positions a shooter may use in Progressive Position Pistol and, once chosen, it must be used for duration of the match.

More on Junior Progressive Position Air Pistol Championships ...

NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship & Training Summit

This year's NRA National Junior Air Gun Championship & Training Summit is approaching fast.

Held June 26-28 at CMP Center South in Anniston, Alabama, this match is open to all juniors shooting sporter or precision air rifle. If you want to get even more shooting in, the match is sandwiched between the USA Shooting's 3P Junior Olympics sporter air rifle on June 23-25 and precision air rifle on June 29-July 1.

Entries to the NJAGC may be limited due to the number of points and relays available and as such are being assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.

Coaches who show or include a copy of their current National Rifle Association/USA Shooting/Civilian Marksmanship Program coaching card will qualify for a $15 discount valid for one individual entry or one team entry.


Sgt. Damian Williams, Madison Police Dept. and his Refuse to be a Victim class Ruthann Sprague has had a heck of a year so far in 2011 running the NRA's Refuse To Be A Victim® program. For her, it's more than compiling the materials and sending it out to her instructors – there's also a good deal of follow up involved. That's why we get to hear great stories like this one.

"I just received these photos from Sgt. Damian Williams of the Madison Police Department in Madison, Alabama," said Sprague. "His seminar was on October first at the Madison Police Training Facility."

Learning about how to develop a security plan for the home or how criminals think are just a few of the lessons taught in these classes. Each providing something for attendees to consider in their lives.

In a review of the class, one participant wrote, “Sgt. Williams gave us an informative and well presented program. I left at the end of the seminar with several items I need to take action on, things I never thought of before.” That is the goal of the program. Refuse To Be A Victim® aims to build your awareness, intuition and knowledge so that you avoid dangerous situations and make yourself less attractive as a target.

Refuse To Be A Victim® is the NRA’s personal security and crime prevention program that covers home security, auto security, travel security, technology security, physical security, and personal protection devices. You should think about improving your awareness and building your knowledge by attending a Refuse To Be A Victim® Seminar. Find one near you at

Fairfax, Virginia - Like hundreds of youths across the country, nine-year-old John Michael O'Barr of Odenville, Alabama stormed into the 2011 George Montgomery/NRA Youth Wildlife Art Contest Contest with a mighty Grizzly Roar. Elegantly drawn on a single sheet of paper, this fourth grader brings to life one of the last things you want to see when hiking about in the great outdoors.

We won't know how John's Grizzly stacks up against the rest of Category II (reserved for fourth through sixth graders) until all the entries arrive, but I wouldn't hesitate to put that monster on my wall.

The Youth Wildlife Art Contest is open to all 1st through 12th grade students. Just make sure that your drawing/painting/etching/other depicts an animal that's legal to hunt in North America, that there's a self-addressed stamped return envelope included and that your entry arrives here at NRA Headquarters (11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030) by the November 1, 2011 contest deadline.

Still have questions about entering? Check out the Youth Wildlife Art Contest website at or email us at

This article on the continued hard work of the Headland Police Department, Lt. Dennis Cobb and the Eddie Eagle GunSafe® Program comes by way of Alabama's Dothan Eagle:

Eddie Eagle on NRAblog

Eddie Eagle helps Headland students learn gun safety

One child after another smiled as Eddie Eagle walked around handing out high-fives on Wednesday morning.

Allison Rucker, a 9-year-old fourth grade student at Headland Elementary School, called watching the Eddie Eagle video her favorite part of the gun safety program hosted by the Headland Police Department at the school’s cafeteria.

“I learned if you see a gun not to touch it,” Rucker said. “You stop and tell an adult, and they’ll put it up and lock it.”

Headland Police Lt. Dennis Cobb, who led the gun safety program, said the program was funded through the National Rifle Association. Cobb led the children from several first and fourth-grade classes as they called out the phrase “Stop! Don’t Touch. Leave the area. Tell an adult.”

“A lot of times we as parents don’t make sure our (firearms) are locked, and we don’t take the time to teach the children ... ” said Natlie Wright, Rucker’s fourth-grade teacher. “We take it as common sense, but the children may not have the knowledge about what to do.”

Click here to continue reading.

For more information about this program, check out the Eddie Eagle website.

The following article was featured in in Alabama's Dothan Eagle earlier this week:
Local NRA chapter to fund school shooting program

Joe Phillips has seen the various characterizations of his beloved organization.

The uninformed, he says, may hear the term “NRA” and think of militia-like groups of men with long beards hunkered down in rural compounds with vast arsenals. But the National Rifle Association is something totally different to Phillips. He sees the association as a body that promotes gun safety, supports worthy causes and defends the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.

“Of course you don’t agree with everything the NRA does, but name me some organization or institution that you’re going to agree on every little thing,” said Phillips, who has helped organize the local chapter’s Friends of the NRA Banquet for the past nine years. “In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad 10-1.”

Phillips said more than 500 people are expected to attend Thursday’s banquet, during which the local chapter will donate $12,000 to two county schools for gun/shooting safety and instruction programs...  This year, the chapter will present $6,000 checks to Ashford High School and Rehobeth High School to fund the programs. A teacher from each school has taken an NRA-certified course to teach rifle instruction.

Continue reading here.

While on our way down to Charlotte, North Carolina for NRA's 139th Annual Meeting, NRAblog happened upon a very special occasion. It was the welcoming ceremony for an Honor Flight out of Alabama.

For those unfamiliar with Honor Flights, it is a program brought to life through the work of Earl Morse. While working at a clinic in Ohio, this retired Air Force Captain wanted to find a way to take his patients, World War II veterans, to see the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. First, it was a couple of flights with volunteer pilots (including Earl) that flew 137 veterans to DC. Now, it's supported by a major airline that has transported over 35,000 veterans to DC for a tour a of monuments, museums, and other areas of interest. All costs and fees are covered … a simple practice of giving back to those who sacrificed so much.

So this is a small salute to the veterans who journeyed to the Nation's Capital from Alabama yesterday and to all those who sacrificed so much when we needed it the most.

The Tri-State Gun Club in Level Plains, Alabama, held a Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic on September 19, with a record 63 participants. 

"The club's members hail from Alabama, Florida, and Georgia," Women On Target coordinator Beth Hellmann told NRAblog. "This was the largest Women On Target clinic ever held at Tri-State."

Send a report and/or photos from your Women On Target instructional shooting clinic to  

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