Whether you're looking to try out an air gun before you purchase or just experience the fun of the shooting sports, the “Pyramyd Air” Air Gun Range is the place you want to be during the 2012 NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in St. Louis, Missouri.

Bianchi Cup Champion Doug Koenig stops by the Pyramyd Air Air Gun Range at the NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh on NRAblog

Hosted by the NRA’s Competitive Shooting Division, the Air Gun Range is back by popular demand. Last year, thousands of people visited the range to try their hand at air gun competition. Even the best shooters in the country stopped by, including NRA Bianchi Cup Champion Doug Koenig (pictured).

Sponsored by Pyramyd Air, the Air Gun Range will be open from Thursday, April 12 to Sunday, April 15 in rooms 123 and 124 at the America’s Center.

The Air Gun Range will operate during the following hours:

Thursday, April 12: 2:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Friday, April 13: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 14: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Sunday, April 15: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Columbus, Georgia - At the conclusion of this year's NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships, the top pistol shooters from this past year were announced to the NRA All-American pistol teams.

Created in 1936, the All-American award honors collegiate shooters in the rifle, pistol, and shotgun disciplines. Rifle All-Americans were announced just recently at the NCAA Rifle Championships and the Shotgun All-Americans will be announced at the ACUI Clay Target Championships next week.


Nick Mowrer the United States Naval Academy secured the individual and team championships respectively during the Open Air Pistol Championship

Columbus, Georgia – The last day of the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships saw all shooters assemble in the USAMU's Pool indoor range for the final championship of the week, Open Air Pistol.

The United States Naval Academy had its eyes on a fourth team championship to take back to Annapolis and Nick Mowrer, the senior for Pikes Peak, looked to once again sweep the individual championships and retire from the collegiate championships on a sweet note.

Shot from a distance of ten meters, the Open Air Pistol Championship's course of fire is fairly straightforward - 60 shots over one hour and 45 minutes.

Ten meters might not be very far, but trying to make 60 extremely precise shots turns the match into one of attrition.

Are your shots becoming less accurate because your arm is getting tired? You better hope the fatigue is afflicting everyone else too. Shoot a 7 and your opponents can gain on you or strengthen their lead. Every shot counts.


Navy's Emily Meyer wins the NRA's 2012 Women's Air Pistol Title for the U.S. Naval Academy

Columbus, Georgia - Members of the U.S. Naval Academy's pistol team arrived at the NRA's Intercollegiate Club Championships thinking of nothing but titles. With yesterday's Women's Sport Pistol Team match in the bag, there was an overwhelming belief the they'd be heading back to Annapolis with plenty of spoils. If they ran the table during Women's Air Pistol, it would mean three out of the four 2012 women's trophies would reside at the Academy until next year. They better start making some room.

The Women's Air Pistol Championship drew large crowds to the United States Army Marksmanship Unit's Pool Complex. Some to cheers on their teammates and friends, some to see if Navy could pull off the run.

Stepping to the line with air pistols in hand, fourteen female shooters focused on the task at hand — firing forty carefully aimed shots down the ten meter indoor range. By the time it was over, The United States Naval Academy shooters locked up the Women's Team Aggregate with a final score of 1102. West Point, finishing number 2 on the board, ended up 25 points behind with a 1077.


Top Intercollegiate teams and shooters arrive at Ft. Benning

NRA pistol at Ft. Benning

Columbus, Georgia - As if last weekend's NCAA Rifle Championships at Ohio State weren't enough, tomorrow kicks off the NRA Intercollegiate Pistol Championships along with the NRA Intercollegiate Rifle Club Championships here at Fort Benning.

Traditionally these championships were held independently of each other. This year, however, they will take place simultaneously as a part of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit's (USAMU) Army Strong Collegiate Shooting Championships.

In addition to the two NRA championships, the new Army championships will include the Scholastic Steel Challenge Collegiate Championship and the Scholastic Clay Target Program Challenge.

Today teams arrive for registration, equipment checks, coaches meetings and practice on the range.


2012 NCAA Rifle Smallbore line

Columbus, Ohio - The Smallbore Championships are almost complete here at Converse Hall. Below are photos from the third relay which is wrapping up right now.

The relay started with a bit of excitement when future-Olympian Sarah Scherer's firing pin broke just as she was ready to shoot for record. Fortunately for Sarah, some quick work by NRA committee member Newt Engle repaired the rifle and got her back in action a few minutes later.


The Kentucky Wildcats, winners of the 2011 NCAA Rifle Championships on NRAblog

Last week, NCAA announced the teams and individual competitors selected to shoot in the 2012 NCAA Rifle Championships next week at Ohio State.

Eight teams are invited to compete in the championships. Participants are determined by adding the average of the three highest regular-season scores to the results from the designated qualifiers.

A total of 48 shooters are invited to the tournament. The first 40 come from the rosters of the eight selected teams, while the final eight are chosen by the NCAA Men’s and Women’s Rifle Committee, who look at the scores submitted from qualifiers.

The Smallbore Championships are Friday, March 9, and will be followed by the Air Rifle Championships Saturday, March 10. Overall team and individual champions are determined by the highest combined aggregate from the two championships.

NRAblog will be there providing coverage of the matches, award ceremony and presentation of the 2012 NRA All-American awards Saturday night, so keep checking back.


2010 First Team All-American Rifle recipients on NRAblog

In addition to the championships that come with the end of the season, so too do the NRA All-American awards. Nominations for the prestigious achievement must be submitted to the NRA Collegiate & Schools Program by February 22. The following week, the NRA Collegiate Programs Committee will convene to determine this year's 2012 NRA All-Americans.

Consistent and exemplary performance is a hallmark, and perhaps the most evident characteristic, of the All-American. Recipients embody intangible attributes such as integrity, respect, and responsibility. These highly motivated men and women distinguish themselves on a level above that of their peers.

Whether NRA All-Americans continue outstanding marksman careers or pursue other fields such as medicine, architecture, education, law, the military or even space exploration, they accomplish notable successes in their careers.


The Alamo Trophy

The 2012 NRA National Indoor Rifle & Pistol Championships are currently underway and NRAblog will be highlighting a couple of the trophies awarded at the end, starting with a twofer: the Alamo Trophies.

The Alamo Trophy is more than just a bronze plaque, it is a symbol of the significant contributions made to the nation's history and development by the rifle and superb marksmanship of frontiersmen like Davy Crockett and his fellow defenders in the famous battle from which the trophy got its name.

The trophy was first offered by the NRA in 1942 and is the annual award for the High Scoring Team in 4-Position (prone, standing, sitting, kneeling) at the Sectional-National Junior Smallbore Rifle Championships. The match's course of fire is ten shots in each position, per shooter, at 50 feet on the A-17 target with metallic sights.


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