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NRA Women On Target is a safe, fun introduction to firearms safety and marksmanship by women and for women

Anette Doerr NRA Women On Target

Last month new Women's Outdoor News columnist Annette Doerr attended a Women On Target clinic and wrote a great piece about her experience.

How I Survived My First Ladies-Only Shooting Clinic

Have you been considering hosting an NRA Women on Target Instructional Shooting Clinic at your range? If you are interested in getting more women involved in the shooting sports, read on, and consider hosting your own clinic sometime soon. I recently held my first, a pistol clinic. What a fun and rewarding experience it was for everyone involved.

The NRA website is a great resource for information in general. This also holds true when it comes to hosting Women on Target instruction. Clinic choices include rifle, pistol, shotgun or any combination of the 3, depending on what your range can handle and the experience of your volunteers. The clinic itself is very basic, with an emphasis on safety. Each one starts off with a classroom/educational portion covering firearm safety, proper firearm storage, and much more essential information. The second half of the clinic consists of one-on-one live-fire exercises with an instructor.

More on Annette Doerr's first Women On Target clinic ...

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women on target
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Anette Doerr NRA Women On Target
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