Ladies from around the country take part in outdoor shooting, camping and survival camp

On the rifle range at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico

Raton, New Mexico - September brings about the beginning of another season. Temperatures fall, the air grows crisp, and the sun begins to shallow. It's a perfect time to be outdoors. And for those interested in stepping it up in the outdoor skills department, there's no better place to start than the NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape.

"What you'll learn out here in eight short days will set you up for a lifetime of outdoor fun," said Recreational Shooting Specialist Kara Schlifke.

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Twenty new firearms from Smith & Wesson will help women learn shooting, hunting and outdoor skills in New Mexico

Welcome sign for the NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape at the Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico

Fairfax, Virginia – We're proud to announce that Smith & Wesson is helping the Women's Wilderness Escape in a big way. The firearms manufacturer has donated ten MP15-22 rifles and ten SW SD9VE pistols to the eight-day getaway that introduces women to the shooting sports at the beautiful NRA Whittington Center outside Raton, New Mexico.

“Smith & Wesson’s donation is a great addition to the Women’s Wilderness Escape” said Managing Director of NRA Recreational Programs & Ranges Elizabeth Bush. “Participants learning on the same rifles and pistols will help our instructors teach marksmanship skills more effectively than ever before.”

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NRA Webinar covering Women on Target, Refuse to be a Victim and Wilderness Escape

Fairfax, Virginia - While NRA's programs are meant for everyone, we do have a few that specifically cater to those of female persuasion. Programs created to welcome women into the wonderful world of shooting sports. Along with said programs are awards, endowments, scholarship and matches to match. But I'm might as well be talking Klingon to most of you, right? Here's how we're going to fix that.

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NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape teaches shooting, hunting and outdoor skills in New Mexico

Welcome sign for the NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape at the Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico

Fairfax, Virginia - Labor Day marks the end of summer. Kids return to school, weather starts to chill and football is back in season. But for the NRA, Labor Day marks the final sprint towards the Women's Wilderness Escape.

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Two sessions of wilderness shooting, hunting and survival lessons in New Mexico

Learning shotguns at NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape in Raton, New Mexico

Fairfax, Virginia - You don't need to know how to survive in the outdoors. You don't need to know shoot a rifle, catch a fish, to build a fire or clean a shotgun. You don't need to know how to do any of that, but wouldn't it be nice to know?

That's the opportunity the NRA is offering this September in Raton, New Mexico. We only have one stipulation ... ladies only.

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Three years ago this week, Lisa Metheny filed a report about her time working at the NRA's Women's Wilderness Escape in Raton, New Mexico. Here's a look:

Archery at the Women's Wilderness Escape

NRA Hosts Women's Wilderness Escape

For nine days this fall, a diverse group of homemakers, teachers, nurses, a district judge, commercial pilot, veterinarian, and even a doctor all shared a common desire: the longing to experience something unique, unexpected, and challenging. Something that would force them to step outside their comfort zones. Many of the women received an encouraging nudge from a supportive spouse, while others made the decision entirely on their own. But each eventually chose to venture to the Land of Enchantment for an adventure camp for women, the National Rifle Association’s Women’s Wilderness Escape (WWE).

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NRANews shooting a segment of Curator's Corner at the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - As the summer season starts to roll in, NRANews rolled into NRA Headquarters to hear about the latest in General Operations. Shooting a series of bumpers spanning from the National Firearms Museum to Education & Training to the Law Enforcement Division, the bumpers serve as commercials for the online broadcast.


NRA Women's Network

Today is Mother's Day, a day dedicated to recognizing women who play a special role in our lives. But here at the NRA, we celebrate the role of women in the shooting sports each and every day. The new NRA Women's Network is helping us do just that, serving as a resource and tool. Whether you're looking to become more involved in the shooting sports or just want to meet likeminded ladies, the NRA Women's Network has all the information that you need.

This new resource provides information on hunting, shooting, training, education, and much more. It also gives an in depth look at some of the "The Women of the NRA" - the ladies who have made the NRA a part of their lives. We encourage you to explore the NRA Women's Network and discover all that the NRA has to offer women, including program like the recent NRA Women's Outdoor Adventure. Take a look at the video below to meet Elizabeth Lanier, an instructor from the event with a passion for getting more women behind the gun.  

Prois Hunting & Field Apparel focuses on the female market

Prois Elevation Series at SHOT Show Las Vegas, Nevada - As it says on her website, Prois Hunting & Field Apparel CEO Kristie Pike is proud to NOT be one of the guys. It’s not required in our sport. After all, hunting is a discipline that can be mastered by all … especially if you have the right gear. With that mission in mind, Prois unveiling their new Elevation Series here at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas Nevada.

“We’re really excited about the new Elevation Series,” said the Colorado based Pike. “It answers the call for the more performance, aggressive hunts that take you up into high altitude for sheep, goat, elk and muley. The kind of hunting we do in our neck of the woods. ”


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