30 Cal Gal Anette Wachter hits Camp Perry on NRAblog

Popular blogger and long range high power rifle shooter warns of new laws

Olympia, Washington - I first met Anette Wachter four years ago at the NRA's National Long Range High Power Rifle Championship in Camp Perry, Ohio. A statuesque brunette, Wachter easily stood out in the crowd. I just so happened to be a big fan of her twitter feed as well.

After a quick exchange of pleasantries, we talked about shooting, life in Washington, and how she could get more involved.

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From the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - Commission sets waterfowl seasons, discusses elk with hoof disease

American Hunter writers and editors on the duck huntOlympia, Washington — With a record number of ducks counted on the northern breeding grounds this year, the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission approved migratory waterfowl hunting seasons for this fall and winter during a public meeting in Olympia Aug. 8-9.

The commission, a citizen panel appointed by the governor to set policy for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), also approved a new regulation that requires hunters to leave on site the hooves of any elk taken in southwest Washington to help minimize the spread of a disease that affects the region’s herds.

Under the waterfowl hunting package, most hunting opportunities in Washington will be similar to last year. That includes a statewide duck season that will be open for 107 days, starting Oct. 11-15 and continuing Oct. 18-Jan. 25. A special youth hunting weekend also is scheduled Sept. 20-21.

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From the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - WDFW restricts target-shooting hours at Wenas Wildlife Area to prevent wildfires

State of Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission logo Yakima, Washington - To reduce the risk of wildfires, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will again restrict target shooting on the Wenas Wildlife Area near Yakima and Ellensburg.

Under a temporary rule in effect from June 2 through Sept. 30, target shooting will be restricted to the hours between sunrise and 11 a.m. when the risk of starting a wildfire is less severe.

Public notice of the limited hours will be posted at all entry points and established target shooting sites in the wildlife area.

WDFW adopted the rule in cooperation with the Washington Department of Natural Resources (DNR), which owns lands within the 114,150-acre wildlife area.

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From the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission - Commission adopts new hunting rules, reduces cost of some special permits

Hunting Elk - image courtesy of American Hunter Magazine Olympia, Washington - The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission took action to expand the number of big-game hunting permits available this year and reduce the cost of several types of permits during a public meeting April 11-12 in Olympia.

The commission, a citizen panel that sets policy for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), approved those and other changes while adopting new hunting rules for the upcoming season.

The continued growth of many state deer and elk populations will support increases in the number of hunting permits issued this year, said Dave Ware, WDFW game manager.

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From the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - State's wolf population kept expanding last year, according to WDFW survey

Gray Wolf Photo by Gary Kramer, USFWS Moses Lake, Washington - Gray wolves established four new packs and expanded their territory in the state over the past year, state wildlife managers told the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission at a public meeting here today.

That assessment was based on an annual survey by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) that confirmed the presence of 13 wolf packs, five successful breeding pairs and at least 52 individual wolves in 2013.

Donny Martorello, WDFW carnivore specialist, said the latest findings point to continued growth in the state's wolf population under state and federal recovery plans.

"While we can't count every wolf in the state, the formation of four new packs is clear evidence of steady growth in Washington's wolf population," he said. "More packs mean more breeding females, which produce more pups."

All but eliminated from western states in the last century, wolves are now protected under Washington law throughout the state and under federal law in the western two-thirds of the state.

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From the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife - File hunting reports by Jan. 10 to qualify for permit drawing

State of Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission logoOlympia, Washington – Hunters have a chance to win one of nine 2014 special hunting permits if they report this year’s hunting activities for black bear, deer, elk, or turkey to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) by Jan. 10.

Those who meet the deadline will be included in a drawing for five deer permits and four elk permits in various areas of the state. Those permits will be valid from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31, 2014.

To qualify for the drawing, hunters must submit a report for each black bear, deer, elk, or turkey tag they purchased and for each special hunting permit they received in 2013.

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Support the NRA and the shooting sports at Friends of NRA dinners in Colorado, South Carolina, Washington and more

Friends of NRA

Fairfax, Virginia - Wednesday brings us the next round of Friends of NRA banquets courtesy of Nicole McMahon, NRA Event Marketing and Communications Manager.

There are only a handful of events left as the wildly successful 2013 season comes to an end. All told, there were about 1,100 Friends of NRA dinners held this year and each one contributed to the record breaking amount of money Friends of NRA has raised for the shooting sports. Of course none of these events would have been possible without the help of our volunteers. Without the thousands of individuals who donate their time to our great cause, we would not be able to accomplish our missions of supporting national, state, and community-focused shooting sports programs.

To attend an event in your neighborhood, check the Friends of NRA website for a list of upcoming events in your state. While it's true that there aren't many left, the list of 2014 events will begin popping up very soon. Bookmark the page while you're there and check back to see when your area is holding its dinners.

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West Tacoma Thunderbird Lauren Phillips puts plans for rifle and future into action

Lauren Phillips packing up her rifle at the NRA National Smallbore Rifle Championships in Camp Perry
Lauren Phillips packs up her rifle after the Drew Cup at NRA's Smallbore Rifle Championships.

Port Clinton, Ohio - Two years ago, Lauren Phillips didn't know anything about Camp Perry. She was just your average high school kid living in the outskirts of Tacoma, Washington. She spent lived her life just like any other 16 year-old; go to class, hanging out with friends, and head off to the football game on Friday night. But that wasn't good enough for her. No, Lauren wanted more. She was looking for new challenges and a foolproof plan to secure her future.

Her plan revolved around a rifle.

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From the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission - Commission approves hunting rules, defines options for octopus protection

Thad Fuller with a Bighorn Sheep Olympia, Washington – The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted 17 new hunting rules and agreed on a range of possible options for providing more protection for Puget Sound’s giant Pacific octopus population during a public meeting April 12-13 in Olympia.

The commission, a nine-member panel appointed by the Governor to set policy for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), approved the new hunting rules after holding a public hearing March 1 in Moses Lake and reviewing written comments received earlier this year.

One new regulation approved by the commission will allow bow hunters to use electronically illuminated arrow nocks, which can be helpful in finding and retrieving arrows. Other new rules will:

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