TacTissy is burning through Facebook, YouTube and the NRA Range

Krystie 'TacTissy' poses for a photo on the NRA Headquarters Range in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - This wasn’t in the plans.

When Krystie and Tim (affectionately known as the cameraman) launched the TacTissy website a little over two years ago from a kitchen table in Pennsylvania, the website was just supposed to be a way to keep in touch with friends from the range. Soon enough it has morphed into an internet phenomenon.

“We didn’t expect TacTissy to be anything,” Krystie explained while filming on the NRA Range. “Next thing we knew there were a hundred people, a thousand, ten thousand, then a hundred thousand. I almost passed out.”

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History Channel champ shares secrets of shooting like a pro

Top Shot Chris Cheng's Shoot to Win book is a top seller Fairfax, Virginia - It's safe to say that most of the shooting world is familiar with Chris Cheng. The tech geek who took a few weeks off from Google to blaze through and win Season 4 of History Channel's Top Shot. That's all the inspiration he needed to say goodbye to Silicon Valley and hit the professional shooting circuit.

Since then Chris has accomplished quite a bit. He's holding his own as a Bass Pro Shops sponsored shooter, became a NRANews Commentator, and wrote his first book.

Titled Shoot To Win - tips, tactics, and techniques to help you shoot like a pro, the book has been nothing short of a hit. So much so that the first run sold out in under two weeks - not too shabby for a self-taught shooter.

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Law Enforcement from around the nation's capital come together in a test of skills

Shotgun shooter finds his mark at NRA Tactical Police Competition

Fairfax, Virginia - Under the dark and dingy drizzle-threating skies of Fairfax County arrived a select group of individuals. Men and women who wake every morning with you in mind. Men and women who strap on a gun, pin on a badge, and head out to protect and serve. Today they exercise that duty through another form; competition.

Here for the NRA’s 2014 Fairfax Tactical Police Competition are deputies, sheriffs, constables and agents from around the national's capital. All putting their skills to the test in a race against time and accuracy.

“It might sound like fun, but it’s a lot of work,” explained Law Enforcement Competition Manager Marc Lipp. “Some people will not go home happy.”

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