STL 1 Tactical Pants – an unbeatable combination of technology and user-friendly features

NRA Propper STL 1 Tactical Pants Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter brings us the latest in tactical pants from Propper and the NRA Store ... -

Fairfax, Virginia - Here at the NRAstore, we’ve seen and tested numerous tactical pants over the years. They’ve become increasingly impressive with each evaluation. So, imagine our surprise when Propper was able to wow us with their STL 1 Tactical Pants – an unbeatable combination of technology and user-friendly features.

For starters, the STL 1’s are comfortable – really comfortable! They’re built from 96% heavy-duty nylon and 4% stretch fabric, which means the STL 1’s move with you – not against you. Match that with a reinforced, diamond-gusseted crotch, and you’ll be amazed at the tremendous range of movement offered by these pants. Speaking of comfort, the STL 1’s also have a water repellent finish to prevent soaking up sweat or water.

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Saying goodbye to the programs of the NRA

Lars Dalseide

Fairfax, Virginia - I knew this day would eventually come. The day I’d say goodbye to NRAblog. And it’s with a heavy heart that such a day has arrived. So what does that mean?

That means I won’t be walking the Camp Perry firing lines this summer. That the days of interviewing members at the Annual Meeting, welcoming the latest treasures to the National Firearms Museum, following competitors through Tactical Police Competitions, and snapping shots along the way are over for me. No more early morning airport runs followed by long days searching for stories and late nights fixing photos and writing recaps.

So how tough was it?

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One of a kind knife has the taste of an heirloom from the NRA

NRA Special Edition Buck Vantage Knife
NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans brings a product to us this morning that combines two American icons ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Does it get more American than the NRA and Buck Knives®? We don’t think so. Because, for American sportsmen, guns and knives go hand in hand – and these two institutions represent the best of both worlds.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the NRA Special Edition Buck Vantage Knife.

NRAstore staff and the guys at Buck Knives focused on making a durable, EDC folding knife with state-of-the-art construction and a timeless look. We think we hit the nail on the head with this one.

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Off-duty reserve deputy with Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department saves untold lives from knife attack

2014 NRA Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Mark Vaughan

Fairfax, Virginia - The National Rifle Association is proud to announce the selection of Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Vaughan as its 2014 Law Enforcement Officer of the Year.

On September 24, 2014, an employee of a commercial food distributor in Moore, Oklahoma, was suspended for the violation of work rules and harassment of employees. After initially leaving the office, he returned with an 8-inch long serrated knife and crashed his vehicle into a car parked in front of the business. He then entered the main office and attacked Colleen Hufford, the first employee he came upon, and murdered her by decapitation.

Hearing screams from the attack, Mark Vaughan, CEO of the business and an off-duty Reserve Deputy with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department, took action. Quickly evaluating the tactical needs of the incident, he retrieved his Patrol Rifle and sought out the suspect.

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NRA News examines an exquisite 20 ga. over and under shotgun by master craftsman Tony Galazan

Robert Petersen's Pedretti by Tony Galazan of Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company on NRA News

Fairfax, Virginia - "Tony Galazan is a magician," declared National Firearms Museum Senior Curator Philip Schreier as he held up a beautiful 20 ga. over and under shotgun made by Galazan's Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company.

The gorgeous bird gun is the subject of this week's Curator's Corner on NRA News and Schreier couldn't sing its praises enough.

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50K hours of tactical illumination with picatinny rail/barrel mount

Flash Combo tactical light from the NRA Store NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans brings another great product for the recreational shooter to light ...

Fairfax, Virginia - At NRA Tactical, our mission is to deliver gear that’s ready, resourceful and responsive – at a great value.

Our newest tool – the FlashCombo – is an all-in-one, mounted illumination solution for modern firearms. Whether you use it for home defense or hog hunting, you’ll have a tactical advantage right out of the box.

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Petersen's legendary sense of humor crosses his passion for firearms collecting with this Model 21

Robert Petersen Model 21 double rifle by Tony Galazan on display at the National Firearms Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - If you set out to commission an entirely custom firearm, what would you choose? Would you engrave it? Ok, of course you would, but what would you choose for the engraving? Many firearms collectors own pieces commemorating their specific interests and famed collector Robert Petersen was no different.

The subject of this week's Curator's Corner on NRA News doesn't have a purpose that is out of the ordinary for firearms enthusiasts living out in the country, but its decor is what sets it apart.

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Sheepskin fleece adds comfort for conceal carry holster

NRA Store's Covert Comfort Belly Holster Joe Garnreiter, Merchandise Buyer for the NRA Store, has a perfectly comfy solution for those who find their conceal carry options a bit too rough or irritating for every day use ...

Fairfax, Virginia - If you’re going to wear something all day – everyday – it all comes down to one thing: COMFORT! And as far as holsters go, it doesn’t get any more comfortable than the NRA Covert Comfort Belly Holster.

While other belly holsters are prone to cause chafing, the Covert Comfort is the exception. The rear of the holster is lined with a soft, natural fleece sheepskin to offer all day coziness – no matter the temperature!

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The finest version of the finest American shotgun ever produced

John Olin's Winchester Model 21 Grand Royal, the

Fairfax, Virginia - What's the best American shotgun ever made? If you go around asking that question, you'll get a whole variety of answers. But if you ask collectors, people who really know their way around firearms, you're going to start getting the same response over and over, the Winchester Model 21.

Winchester aimed for the stars with this side by side shotgun and it's safe to say they achieved their goal. The firearm's quality is universally praised and it's a treasured piece for any collector lucky enough to have the opportunity to buy one.

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