Top Shot competitor tells tales at NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville

Michelle Viscusi laughs while signing pictures at the NRA Convention in Nashville

Nashville, Tennessee - It's difficult to get past the smiling face of GLOCK's Michelle Viscusi. Jumping into the international shooting scene on Season 4 of History Channel's Top Shot back in 2012, she capitalized on her new found celebrity and signed on with Team GLOCK.

"I got on to Top Shot and ever since then I've been on the competition side of shooting. That's where we're at now."

Now where we're at the is the NRA Convention. So between autograph signings and picture taking, we snuck in a few seconds to ask Michelle about her first gun, last gun, and next gun.

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Enter for your chance to get Shoot To Win, the new book from a Top Shot champion

Top Shot Chris Cheng Shoot To Win Giveaway

Fairfax, Virginia - If you've ever heard of History Channel's popular reality challenge show Top Shot, you're probably familiar with Chris Cheng. The Season 4 winner, who took a few weeks off from his job at Google to be a part of the show, wasn't expected to fare well against the ensemble of former military, law enforcement, and professional shooters present. But Cheng came out on top, outshooting everyone else to become a champion and announce his presence to the shooting world.

After the win on Top Shot, Cheng left Silicon Valley behind and turned his attention towards his passion for firearms. In between being a sponsored shooter for Bass Pro Shops and discussion the future of the Second Amendment as a NRA News Commentator, Cheng found time to write a book chock full of tips to make you a better shooter.

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History Channel champ shares secrets of shooting like a pro

Top Shot Chris Cheng's Shoot to Win book is a top seller Fairfax, Virginia - It's safe to say that most of the shooting world is familiar with Chris Cheng. The tech geek who took a few weeks off from Google to blaze through and win Season 4 of History Channel's Top Shot. That's all the inspiration he needed to say goodbye to Silicon Valley and hit the professional shooting circuit.

Since then Chris has accomplished quite a bit. He's holding his own as a Bass Pro Shops sponsored shooter, became a NRANews Commentator, and wrote his first book.

Titled Shoot To Win - tips, tactics, and techniques to help you shoot like a pro, the book has been nothing short of a hit. So much so that the first run sold out in under two weeks - not too shabby for a self-taught shooter.

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Top Shot's Game of Horse brings out a belt fed and slows down a shooting gallery

They probably wanted to leave the audience wanting more. Why else bring out some World War II relics for the opening challenge only to come to screeching halt in the elimination round? But you've got to give it to them ... there was nothing but tension at the end.

William hits with machine guns and misses with shotguns on his last episode of Top Shot All Stars
Poor shooting gallery tactics are an end for William tonight on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.

With that in mind, here are my five quick thoughts on episode eleven of Top Shot All-Stars:

  1. The initial challenge put competitors behind the trigger of a Browning M1919. That sound like fun? Well put it in the back of an M2A1 WWII Halftrack and you've got a barrel of monkeys at the ready. While there was a touch of marksmanship involved with this challenge, it was more about smart ammo usage and target selection.
  2. Almost everyone aimed at the first target — big mistake. Hindsight suggest the gun should have been pointed forward — where you're going — instead of behind. They were too busy trying to hit what they missed instead of aiming at what was coming down the pipe.
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A Wheel of Fire, a Zip Line, and a double elimination on History's Top Shot

Adam Benson was the first go home BEFORE the proving ground on Top Shot

Maybe last week's break from Top Shot was good thing. Spend time family, catch up with friends, maybe finish up that project you've been waiting to tackle for weeks. No matter what the reason, the show came back with a vengeance tonight.

With that, here are my five quick thoughts on episode 10 of Top Shot All-Stars:

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Big Boom starts with high energy action ends with lazy reloads on Top Shot

It was great start. High energy, lots of action, tense situations that had viewers on the edge of their seats. Then it was time for the elimination round. How did it end up? Well, here are my five quick thoughts on episode nine of Top Shot All-Stars:

Of all things, it was the bow and bolt of a crossbow that sent Joe home on Top Shot All Stars
Reloading catches Joe shorthanded tonight on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. With eight remaining shooters, Top Shot finally broke out the shotguns. In a twofer, kids would split into teams of two - one to hit a launcher while the other hit two launched birds. When the cycle completes, competitors change firing positions and go again. After a practice session, teams were picked and the shoot was on.

    This had to be a troubling revelation for some as their future was tied to the performance of others … a performance neither could count on. For the viewer, however, we were going to see some action.

  2. Despite warning Phil that he was a poor shot on ariel targets, Chris Cerino was the first overall pick. While they were impressive enough at first, an even more impressive performance was put on by William and Pete. Chris was true to his work and ended at the proving grounds with Brian Zins and Joe Serafini.
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Pistols, Rifles and Cannons? Tricks shots and big guns come out for Top Shot

Apparently the producers for Top Shot had quite the bit of action left in their History Channel quivers. With three trick shots and a mountain gun awaiting, here are five quick thoughts on episode eight of Top Shot All-Stars:

It took a Hotchkiss Mountain Gun to send Kelly home on this episode of Top Shot All Stars
Problems with a cannon reload ended Kelly's time on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. The initial challenge, a trick shot three-fer, meant it was time to put the individuals into teams. Three teams of three to be exact. Two things jumped out during the selection phase as Joe Serafini was picked in the first round and Kelly Bachand didn't hit the wire until round three.

    Huge surprise given the way each has performed up to this point.

  2. No sooner do I open my big mouth about who was picked when than Serafini comes up big (2 for 3 in the throwing a can of soda in the air and hitting it with a Schofield Revolver) and Kelly goes one for three on the "opening a bottle with a Volquartsen task.

    Nice bit of foreshadowing as Kelly opened the night saying team competitions never work out well for him … all to true here.

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From Barrett's MRAD to a Henry Rifle to a stick, Top Shot tries for all corners in long range challenge

After taking a break for the 4th of July holidays, Top Shot returns to the History Channel airwaves. Feeling a need to fill in the blanks, here are five quick thoughts on the rifle and atlatl play in episode six of Top Shot All-Stars:

Fumbling at long range and close range rifle, Alex went home on this episode of Top Shot All Stars
Alex calls it quits after bad rifle and stick days on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. George Reinas returned to Top Shot as a expert for the long range sniper shot. And wouldn't you know, he was even more George than ever. Though underutilized in the final cut, he was on hand for tips and pointers along the Craig "Sawman" Sawyer. George had him beat hands down … especially when it came to the hair.
  2. Jamie Franks was first to go and knocked it out of the park. Nailing a one mile shot in 30 seconds, he finished the competition with the top overall score. Kelly Bachand was a close second (due to his competitive rifle experience and shooting glasses). As for the others, well, there were a variety of strategies involved. Chris Cerino shot, waited and adjusted. Brian Zins fired, reloaded, fired, reloaded, fired … you get the picture. Any guesses as to who performed better?
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Pistols turn to Rifles as Gabby ends up with snake eyes on History Channel's Top Shot

We hope to have more on the latest episode of History Channel's Top Shot soon, but until then … here are five quick thoughts on the pistol and rifle play in episode five of Top Shot All-Stars:

Much to our despair, Gabby Franco lost in the elimination on the latest episode of Top Shot All Stars
Shooting Gallery ends Gabby Franco's run on Top Shot - photo courtesy of History Channel.
  1. The show kicked off with a team challenge centered around the Remington Model 1875, a single action revolver. The single action messes with the aim as the gun has to be cocked before it's fired … thus mandating an adjustment after every shot. Made a bit of a difference for some.
  2. It was a dice game. Six stages where each stage is a different side of a die. With their captains randomly picked from the ammo box, it was Kelly, Brian, Gary, Alex, Gabby and Joe versus Jamie, Chris, Peter, Phil William and Adam. Though taking an early lead, Kelly's team fell off at the end as frequent Bianchi Cup competitor Chris Cerino handed 11-time NRA Pistol Champ Brian Zins his head on the six.

    This had to make Jamie's day as he was constantly his season's punching bag and picked last in the last show. Redemption baby.

  3. You only had enough rounds to complete your round. So miss once and you have to reload. That's where the challenge really turned. Those that fumbled the reload, Gary Quesenberry for example, eventually lost the round.
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