Injured servicemen and women from Fort Belvoir Military Hospital invited for a day at the range

Recovering veteran inspects her target with NRA Range Safety Officer Matt Sharpe

Fairfax, Virginia - Earlier this month, a group of recovering veterans from Fort Belvoir Military Hospital were welcomed to a day at the National Rifle Association.

Organized by NRA Range Customer Service Specialist Debbie Crews, the afternoon included a tour of the National Firearms Museum, a behind the scenes lunch, and a trip behind the firing line at the NRA Headquarters Range. A day away from their regular routines of rehab and respite to unwind behind a few of Samuel Colt and John Browning's finest.

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Tuesday temperatures and snow causes cancellations at the National Rifle Association

Snow returns to Northern Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - It only took two days.

Two days after returning from the relatively comfortable 60 degree sunshine of Las Vegas, Nevada and the 2014 SHOT Show for the bleak, chilling frost and snow of Washington, DC to rear its ugly head. For most of the region that means no school, no work, no dice.

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Fairfax, Virginia - The second round of snow to fall upon the DC Metro area has left everything in a tizzy. Reagan and Dulles airports are canceling flights and plowing snow, the federal government is shut down (without the aid of their usual shenanigans), and a good deal of underage boys and girls are enjoyed a second day off from school. Another victim of the second snow fall is the NRA.

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Finding out about the Programs of NRA General Operations on NRANews

Samantha Olsen leads the NRA 3-Gun charge appearing on NRANews

Alexandria, Virginia - I know what you're thinking.

The NRA is announcing a new contributor to stand along side Colion Noir, Natalie Foster, Dom Raso and Billy Johnson. Alas, no. What you're actually seeing there is Recreational Shooting Specialist Samantha Olsen getting ready to share the story of NRA's new Airsoft 3-Gun program on NRANews. And you're going to see more.

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Special guests include Oliver North, R. Lee Ermey and actor Joe Mantegna

Range fees waived for Veterans during live broadcast

Kurt Schlichter and NRANews host Cam Edwards talk about the latest in 2nd Amendment rights on NRANews at the headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax, Virginia - As the scarcely visible sun starts to set on Veterans Day 2013, the cast and crew from NRANews are halfway home. That's halfway in relation to time and not distance. The distance today is farther than usual as they are not broadcasting from the friendly confines of their studio in Alexandria, Virginia. No, today they are broadcasting from the range at NRA Headquarters.

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4-hour live broadcast scheduled for Monday, discounts for veterans

Wounded veterans take aim at the NRA Headquarters Range during a special shooting event

Fairfax, Virginia - Veterans Day is always special. At least it should be.

For most it's just a day off. An opportunity to sleep in, catch up on chores — make a lazy day of it. Most fail to understand or appreciate what these men and women went through. What they gave up. The sacrifice.

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Special discounts for female shooters on Thursday nights at the NRA Headquarters Range

Natalie Foster, co-founder of Girls Guide to Guns and NRANews Commentator, fires at the NRA Headquarters Range

Fairfax, Virginia - Who doesn't like a Ladies' Night?

You see them at bars, clubs, restaurants ... just about anywhere you can imagine. Now you can see them at the NRA Headquarters Range.

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EOTech Millionth Sight Giveaway contest stops by the NRA in its trip around the world

Fairfax, Virginia - When you're in the market for quality optics, EOTech is right up there. In celebration of churning out their 1,000,000th sight, EOTech is taking it around the Earth to cool places and shooting cool things. The best part? If you can guess the sight's location, you'll be entered to win some great prizes.

This week, EOTech's sight stopped by the home of the NRA to take in the history of the National Firearms Museum and spend some time at the range. Watch the video above to see Stephanie Spika of NRA's Institute for Legislative Action guide the sight through its new stop.

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High school students and Top Shot's Chris Cheng practice target shooting during NRA Youth Education Summit

NRA Youth Education Summit at the NRA Range

Fairfax, Virginia - It shouldn't come as much of a surprise that the first stop of the NRA Youth Education Summit's weeklong Washington D.C. tour was NRA Headquarters. After a full day spent learning about the NRA's history, its community outreach programs and a tour of the National Firearms Museum, the students were joined by Top Shot's Season 4 winner Chris Cheng for some marksmanship practice at the NRA Range.

After taking the NRA Range Test to make sure everyone was well acquainted with safety procedures, the kids were split into small groups, equipped eye and ear protection and started shooting. Under normal circumstances, range visitors must bring their own firearms. Ammunition must also be brought by the shooter, or bought at the range. However, thanks to some very generous volunteers and NRA employees, the range was outfitted with a wide selection of firearms and ammunition for the summit.

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