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Fairfax, Virginia - Two years ago the NRA began planning a match to develop and test defensive rifle skills with modern, general-purpose rifles, such as the extraordinarily popular AR-15. After careful refining, NRA is proud to present the NRA National Defense Match (NDM). Created for people of nearly all skill levels, these matches are able to be conducted on most center-fire rifle ranges throughout the country.

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The cover of the October issue of Shooting Sports USA

The October issue of Shooting Sports USA is now available, and this is one issue you won't want to miss. This month's copy of the digital publication features all the action from the 2011 National Rifle & Pistol Championships at Camp Perry in an extended 42-page issue.

Coverage of the Smallbore, High Power, and Long Range phases of the National Rifle Championships are all included in this issue, as well as a the National Defense Match.

We just caught up with him in Albuquerque, but this month Managing Editor Chip Lohman also has an interview with Philip Hemphill, the 10-time National Police Pistol Combat Champion who crossed over into bullseye shooting and won his first National Pistol Championship at Camp Perry this summer.

Still haven't gotten enough of Camp Perry in one issue? There's quick links to videos about the National Trophies and even a special note on how you can stay in one of the historic huts on base.

Finally, this issue offers the second installment of a three-part series on not cracking under the pressure of competition. This part features expert advice on pressure from top shooters such as Bianchi Cup Ladies Champions Jessie Harrison and Julie Golob that help them stay cool when the heat of the competition is on. Missed the first part? Check it out.

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We've already shown you the junior shooters and some of the industry leaders that participated in the National Defense Match August 13-14 at Camp Perry, but here's a look at things from Glenn Goodwin with ShotResponse, the company responsible for the electronic target systems used during the match and this past weekend in Illinois. We'll have more photos and video for you throughout the week as well.

The inagural National Defense Match held at Camp Perry last weekend saw numerous shooters from some of the leaders in the shooting sports industry. Among them were Mike Guerra from Colt, Tommy Thacker and Ken Pfau from FNH USA, Bill and Amy Geissele of Geissele Triggers, Randy Luth and Deb Cheek from DPMS Panther Arms, Corey Schwanz of Brownell's, and Jim Clark, Jr. from Clark's Custom Guns.

These industry professionals, many of whom are seasoned competitors, shot alongside juniors, members of the armed forces, and others, making the match very diverse.

"This match is an introduction to a course of fire that can used at a grassroots-level to get people involved in a more tactical style of competitive shooting," said Match Director Trey Tuggle. "Having top names in the shootings sports industry come out to shoot the match is a great honor, and their generosity and feedback has been overwhelming."

Many of the companies represented were also sponsors of the match, so a big thank you goes out to them and all of the other amazing sponsors who showed their support for the very first National Defense Match.

We'll have more coverage of the National Defense Match coming over the next week including features on members of the military, the media, and our Top Shot Grudge Match: Reloaded!

At this weekend's National Defense Match at Camp Perry, one young man gained more than just experience at his first rifle match - he took home top honors. 14 year-old Colton Cerino from Wadsworth, Ohio won first place in the Optics Category, no small for feat for competing with a rifle for the very first time. Shooting a FNH SCAR, Colton was able to best seasoned shooters, including his own father, Chris Cerino. Chris was the runner-up on Season 1 of The History Channel's Top Shot, falling short only to his friend, the original Top Shot Iain Harrison, in the Open Category. Both Chris and Colton competed together at the 2011 Bianchi Cup, but for Colton, Camp Perry was his time to shine.

"Everyone noticed him and came up to talk to him, which was really cool," said Chris of Colton, who had trained with his father for just three days before shooting the National Defense Match. "If you're going to lose to anyone, you might as well lose to your own son. We're very proud of him."  

In addition to Colton, three other juniors shot the match including fellow 14 year-old competitors Remington Judd, Phoenix Hutchins, and Duncan Stewart. All four young men came to the match to compete with a family member, reinforcing the idea that competitive shooting can be a family activity.

Like Colton, Duncan competed alongside his father, Zeb Stewart, who was also a Range Officer. Remington shot the match with his older brother, Nathan, and Phoenix competed with his grandfather, Dick Jones.

"I designed the match after shooting with my sons," Match Director Trey Tuggle told the competitors. "It's something that everyone can do, from beginners to people who have been competing for years."

We'll have more photos, videos, and recap of competitors from the National Defense Match over the next week, so keep checking back!

Targets and equipment from the NRA's inaugural National Defense Match are loaded on the truck for NRAblog Port Clinton, Ohio - Last weekend's inaugural National Defense Match was a huge success with shooters and spectators alike. So much so that they're loading the equipment and talking it on the road this very weekend. Shot at targets from 7, 15, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300 and 400 yards, competitors are judged both on time and accuracy. And it was the accuracy that seemed to do some in.

"It's situational awareness," explained NRA's Tactical Rifle Coordinator Trey Tuggle. "Time is one thing, but if you don't hit the five sectioned target in the right section in the right order, well, then you're in some trouble scoring wise."


If you're in the Port Clinton, Ohio area between the High Power and Long Range High Power Championships this August, you might want to swing by Camp Perry to see the first Annual NRA National Defense Match. Open to rifles such as the AR-15 or FN SCAR, scores will be based on both time and accuracy as shooters fire from 7, 15, 30, 60, 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 yards. This match is invitation only.

Earlier this month, a handful of NRA employees headed out to the Peacemaker Range in West Virginia for a dry run.

The NRA's Inaugural National Defense Match guide on NRAblog NRA's Competitive Shooting Division has been rolling out online information guides for the past few months. There's the Bianchi Guide, the Camp Perry Insider, the Basic Guide to Competitive Shooting and much, much more. Now they've added the National Defense Match Guide to their arsenal.

Here's more on the match from John Parker:

Here is our guide for the inaugural National Defense Match, debuting at the National Championships in Camp Perry this year during the High Power Rifle Competition. This is a standalone championship, and the Course of Fire utilized in the match is one we hope that clubs across the country will utilize once they see how exciting it can be.

What sets apart this match from other NRA Competitive Shooting disciplines is the fact that it is designed to mimic real-life training and tactics. Rifles must be on your person and slung round your shoulder when not in use ... just like our Armed Forces stationed across the world are required to do.

NRA's Competitive Shooting Division offers a wide range of activities in all types of shooting for novices and world-class competitors alike. For more information, visit their website at www.nrahq.org/compete/.

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