Free events, seminars and specials this weekend at Cabela's

NRA Weekend at Cabela's

Fairfax, Virginia - So what are you doing this weekend?

Yes, I know, those of you within a few hundred miles of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania will be making your way to the PA Farm Show Complex for the Great American Outdoor Show, but what about the rest of you? Looking for something that combines the NRA and the great outdoors? Then Cabela's is the place to be.

Go to any and every Cabela's this weekend and all new and current NRA members who join or renew their membership during NRA weekend will receive a $25 Cabela’s gift card. But that's just the beginning.

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NRAstore's line for the proactive, independent NRA lifestyle has new gear for the fall

NRA Tactical Fall 2014 Catalog

Fairfax, Virginia - NRA Tactical has released their 2014 merchandise catalog and it’s chock full of hot new equipment for shooting enthusiasts who live the NRA lifestyle. Request a free catalog here.

Featuring a freshly designed 24-page printed catalog and website, NRA Tactical’s full product line is an extension of the NRAstore, NRA’s official merchandise source. The unique assortment of innovative gun cases, bags and packs, tactical apparel, knives, flashlights, and shooting accessories have been exhaustively tested to meet NRA's stringent quality standards. The NRA Tactical collection is the perfect complement for shooting enthusiasts who seek the best gear to compete in the shooting sports and protect themselves and their family.

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Overstuff backpack with enough room for three full-framed 1911 pistols

The NRA Tactical Vertx® Gamut+ Backpack
Joe Garnreiter, Merchandise Buyer for the NRA Store, has an NRA Tactical pack made to take on 35 liters of your outdoor and conceal carry needs ...

Fairfax, Virginia - At NRA Tactical, it’s our mission to offer our members only the most exceptional, innovative gear. To make the NRA Tactical grade, it must be built from the best materials, incorporate the best features and offer the best functionality. When we reviewed and tested the NRA Tactical Vertx® Gamut+ Backpack, its scores were off the charts in every area.

Constructed from ultra-strong 220/310 CORDURA® fabric and offering an astounding 35 liters (2,135 cubic inches) of storage, this pack will easily handle ALL your needs. The front panel opens fully, making packing and organizing your belongings a cinch. And don’t worry about overstuffing ... more on NRA Tactical's Vertx® Gamut+ Backpack ...

Labor Day special on NRA Member Pewter Emblem Mugs

The Benefactor Mug from the NRA Store
NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter raises a glass, or in this case a mug, in true membership celebration of Labor Day ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Labor Day celebrates honest, respectable, industrious American citizens. Since those virtuous qualities also apply to all five million NRA members, it makes sense for the NRAstore to join the celebration. We’re proud to offer products that support the American dream!

Built by hardworking Americans, for hardworking Americans, the NRA Member Pewter Emblem Mugs have enormous visual appeal. These heavy-duty, 15 oz. ceramic mugs are brimming with NRA pride.

Available in every membership level - Annual, Life, Endowment, Patron and Benefactor – each mug features a colorful, highly detailed pewter emblem, individually cast for your specific member status.

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Over 60 hot items including SEAL knife, Universal holsters, and flashlights

Big big big NRA Store Sale! Get your life membership now!
We like to think that every Membership Monday is special, but the one brought to us by Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter promises to be a real crowd pleaser ...

Fairfax, Virginia - “Biggest” and “best” are two words that aptly describe the NRA and its members. And that’s why you’ll be thrilled with this news: the NRAstore is having its BIGGEST sale ever, while offering its BEST offer for NRA Life Memberships!

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Versatile, high strength cord offers options for the outdoor experience

NRA Store's Tactical Survival Sling
NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans swings in with a paracord option or two ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Parachute cord (also called paracord or 550 cord) is a lightweight nylon kernmantle rope originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, due to its 550 lb. minimum breaking strength.  Once in the field, paratroopers found this cord useful for a host of other tasks. Today, it’s widely used as a general purpose and emergency utility cord by both military personnel and civilians.

The yarns of the core (commonly referred to as "the guts") can be removed when finer string is needed, for instance as sewing thread to repair gear, or to be used as fishing line in a survival situation.

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Adjustable and lightweight holster brings secure versatility for any situation

The NRA Store's new IWB Wrap Holster
Dropping in for an (almost) exclusive Sunday special, NRA Store Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter has an adjustable, removable, concealable holster solution for just about any pistol situation ...

Fairfax, Virginia - As a concealed carry practitioner, you’re all too familiar with the tedious, frustrating and expensive task of finding the perfect CCW holster. Most are bulky, some are heavy and few of them accept more than one pistol model. Chances are you even have a box in the closet teeming with old holsters that just didn’t fit the bill.

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for that “one size fits all” holster, then the NRA IWB Wrap Holster is here to answer the call. Built from high-strength cling fabric, this inside-the-waistband holster will conform to nearly any style, shape, size or model handgun on the market – it’s even ambidextrous! In three easy folds, the NRA IWB Wrap Holster becomes a custom fit holster for any and all of your handguns.

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Pop your patriotism with a gold NRA Shield radiating off the navy blue cap

NRA SportMesh Cap - front
NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans breaks out a touch of color with a splash of shade for your outdoor summer excursions ...

Fairfax, Virginia - As we march through the sunny, steamy summer weather, headwear is a necessity – especially NRA Hats! Comfort and breathability are indispensable too. That’s why our new SportMesh Cap should be your next go-to summer lid.

When the heat kicks up, this cap’s moisture wicking technology keeps you cool and dry. The soft, padded mesh fabric and sweatband provide exceptional ventilation and all day comfort on the range, golf course or patio.

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Rifle Rest folds up in your bag and flips out at the range

The NRA Tactical Folding Rifle Rest from NRA Store

Joe Garnreiter, merchandise buyer for the NRA store, is here with some portable support for the you and your rifle.

Fairfax, Virginia - When you’re packing up for the range with all your equipment in tow, it’s easy to get bogged down. Firearms, eye and ear protection, magazines, tools and ammo can all add up to a serious amount of weight. That’s why the NRAstore is constantly on the lookout for lightweight, yet functional gear. This time we hit the jackpot!

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