Rifle from the Silver Screen plays same role in 1990s bio-pic

Action of an 1878 Beaumont rifle used in the Charlie Chaplin movie Shoulder Arms

Fairfax, Virginia - You can never trust what you see in the movies.

No matter what the flick, I'll bet you that the guy on the screen is taller, shorter, fatter, dumber or not even a guy in real life. Same thing can be said about the props. It's not the right car, the right lamp or, in our case the right gun.

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Five Beretta highlights brought out of the National Firearms Museum

The Pietro Beretta (Brescia, Italy) Set of Four Rifles

Fairfax, Virginia - With all the action and buildup to the Annual Meeting in Houston, you'd think there was little time for anything else here at NRA Headquarters ... not true. That's why we rearranged our schedules and opened our doors when World of Beretta asked for a few moments of our time.

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National Firearms Museum closes the Maltese Falcon exhibit after 3 years

NRA curators Schreier and Sharpe pack up the Maltese Falcon for the trip back to California

Fairfax, Virginia - Almost three years ago today, a true Hollywood legend walked into the National Firearms Museum. Well, the legend rolled more then walked. For it was neither a woman or man who entered the museum — it was a thing. A statue. The Hollywood statue. The Maltese Falcon.

For thirty months and twenty some odd days, the Maltese Falcon has called the National Firearms Museum home. Sitting in a place of honor, beside the .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson revolver Clint Eastwood used in the first Dirty Harry movies, the falcon went practically unnoticed to the untrained eye. But once recognized, it produced the ultimate affect that every curator hopes for when displaying a new artifact — a smile.

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Curator's Corner segment of NRANews highlights Single Action Army from Peckinpah classic

Colt first generation single action revolver used by actor William Holden in The Wild Bunch

Fairfax, Virginia - Nobody made Westerns like Sam Peckinpah. And none of his movies were more controversial then his 1969 epic The Wild Bunch. The tale of aging outlaws trying for one last score, the group is led by Pike Bishop. Played by William Holden, Bishop spends the film fighting for his life with a Colt Single Action Army in hand.

That is the revolver you will see this afternoon on the Sportsman Channel's NRANews.

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Single Action Army appeared in Rio Lobo, True Grit and other Wayne Classics on Sportsman Channel

Colt Single Action Army revolver used by John Wayne in Rio Lobo at the NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - When an NRANews crew shows up at NRA Headquarters, there's usually a member of the staff or two who watch the interview being filmed. When they come to film an episode of Curator's Corner, there's usually a crowd.

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Supica and Schreier bring John Wayne's Colt Single Action Army to NRANews

John Wayne's Colt Single Action Army from The Shootist

Alexandria, Virginia - Alone it's remarkable. A Colt Single Action Army revolver. The sidearm every American recognizes from the classic westerns of days gone by.

"This gun is a great old original first generation Colt Single Action Army. The serial number places it's production at somewhere around 1901. There's no finish, gray patina, original barrel length with imitation ivory styled grips."

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After appearing in Lethal Weapon, Beretta 92 reappears in Die Hard

Beretta 92F used in the movies Die Hard and Lethal Weapon at NRA Museum

Fairfax, Virginia - One of the great things about Curator's Corner is that it provides an opportunity to learn. Sure, the Hollywood and collectable guns are great attention getters, but picking up a pointer or two along the way is never a bad thing. Take tonight's episode for example.

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NRA exhibit heads to Fraternal Order of Police event in Virginia

The members of the Fraternal Order of Police will have more then their regular offering of booths, displays and seminars at this week's 30th Biennial State Conference. Thanks to the NRA National Firearms Museum, those in attendance will be able to get a close up and personal look at an astounding collection of firearms used by police officers and a pair of Hollywood Heroes.

NRA National Firearms Museum display for Fraternal Order of Police

"We put together a special collection for those who make a daily sacrifice just by doing their job," said Senior Curator Doug Wicklund.


NRA Executive shares stories of success and Stars Wars Light Sabers with Virginia kids

Gainesville, Virginia - Career Day is a time honored rite of passage for kids and grownups alike. Recruiting an adult with a cool job to swing by an Elementary School and tell the kids about their job. Hopefully, if all goes well, the speakers will inspire a student or two. Popular professions at these events are usually veterinarians, fire fighters, or in the case of Andrea Cerwinske, the Deputy Director of NRA General Operations.

"I spent the day speaking to around 200 3rd, 4th and 5th graders," Cerwinske said with a smile. "I explained to the class about what the NRA is and how even as elementary students they can be apart of our programs."


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