Ideal conditions at National Rifle Matches sets stage for high scores

Shooter takes aim during the early rounds on day three at the NRA Long Range High Power Rifle matches at Camp Perry

Port Clinton, Ohio - There are five days in NRA’s National Long Range High Power Rifle Championship. Five days of firing round after round at 6’ by 6’ targets up to 1,000 yards away. Five days of Camp Perry’s wind bouncing off Lake Erie while the sun fights to break through the occasional cloud.

Two sets of relays have already taken their respective Shooter Shuttles out to The Pits … home of those 6’ by 6’ targets. There competitors take their turn at lifting and lowering the behemoth paper squares with every shot. Once fired upon, the target is lowered, scored, and raised back into place.

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Army marksmen dominate from one end of Camp Perry to the other at NRA High Power week

2014 NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championship at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - Running one range over at Camp Perry, alongside this year's NRA High Power Rifle Championship, is the NRA Mid-Range Rifle Championship.

Still sporting wet paint, the championship was introduced at least year's National Matches and is shot F-Class, which is target shooting with scope sights and artificial support (e.g. bipods and slings). F-Class was created by older High Power shooters who wanted to keep up the sport but needed assistance to zero in on the targets and keep their rifles steady. Over the years the sport grew to attract young shooters looking to ease into High Power shooting and has developed quite a following.

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Gusts break frames, rip targets, delay start of matches

2014 Army Cup at the NRA National High Power Championship, presented by Remington, at Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - For the first time in history, Camp Perry's High Power Championships and Mid-Range Championships are delayed due to wind.

Notorious for it's occasional brutal conditions, the National Matches experienced blasts so strong this morning that targets were strewn across the range. Start time for the Appreciation Cup, the day's first match, has been pushed back to noon ... if the winds subside. Should shooting resume before the wind fully dies down, expect some interesting scores as competitors are forced to wrestle with the wind.

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High Power competitors are struggling with wind and rain in Ohio

A competitor during the NRA's National Championship Cavalry Cup Match

Port Clinton, Ohio - The second-to-last match of the High Power National Championships has been shot. Competitors' scores were lower than expected for the first match of the day, most likely due to the ongoing wind and rain. Although competitors were dealt typical Camp Perry conditions, our top two competitors, Gallagher and Bernosky, were able to push forward and improve their scores for the Cavalry Cup Match.


Rosa Rodrigo Wins Army Cup at NRA's National Rifle Matches

USAMU member competing in today's matches

Port Clinton, Ohio - U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit's Brandon Green placed second in the Army Cup Match at the NRA National High Power Rifle Championships. Green, out-shot by civilian Rosa Rodrigo, hit 10s with every shot ... it was the Xs that got him. Rodrigo ended the day with an excellent score of 200-17x. Besting Green's 200-15X, the new Army Cup champ was just one X shy of tying the National Championship Record of 200-18x shot by SGT Sherri Gallagher in 2009.


Gallagher leads the pack at NRA National Matches in Ohio

SGT Gallagher in the lead for the High Power Championship title

Port Clinton, Ohio - SGT Sherri Jo Gallagher of the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit has jumped back into the lead at NRA's 2012 National High Power Rifle Championships. Gallagher surpassed fellow USAMU team mate Tyrel Cooper after firing a first place score of 199-9x in the Navy Match.


Marksmanship unit continues strong showing in Ohio

NRA Navy Cup match is shot in the standing position at 200 yards

Port Clinton, Ohio - Today's NRA High Power National Championship started this morning with the Navy Cup Match. The Navy Cup is shot from the standing position at 200 yards. Competitors and their rifles are allowed two shots for sighting before taking the next twenty shots for record.

Last year's High Power champ Carl Bernosky took the 2011 Navy Cup title with a score of 199-5x. Following yesterday's results, Bernosky will have a fight on his hands for this year's Cup as shooters from the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) are poised to make a claim of their own.


North Carolinian finishes two X's shy of NRA National Record

NRA Competitor Sara Rozanski in prone position during Camp Perry National Championships

Port Clinton, Ohio - Things have taken a turn for previous NRA High Power leader Carl Bernosky. As results for the Coast Artillery Trophy Match roll in, it appears that his score of 199-12x will put him a few steps behind the competition. That left the door open for John Friguglietti, who fired an excellent 300 yard prone, rapid fire effort to finish with a top score of 200-17x. Howell and Zerr finished second and third with 15 and 14 Xs respectively. Former High Power champ Tubb remains strong by placing fourth.

As always, these are preliminary scores as the NRA Stat office pushes through the challenge period when all becomes final.


Past High Power Champions leading the pack in NRA title hunt

SGT Sherri Gallagher Wins NRA Members Trophy Match in Camp Perry, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio - It is day one of NRA's High Power National Championship matches and the preliminary results for the Member Trophy and Scott Trophy matches are in. The first and second relays for the three matches are all wrapped up and stationed in the pits. Previous High Power National Champions Sherri Gallagher (2010), Carl Bernosky (2011) and David Tubb (most recent 2003) all took part in relay one. Although these results are preliminary, it appears last year's National Champion Carl Bernosky is on his way to a tenth High Power title.


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