NFLPA/SIG Sauer Academy Training Cooperative teach NFL players firearm safety and handling

Nate Solder, Rob Ninkovich, Ryan Wendell and Nick McDonald, members of the New England Patriots, dwarf SIG Sauer Academy Director Adam Painchaud at the training event held in April 2012.

As Super Bowl 47 approaches, we turn to Shooting Illustrated's Ed Friedman and his coverage of NFL players receiving firearm training at SIG Academy in New Hampshire.

Defensive Line
The NFLPA is taking a sensible, proactive step to ensure pro-football players receive the best firearms training available.

Fans and sportscasters aren’t the only ones who watch professional athletes. Because of their fame and the public knowledge of their rather hefty salaries, criminals often target stars of the playing field for robberies, home invasions and a multitude of other offenses. Sometimes, these crimes have tragic results, like the 2007 home invasion and murder of Washington Redskins defensive back Sean Taylor.

In response, National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Executive Director DeMaurice Smith tasked the organization’s Director of Security, Tim Christine, a former Secret Service Agent, to develop and implement a comprehensive training program designed to protect its members. The result, after several years of consultation, is the NFLPA/SIG Sauer Academy Training Cooperative.

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Military experience and NRA Programs are "a great combination"

NRA's Education & Training Department received a call earlier today from Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) William Bither, the Director of Corps Marksmanship and NCAA Rifle Coach for the Virginia Military Institute. Colonel wanted to share a story from their communications department regarding an NRA Basic Pistol course he held last month on the North Post firing range.

Sgt. 1st Class Chris Bean instructs participants on the use of the Ruger .22 cal. pistols. Photo courtesy of VMI. Firing Range the Venue for Basic Pistol Course
By John Robertson IV

LEXINGTON, Virginia – VMI employees and cadets made good use of the North Post firing range Oct. 13 as Lt. Col. Bill Bither and Sergeants 1st Class Chris Bean and Carmelo Echevarria offered the NRA Basic Pistol Course.

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Having the right instructor can make all the difference in Scouting

Taking in the fine points of shotgun instructing by Kevin Cummins at the Beaumont Scout Reservation

Kevin Cummins is an NRA Advanced Certified Instructor out of St. Louis. He's been holding shotgun instructor courses in Missouri for a long time now. His specialty is teaching those who teach the scouts. Here's an update on a recent class:

The Greater St. Louis Area Council of the BSA hosted a Shotgun Instructor class 12-13 October, 2012 at Beaumont Scout Reservation.

Education is key to firearm safety. We need to educate the next generation in the shooting sports. It begins with safe firearm handling.

Education is the foundation for everything we do. Our parents enrolled us in school so we could receive the education necessary to become good citizens and self-reliant members of society. It is incumbent upon us to continue our education daily and make certain that today’s youth are educated to best of their ability.

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The women learn how to determine which eye is dominant

Park City, Kentucky - Storm clouds settled upon the horizon yesterday as participants for NRA's inaugural Women's Outdoor Adventure began settling in. Greeted by the staff and fellow attendees, the ladies marveled as claps of lightning rivaled the percussion from a .50 caliber rifle.

This morning, the first day of the Women's Outdoor Adventure, started ... well, wet. Heavy rain that fell through the night and into the morning left the Rockcastle Shooting Center's range soaked. So rather than heading straight out into the muck, the ladies stayed indoors for a comprehensive safety and firearms orientation briefing.

After instructors covered safety procedures for the ranges, the women were left with an important task - to determine whether they were right or left-eye dominant. With that mission accomplished, they spent the rest of the morning becoming familiar with the various rifles, pistols and shotguns each are scheduled to fire throughout the week.


A group of newly appointed NRA Training Counselors at the NRA Whittington Center.

NRA Training Department staffers Andy Lander and Sean Thornton headed out west to the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico to teach an NRA Training Counselor Development Workshop. From April 20-22, 16 candidates took part in the training and earning their appointments at Traning Counselors. The group included 2012 Marion P. Hammer Woman of Distinction Award Winner Donna Vandermolen.

Candidates came from all across the country including Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Arkansas, Indiana, Oregon, Michigan and even as far as Hawaii.


Henry Repeating Arms logo

Thanks to more than 85,000 NRA Certified Instructors, tens of thousands of people receive firearms training every year. To help support the effort, several companies in the shooting sports industry provide special offers for our cadre of Instructors. New Jersey's Henry Repeating Arms is the latest company to step up to the plate.

Through a special pricing program for NRA Certified Instructors, Henry is offering their American-made rifles in both adult and youth models at discounted rates. These .22 caliber rifles are perfect for plinking, hunting small game, and participating in the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. They are also perfect for as training aids or for use during the NRA Basic Rifle course.


The Boy Scouts of America are one of NRA's most active Youth Cooperative Organizations, who utilize NRA firearms training for their shooting sports programs. Troop 270 from new Hampshire is no exception. Thank you to Scoutmaster Mike Michaels for sending the following report and photos from Troop 270's day of rifle shooting.

Tenderfoot Scout Nathan Cormier
Tenderfoot Scout Nathan Cormier admires one of his targets. Photo by Carol Lane
Dunbarton, New Hampshire - Boy Scout Troop 270 of Pembroke, New Hampshire brought out 18 Boy Scouts and 10 adults for a great day of rifle training and shooting fun. Weather was no concern as the boys were donated indoor range time and target rifle usage from Pioneer Sportsmen Inc. of Dunbarton, New Hampshire. Pioneer is a private club for pistol, rifle and archery with a beautiful and well equipped indoor range.

New shooters just starting the Rifle Merit Badge went through the NRA FIRST Steps rifle course with Instructor Scott Lane. Experienced boys proceeded directly to the range to complete their groups. One of the toughest parts of earning the Merit Badge is shooting five, 5-shot groups at 50 feet that can be covered by a quarter. Many of the participants were able to complete the requirements. All the boys had a great time with over 1600 rounds fired.

The troop shoot was organized by Scoutmaster Mike Michaels who has been a firearms enthusiast since the first day he shot a .22 rifle as a young Boy Scout. Michaels is noticing that there are not enough kids involved in the shooting sports but yet all of the scouts he meets are very interested in shooting.


Brownells logo Fairfax, Virginia - Brownells and the NRA are proud to announce a partnership aimed at strengthening the relationship among its more than 83,000 NRA Certified Instructors and their students. Provided free of charge, the newly founded NRA Instructor Sales Program provides instructors with their own Brownells affiliate website, marketing materials, discount pricing, and commission incentives, allowing them to more efficiently communicate with and outfit their students before, during, and after the course.

In addition to the great benefits provided to instructors, a percentage of each order placed is sent directly to the NRA Endowment Fund, benefitting the NRA's continued educational, safety, and legislative efforts.


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