The Washington Post asks our NRA gun guru about evaluating, displaying, and shooting some of the world's finest firearms

NRA Museums Director Jim Supica with a a Treeby chain rifle in the National Firearms Museum

Frances Stead Sellers of The Washington Post Magazine recently caught up with the busy Director of NRA Museums, Jim Supica, to chat about ... what else? Firearms.

The director of the National Firearms Museum shoots from the hip

Jim Supica, 62, is director of the NRA Museums, the biggest of which is the National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Va., which houses 3,000 guns and traces their role in U.S. history. Supica spent 20 years running a family business dealing in antique firearms and is co-host of “NRA Gun Gurus,” a kind of “Antiques Roadshow” for firearms.

How do you evaluate a gun?

There are many factors: make and model, condition. Provenance can add a huge amount — whether it was owned by Theodore Roosevelt or used by Jesse James. But you have to see how reliable the paperwork is that ties the gun to the individual.

Then there is the artistic value of custom firearms or engraved guns. They are the result of in­cred­ibly skilled craftsmanship, cutting images into steel, often using a hammer and chisel. The bulino engraving in our Petersen Collection is done by pressing dots into steel to create an illusion of light, almost like pointillist painting.

Do gun politics hover over this museum?

I don’t see that. The history and artistry of these guns transcend political issues. We’d love to be down on the Mall, but gun laws would make it very difficult in the District for people to bring us loans or donations.

Read the rest of the interview with Jim Supica here at The Washington Post.

Your new favorite summer shirt is here courtesy the NRAstore

NRAstore Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans is just in time with a light NRA Life Member polo perfect for the summer heat.

Summer has begun! It’s time for vacations, BBQ’s, golf and of course – shooting!

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NRAstore Quick Vent Safe

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Having unrestricted access to your firearm is vital to home defense. However, ensuring that your gun is safely secured – and out of sight – while not in use is every bit as important. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your handgun could be concealed inside your home, yet quickly accessible with a wave of your hand? The NRAstore’s newest product does all that, and more!

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NRA edition of Blue Book of Gun Values includes interview with NRA President Allan Cors, full color grading system, and more

Blue Book of Gun Values featuring NRA President Alan Cors from the NRAstore

NRAstore Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans brings us a special collector's edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values featuring NRA President Allan Cors

“What’s my gun worth?” That’s one of the most frequent questions from NRA members. Maybe grandpa’s Civil War relic is worth thousands. Or maybe you’ve stumbled across a deal that’s too good to pass up. But how do you know?

The Blue Book of Gun Values has been the firearms industry standard in assessments and prices for 36 years. The newest version contains more information, values and history than any other guide on the market, by far! It’s been updated with current market trends, values, and most of the new 2015 makes and models. The 36th Edition boasts over 2,500 pages, covering 1,500+ manufacturers, nearly 30,000 gun model descriptions and over 180,000 prices.

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Quickly mount firearms and magazines to metal surfaces with NRA Multi Mags

NRAstore Multi MagsMerchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter brings us a solution to gun storage clutter from the NRA Store

Like most NRA members, you probably own an assortment of different firearms – not to mention all of the various accessories and spare magazines that go along with them. And while keeping your gear organized may seem like a never-ending task, the NRAstore has a new product designed to make that mess a thing of the past!

A straightforward and cost-effective solution to gun storage clutter, the NRA Multi-Mags are super strong magnets designed to quickly mount firearms and magazines to metal surfaces. The magnets feature a soft rubber coating with a molded in NRA logo to protect your firearms and furniture. Simply apply the magnets to any metal surface, then attach your firearm and spare magazines – It’s that easy! Or, you may choose to staple them to wooden surfaces. The Multi-Mags can be oriented vertically to hold long guns, or even attached under your desk as a quick access solution to your handgun!

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Miss out on souvenirs from this year's Annual Meeting? Get them at the NRAstore

Well, the dust has finally settled after an epic 144th Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Nashville. When it was all said and done, over 78,000 good guys came to celebrate the Second Amendment – the second-biggest attendance on record! 

With acres of guns and gear, great music and even better people, we know there was a lot to take in. So, in case you missed out on your souvenirs at the NRAstore in Music City – you’re in luck! We still have some of our one-of-a-kind collectibles available for purchase at

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STL 1 Tactical Pants – an unbeatable combination of technology and user-friendly features

NRA Propper STL 1 Tactical Pants Merchandise Buyer Joe Garnreiter brings us the latest in tactical pants from Propper and the NRA Store ... -

Fairfax, Virginia - Here at the NRAstore, we’ve seen and tested numerous tactical pants over the years. They’ve become increasingly impressive with each evaluation. So, imagine our surprise when Propper was able to wow us with their STL 1 Tactical Pants – an unbeatable combination of technology and user-friendly features.

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Saying goodbye to the programs of the NRA

Lars Dalseide

Fairfax, Virginia - I knew this day would eventually come. The day I’d say goodbye to NRAblog. And it’s with a heavy heart that such a day has arrived. So what does that mean?

That means I won’t be walking the Camp Perry firing lines this summer. That the days of interviewing members at the Annual Meeting, welcoming the latest treasures to the National Firearms Museum, following competitors through Tactical Police Competitions, and snapping shots along the way are over for me. No more early morning airport runs followed by long days searching for stories and late nights fixing photos and writing recaps.

So how tough was it?

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One of a kind knife has the taste of an heirloom from the NRA

NRA Special Edition Buck Vantage Knife
NRAstore™ Senior Merchandise Buyer Brian Evans brings a product to us this morning that combines two American icons ...

Fairfax, Virginia - Does it get more American than the NRA and Buck Knives®? We don’t think so. Because, for American sportsmen, guns and knives go hand in hand – and these two institutions represent the best of both worlds.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the NRA Special Edition Buck Vantage Knife.

NRAstore staff and the guys at Buck Knives focused on making a durable, EDC folding knife with state-of-the-art construction and a timeless look. We think we hit the nail on the head with this one.

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