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Fairfax, Virginia – The National Rifle Association proudly announces that its Business Alliance is now 6,000 members strong. Established in 1992, the NRA Business Alliance provides members with a marketplace to sell goods and services to fellow NRA members.

“The NRA Business Alliance has grown because it's a win-win for both companies and NRA members,” said Managing Director of NRA Recreational Programs and Ranges, Elizabeth Bush. “Alliance members can reach out to millions of firearms enthusiasts and NRA members get to support businesses that uphold our Second Amendment freedoms.”

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NRA's Business Alliance is filled with piles of benefits for every everyday entrepreneur. There are shipping discounts available from Federal Express, reasonable rates on website and software designs from Wild Apricot, lower processing fees from Payment Alliance and more. Now you can throw SoundGear hearing protection into the mix.

SoundGear provides 100% digital, instant-fit hearing protection product for shooters. Without earmuffs or earplugs, SoundGear combines the instant-fit convenience one finds in a behind-the-ear device with the comfort of a customized device. And even though it's sure to block out the dangerous decibels derived from the booms and bangs associated with all kinds of gunfire, it won't block out the rustles, releases or commands.


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More than a thousand companies have signed up for the NRA's Business Alliance. And why not? There are dozens of discounts to be had. Lower shipping fees from Federal Express, free next day shipping and discounts on office furniture from Corporate Express, and lower credit card processing fees from Payment Alliance International. But Payment Alliance has decided to raise their benefit factor up a notch.


Want to know where NRA-affiliated activities, classes and events are located in your area? The NRA app for iOS devices delivers that exact information right into the palm of your hand.

As one of the features on our National Rifle Association app for iPhones, the "Near Me" tab lets you search for locations nearby where you can enjoy your Second Amendment rights with the NRA.

Providing contact information and websites for each listing, you should have no problems planning and scheduling to attend any of the great NRA events in your area.

Listings are broken down into the following convenient categories to help narrow your search:

  • Basic Firearms Training
  • Business Alliance
  • Clubs & Associations
  • Friends of NRA Events
  • Gun Shows
  • Law Enforcement Instructors
  • Law Enforcement Schools
  • And more!

Visit the iOS App Store, download the free National Rifle Association of America app and take advantage of this and all the other great features today.

Gun For Hire's Anthony Colandro at SHOT Show on NRAblog Old friends and new met on the floor of the Sands Expo Center last week during the SHOT Show convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the end of the week, we ran into New Jersey's own Anthony Colandro and his staff from Gun For Hire Firearms Training Institute.

He entered the NRA booth with a hearty handshake and a, "Lars, my man, how's SHOT treating you."

Though not able to make it for the first days of SHOT, Colandro, Instructor Rob Howe, and the rest of his people took in as much of the the world’s largest shooting, hunting, outdoor trade show and conference as possible.

"You never know what you're going to find at SHOT," said Colandro. "Maybe you make a good connection with one of the firearms distributors here. Maybe someone has something new on targets, on training, on anything. There's just so much to choose from you don't know where to start."

Turns out he started with the our booth and Steve Hoback, Senior Training Program Coordinator for NRA's Training and Education Division.

"Mark Richardson & I met Anthony at a training seminar a couple of years ago," said Hoback. "He runs a heck of an operation up in New Jersey and last year threw one of the best Friends of NRA dinners I've ever attended. He asked about new programs and promised to send me an invitation to this year's banquet. That's one piece of mail I can't wait to receive."

NRAblog first met Gun for Hire CEO Anthony Colandro about eighteen months ago at Club University - Albany. There he told us about his hard-working staff, supportive community, and plans for the future. We didn't tell you about those plans then, but we certainly will now.

Gun for Hire has now added an East and South campus to their operation. The Bayonne facility (East) includes an eight port 25-yard indoor range. And as it is only minutes away from New York City, Colandro expects a good deal of out of town participants.

"There'll be plenty of traffic from across the Hudson," said Colandro. "We trust in the fact that anyone who gives our facility a try will enjoy a safe, friendly environment, fall in love with our instructors and come back for more."

Winslow (South) is an even larger operation. With five ranges of 25, 50, 100, and 300 yards for everything from hand guns to shotguns to center fire rifles, Colandro believes Winslow could serve as the crown jewel of his budding empire.

"South is the new flagship for Gun For Hire," Colandro explained. "A fabulous outdoor facility where families can take a crack at target shooting, archery, and teach their little ones the respect everyone should have for firearms."

A true supporter of the NRA, Colandro is a member of the NRA Business Alliance ("It provides great benefits to any merchant"), a certified NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, a NRA Benefactor Life Member, and a NRA Ring of Freedom Member. He takes pride in pointing out that all his instructors and range safety officers are also NRA certified and trained in the latest techniques.

"It truly is an American Success Story. We are thrilled at Gun For Hire to be expanding ... and owe a lot to the NRA training and Education Department for helping us reach this level."

Lars Dalseide from NRA Blog atop Sandia Peak in Albuquerque, New Mexico Before heading full steam into the 2011 calendar, I'm thought I'd join my colleagues in hitting some of the highlights from what happened last year.

Both on the road and back at NRA Headquarters, 2010 was packed with great times and incredible experiences. One thing I've come to understand in my two years with the National Rifle Association is that you'll be hard pressed to meet a better collection of people. Those who will lift you to your feet, give you the shirt off their back, and inspire you to be a better version of your self. Those are some of the people I'm going to mention today.

Now there are a lot, and I don't want anyone to feel short changed, so I'll mention a few right here and now. There's Anthony Colandro up in New Jersey who just opened a new Gun for Hire facility, San Antonio Marksmanship Unit Captain Dan Earnest, and NRA Board Members Bennet and Lanford. Those are my quick mentions, so sit back, take a breath, and prepare for my Year in Review.

Son Nguyen, Marketing Manager for NRA Clubs & Associations, would like NRAblog readers to have the following opportunity:

The National Rifle Association, in association with Growth Strategy Partners LLC, is pleased to announce a new webcast series designed to help the firearms retailer grow his or her business.

The webcasts are being presented by Christopher DiCenso, the Managing Partner of Growth Strategy Partners LLC. Chris and his firm advise the firearms, security and defense industries on how to improve their growth and performance. Chris has spoken at SHOT Show, has worked for Sturm Ruger, has been shooting for over 25 years and has recently launched a Retailers Roundtable Program in association with the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

The first webcast is on the 7 Keys to Firearm Retailer Growth. In this session you will learn:

  • The research conducted by Growth Strategy Partners which identified the 7 Keys to Growth
  • How to apply the 7 Keys to Growth to your firearms business
  • How to build an actionable growth plan
  • Which key you need to start on today to grow your business
  • If you’re comfortably stuck in your business and how to get unstuck

The webcast is FREE, but you must register to attend. The first webcast is October 7 from 1-2PM EDT. 

Interested? Register here.

Contact DiCenso with your questions at 781-837-3276 or

NRAblog is bringing readers a glimpse at the businesses and associations who benefit from membership in the NRA Business Alliance. Thanks to Jack Baker from the NRA's Field Operations Divison for sharing the following profile, written by Jan van Zyl with a little help from Anne Oliver: is pleased to announce the launch of their exciting new website to help individuals and organizations keep track of pertinent information relating to their collections, possessions and personal information on a secure website.

Also, the new website has an important benefit for gun owners – the private 'online vault' has a special section dedicated to firearms! Here, you can store important information about your firearm acquisition, any modifications you choose to make, and even disposal of firearms. The website is also a convenient place to archive photos and important documents related to your firearms, like invoices and valuation certificates. You can make your records as simple or as detailed as you like, and you can even customize the format to suit your needs; for example, you can easily design your own list of historical records or any other information that needs to be safe and secure.

Join the NRA Business AllianceIn addition, our website is a great place to store information about different clubs and membership groups, like details about site locations, suppliers, repairs, and dates – and they can all be organized for quick and easy access whenever you need it! You can even give club members limited access to the website as a new way to foster community spirit within the club. More than just a guarded reference library, can easily send email reminders for anything you need, such as when permits need to be renewed.


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