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Why Firearms Enthusiasts Are Taking Over YouTube

Why Firearms Enthusiasts Are Taking Over YouTube

As Bob Dylan would say, the times….they are a-changin’.

You don’t need me to tell you that today, we live in a technology-driven world. If you’re like me, and Google every question that pops into your head, you’re aware that most information is readily available online. But, one of the easiest and most popular ways to deliver information to a wide audience has been with videos. And the rise of “YouTubers” has truly changed the way.

YouTube has been around since 2005, but recently, its popularity among “the average Joe” is skyrocketing. Anyone can create a channel, make their own videos, and share them with the world. Along with music videos, news footage, and the beloved cat videos, a familiar industry is joining the trend…

I’ve recently come across many YouTube channels revolving around the world of firearms. Some educational, some for fun, some for politics, and some are a combination of the three. But what are the most popular channels? Well, those channels are made by people like you and me who simply have a passion for the shooting sports. But as channels gain subscribers, its stars are adapting with high production videos and increased engagement.

YouTube videos are an easy and fun way to engage with millions of people. These folks are using the platform to teach firearms safety, firearms training, the shooting sports, and support for the Second Amendment.

Check out some of the channels that are making a big impact in the firearms industry. You may recognize one or two of them! Do you have any to add?


Since joining in 2007, hickok45 has gained 2,067,457 subscribers with 551,299,968 views. On his channel, hickok45 shoots and compares different guns, teaches safety, and even has some fun shooting different targets (i.e. pumpkins!) Subscribe to his channel here!


Colion Noir is an attorney, NRA News Commentator, host of NOIR, 2nd Amendment advocate, and reviewer of all things gun. He began making his own videos to express his opinions long before receiving his own show. His videos range from political discussions to reviews of different firearms. Since joining in 2011, Colion’s channel has obtained 384,169 subscribers and 46,895,373 views. Subscribe to his channel here!


This is a unique gun channel that covers a wide variety of subjects. What once started as a channel for firearm instruction and reviews, has now become one of the most popular channels covering everything from shooting, gunsmithing, handloading, gun tests, science experiments, and more. Since 2008, Iraqvetern8888 has gained 1,098,144 subscribers and 283,520,500 views ! Subscribe to this channel here!


This channel consists of a variety of .22 trick shots mixed in with a few hunting and fishing videos. 22plinkster isn’t a professional shooter, just a shooting sports enthusiast. Since 2011, he has gained 324,382 subscribers and 34,791,000 views. Subscribe to his channel here


sootch00 is your go-to gun review channel. His videos are full of gun and gear reviews as well as survival and self-defense tips. sootch00 is not afraid to voice his opinions on the Second Amendment and uses his channel to express “rugged individualism, independent thinking, and self reliance.” Since 2008, he has gained 428,817 subscribers and 114,043,053 views. Subscribe to his channel here!

Kirsten Joy Weiss

Kirsten Joy Weiss is a National Champion and Performance Trick Shooter. Her channel consists of a mix of trick shots, shooting games, humor, gear and gun reviews, shooting tips, and more. Her videos will energize you with a "fresh perspective and positive reality of shooting". Since 2013, Kirsten has gained 69,484 subscribers and 4,271,291 views. Subscribe to her channel here!

Military Arms Channel

This channel focuses on military style small arms as an important part of American culture and freedom. Military Arms Channel celebrates military history and our Second Amendment rights through firearm and accessory reviews, shooting tips, and political discussions. Since 2008, it has obtained 453,884 subscribers and 65,550,957 views. Subscribe to this channel here!

These are just few of MANY YouTube channels out there that celebrate the shooting sports and the outdoors. Add your favorite channel in the comments below!

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