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Dana Loesch Targeted In Violent Anti-Gun Video

Dana Loesch is a mom. She also happens to be a gun owner and a strong supporter of the National Rifle Association’s mission to defend the Second Amendment.
So strong is her commitment to protecting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, that Dana recently cut an ad to talk about how important firearms are in her decision to defend her family. What happened next is nothing short of disturbing.
An anti-gun advocate doctored the video to depict Dana violently shooting herself in the head. It didn’t take long for the doctored video to spread through the blogosphere and Twitterverse – much to the horror of Dana and her family.
The disgusting and disturbing nature of the video is one thing. But its message, frankly, is one we see time and time again from the anti-gun left: that women can’t be trusted to handle firearms; that gun ownership leads to more violence – everything from suicide to accidental shootings. Every anti-gun activist may not have access to fancy video-editing equipment, or have the audacity to publish such a horrifying and threatening video online, but their message is always the same. And they’ll do whatever it takes to prevent Americans from owning firearms.
Fortunately, Dana is too strong to be quieted. And so are we. We’ll continue to speak out and fight for Second Amendment rights. We’ll also continue to push out the facts about gun ownership and firearm safety – like how the NRA was founded in 1871 on the core principle of promoting firearm competency and safety among civilians. Or how the NRA currently boasts 120,000 Certified Instructors. Or how each year, the NRA helps tens of thousands of Americans learn how to responsibly handle firearms – including women, who coincidentally, make up the fastest growing demographic of gun owners in the U.S. 

In other words, Dana’s not alone. And it will take a lot more than one disturbed individual with an Internet connection to intimidate or silence Americans who believe in exercising their Second Amendment rights.  To Dana, we say: We’ve got your back. To the anti-gun left, we say: Bring it on.
Learn how you can help more people become responsible gun owners each year by helping the NRA Foundation continue its mission into the 21st century.
Click here to watch Dana respond to the horrific video on Fox News’ The Kelly File.

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