By Lars Dalseide | August 14 2014 12:17

Summer time usually means fun and sun but unfortunate it also bring out scammers and con artists. Look out for these common summer scams!

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NRA's National Community Outreach Manager Eric Lipp is back with a collection summer scams to keep an eye out for ...

Home improvement scams are common because summer is often a time for repairs and upgrades, and homeowners are often vulnerable to people offering home repairs. Some ploys include repairmen that do only superficial repairs to make something look nicer, or start a job and then add extra costs that are necessary in order to complete the job. Others may simply take your deposit money and then disappear into thin air.

To avoid this, make sure you check references and be leery of anyone appearing out of the blue offering home improvement services or those who are not insured. Make sure you get a written contract with a finish date and contact information to the corporate office, and remember the old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”.

Vacation rental scams are another way people may be targeted this summer. Scammers offer deals on vacation rentals, require a deposit or charge upfront in order to “reserve the deal” and then you arrive to find that the keys don’t work or worse—the rental is an empty lot. Before you pay for a vacation rental, make sure that the rental address exists by using Google Earth search. And just like other things, get references and only rent from trusted sites.

Seasonal jobs can also be a scam. If you’re job searching be aware these scams are usually found on free job listing sites, but can be found in emails too. The red flag is when they want YOU to pay THEM (never mind how legitimate it sounds, like training costs or background check fees) or they ask for all your personal information like your Social Security Number, driver’s license, or birthdate. These scammers pocket your “fees” or steal your identity.

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